Package grails.util

Class Summary
AbstractBuildSettings Methods optimized to Java for the BuildSettings class
BuildSettingsHolder Static singleton holder for the BuildSettings instance.
ClosureToMapPopulator A simple class that takes method invocations and property setters and populates the arguments of these into the supplied map ignoring null values.
DomainBuilder Allows the construction of object graphs of domain classes.
ExtendedProxy Extends the Groovy Proxy implementation and adds proxying of property getters/setters.
GenerateUtils Deprecated. This class is deprecated and will be removed in a future version of Grails
GrailsConfig General purpose Grails Configuration Utility for retieving configuration options with the ability to log warnings on type/constraint mismatch.
GrailsNameUtils Utility methods for converting between different name types, for example from class names -> property names and vice-versa.
GrailsUtil Grails utility methods for command line and GUI applications.
GrailsWebUtil Utility methods for clients using the web framework.
JSonBuilder Deprecated. Use JSONBuilder instead Date Created: May, 18, 2006
Metadata Represents the application Metadata and loading mechanics.
OpenRicoBuilder Provides support for creating OpenRico AJAX responses.

Enum Summary
BuildScope Represents the different scopes that plugins apply to.
Environment An enum that represents the current environment