Package org.codehaus.groovy.grails.commons

Interface Summary
ArtefactHandler The ArtefactHandler interface's purpose is to allow the analysis of conventions within a Grails application.
ArtefactInfo Holder for all the class-related info and structures relating to an Artefact.
ExternalGrailsDomainClass Represents a persistable Grails domain class that is externally mapped.
GrailsApplication The main interface representing a running Grails application.
GrailsBootstrapClass Loaded and executed on application load.
GrailsClass Represents any class in a Grails application.
GrailsCodecClass Provides access to Codec classes.
GrailsControllerClass Represents a controller class in Grails.
GrailsDataSource Represents a data source in Grails.
GrailsDomainClass Represents a persistable Grails domain class.
GrailsDomainClassProperty A property of a GrailsDomainClass instance.
GrailsTagLibClass Represents a Grails tab library class.
GrailsUrlMappingsClass Loads the UrlMappings.
InjectableGrailsClass Represents a Grails class that is to be configured in Spring and as such is injectable.

Class Summary
AbstractGrailsClass Abstract base class for Grails types that provides common functionality for evaluating conventions within classes.
AbstractInjectableGrailsClass Configures Grails classe to be autowirable by name, always.
AnnotationDomainClassArtefactHandler Detects annotated domain classes for EJB3 style mappings.
ApplicationHolder Static singleton holder for the GrailsApplication instance.
ClassPropertyFetcher Accesses class "properties": static fields, static getters, instance fields or instance getters.
ConfigurationHolder Holds a reference to the ConfigObject instance.
DefaultArtefactInfo Mutable holder of artefact info.
DefaultGrailsApplication Default implementation of the GrailsApplication interface that manages application loading, state, and artefact instances.
DefaultGrailsClass A default implementation for Grails classes that need to be registered and managed by a GrailsApplication, but don't need any special handling.
DefaultGrailsControllerClass Evaluates the conventions contained within controllers to perform auto-configuration.
DefaultGrailsDomainClassProperty Represents a property of a domain class and contains meta information about the properties relationships, naming conventions and type.
DefaultGrailsTagLibClass Default implementation of a tag lib class.
DomainClassArtefactHandler Evaluates the conventions that define a domain class in Grails.
GrailsApplicationFactoryBean Creates a Grails application object based on Groovy files.
GrailsClassUtils Utility methods for dealing with Grails class artifacts.
GrailsDomainConfigurationUtil Utility methods used in configuring the Grails Hibernate integration.
GrailsMetaClassUtils Provides utility methods for working with the Groovy MetaClass API.
GrailsResourceLoaderFactoryBean A factory bean that constructs the Grails ResourceLoader used to load Grails classes.
GrailsResourceUtils Utility methods for working with Grails resources and URLs that represent artifacts within a Grails application.
TagLibArtefactHandler Configures tag libraries within namespaces in Grails.
UrlMappingsArtefactHandler A handler for UrlMappings.