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Dynamic method that uses the properties of the domain class to query for the count of the number of matching records


Given the domain class Book:

class Book {
    String title
    Date releaseDate
    String author

The following are all possible:

def c = Book.countByTitle("The Shining")
c = Book.countByTitleAndAuthor("The Sum of All Fears", "Tom Clancy")
c = Book.countByReleaseDateBetween(firstDate, new Date())
c = Book.countByReleaseDateGreaterThanEquals(firstDate)
c = Book.countByTitleLike("%Hobbit%")
c = Book.countByTitleNotEqual("Harry Potter")
c = Book.countByReleaseDateIsNull()
c = Book.countByReleaseDateIsNotNull()


GORM supports the notion of Dynamic Finders. The countBy* method counts the number of records for the given expression

The following operator names can be used within the respective dynamic methods:

  • LessThan
  • LessThanEquals
  • GreaterThan
  • GreaterThanEquals
  • Between
  • Like
  • Ilike (i.e. ignorecase like)
  • IsNotNull
  • IsNull
  • Not
  • Equal
  • NotEqual
  • And
  • Or

These names can be considered keywords, and you will have problems when querying domain classes that have one of these names as a property name. For more information on dynamic finders refer to the user guide.