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AbstractArtefactTypeAstTransformation - Class in org.grails.compiler.injection
Base implementation for the artefact type transformation.
AbstractCharReplacementEncoder - Class in org.grails.encoder
Abstract base class for implementing encoders that do character replacements Implements the StreamingEncoder interface that enables efficient streaming encoding
AbstractCharReplacementEncoder(CodecIdentifier) - Constructor in AbstractCharReplacementEncoder
AbstractClosureProxy - Class in grails.test
Skeleton implementation of a wrapper class for closures that allows you to intercept invocations of the closure.
AbstractClosureProxy(Closure<?>) - Constructor in AbstractClosureProxy
Creates a new instance that wraps the target closure and sends profiling events to the given profiler log.
AbstractConstraint - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.grails.validation
Abstract class for constraints to extend.
AbstractConverter - Class in org.grails.web.converters
Abstract base implementation of the Converter interface that provides a default toString() implementation.
AbstractEncodedAppender - Class in org.grails.encoder
Abstract base class for implementations of EncodedAppender interface
AbstractFileResolvingResource - Class in org.grails.io.support
Abstract base class for resources which resolve URLs into File references, such as org.springframework.core.io.UrlResource or org.springframework.core.io.ClassPathResource.
AbstractGrailsApplication - Class in org.grails.core
AbstractGrailsArtefactTransformer - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.grails.compiler.injection
Abstract transformer that takes an implementation class and creates methods in a target ClassNode that delegate to that implementation class.
AbstractGrailsClass - Class in org.grails.core
Abstract base class for Grails types that provides common functionality for evaluating conventions within classes.
AbstractGrailsClass(Class<?>, String) - Constructor in AbstractGrailsClass
Used by all child classes to create a new instance and get the name right.
AbstractGrailsControllerTests - Class in org.grails.web.servlet.mvc
AbstractGrailsControllerUrlMappings - Class in org.grails.web.mapping.mvc
A UrlMappingsHolder implementation that matches URLs directly onto controller instances
AbstractGrailsControllerUrlMappings.ControllerKey - Class in org.grails.web.mapping.mvc
AbstractGrailsControllerUrlMappings.ControllerKey(String, String, String, String) - Constructor in AbstractGrailsControllerUrlMappings.ControllerKey
AbstractGrailsControllerUrlMappings(GrailsApplication, UrlMappings, UrlConverter) - Constructor in AbstractGrailsControllerUrlMappings
AbstractGrailsMockHttpServletResponse - Class in org.grails.plugins.testing
Simple sub-class of Spring's MockHttpServletResponse that adds the left-shift operator, "<<".
AbstractGrailsMockTests - Class in org.grails.commons.test
Abstract simple test harness for testing Grails Applications that just loads the parsed classes into the GrailsApplication instance.
AbstractGrailsPlugin - Class in org.grails.plugins
Abstract implementation that provides some default behaviours
AbstractGrailsPlugin(Class<?>, GrailsApplication) - Method in AbstractGrailsPlugin
AbstractGrailsPluginManager - Class in org.grails.plugins
Abstract implementation of the GrailsPluginManager interface
AbstractGrailsPluginManager(GrailsApplication) - Constructor in AbstractGrailsPluginManager
AbstractGrailsPluginTests - Class in org.grails.plugins.web
AbstractGrailsTagTests - Class in org.grails.web.taglib
AbstractGrailsView - Class in org.grails.web.servlet.view
A view applied to a Grails application that ensures an appropriate web request is bound
AbstractIncludeExcludeRenderer - Class in grails.rest.render
Abstract class for implementing renderers that include/exclude certain properties
AbstractIncludeExcludeRenderer(Class<T>, MimeType) - Constructor in AbstractIncludeExcludeRenderer
AbstractInjectableGrailsClass - Class in org.grails.core
Configures Grails classes to be autowirable by name, always.
AbstractInjectableGrailsClass(Class<?>, String) - Constructor in AbstractInjectableGrailsClass
AbstractJarProfileRepository - Class in org.grails.cli.profile.repository
A repository that loads profiles from JAR files
AbstractJarProfileRepository.JarProfile - Class in org.grails.cli.profile.repository
AbstractJarProfileRepository.JarProfile(ProfileRepository, Resource, ClassLoader) - Constructor in AbstractJarProfileRepository.JarProfile
AbstractLinkingRenderer - Class in grails.rest.render.util
Abstract base class for HAL renderers
AbstractLinkingRenderer(Class<T>, MimeType) - Constructor in AbstractLinkingRenderer
AbstractParsingParameterCreationListener - Class in org.grails.web.converters
Abstract base class for parameter creation listeners that parse incoming data such as JSON and XML.
AbstractProfile - Class in org.grails.cli.profile
Abstract implementation of the profile class
AbstractProfile(Resource, ClassLoader) - Constructor in AbstractProfile
AbstractPromiseFactory - Class in grails.async.factory
Abstract implementation of the PromiseFactory interface, subclasses should extend this class to obtain common generic functionality
AbstractRenderContext - Class in grails.rest.render
Abstract implementation of RenderContext
AbstractRenderer - Class in grails.rest.render
Abstract implementation of the Renderer interface
AbstractRenderer(Class<T>, MimeType) - Constructor in AbstractRenderer
AbstractRequestBodyDataBindingSourceCreator - Class in org.grails.web.databinding.bindingsource
AbstractStep - Class in org.grails.cli.profile
Abstract implementation of the Step interface
AbstractStep(ProfileCommand, Map<String, Object>) - Constructor in AbstractStep
AbstractStructuredBindingEditor - Class in org.grails.web.databinding.converters
An abstract base class for StructuredBindingEditor instances which can be auto-discovered as beans in the Spring application context
AbstractStructuredBindingEditor() - Constructor in AbstractStructuredBindingEditor
AbstractStructuredDateBindingEditor - Class in org.grails.databinding.converters
@author Jeff Brown
AbstractTemplateVariableBinding - Class in org.grails.taglib
Abstract super class for GroovyPage bindings
AbstractTemplateVariableBinding.BindingMapEntry - Class in org.grails.taglib
AbstractTemplateVariableBinding.BindingMapEntry(AbstractTemplateVariableBinding, Object, Object) - Constructor in AbstractTemplateVariableBinding.BindingMapEntry
AbstractTemplateVariableBinding.TemplateVariableBindingMap - Class in org.grails.taglib
AbstractTemplateVariableBinding.TemplateVariableBindingMap(AbstractTemplateVariableBinding) - Constructor in AbstractTemplateVariableBinding.TemplateVariableBindingMap
AbstractTemplateVariableBinding(String) - Constructor in AbstractTemplateVariableBinding
AbstractTokenResponseHandler - Class in org.grails.web.servlet.mvc
Implements the behavior of wasInvoked in the TokenResponseHandler interface.
AbstractTokenResponseHandler(boolean) - Constructor in AbstractTokenResponseHandler
AbstractTypeConvertingMap - Class in grails.util
An category for use with maps that want type conversion capabilities
AbstractTypeConvertingMap(Map) - Constructor in AbstractTypeConvertingMap
AbstractUrlMapping - Class in org.grails.web.mapping
Abstract UrlMapping implementation that provides common basic functionality.
AbstractUrlMapping(URI, ConstrainedProperty, ServletContext) - Constructor in AbstractUrlMapping
AbstractUrlMappingInfo - Class in org.grails.web.mapping
Abstract super class providing pass functionality for configuring a UrlMappingInfo.
AbstractVetoingConstraint - Class in grails.validation
TODO: write javadoc
AbstractVndErrorRenderer - Class in grails.rest.render.errors
Abstract super type for Vnd.Error renderers
accept(T) - Method in BoundPromise
ACCEPT_CHARSET - Field in HttpHeaders
accept(Event<T>) - Method in ClosureEventConsumer
ACCEPT_ENCODING - Field in HttpHeaders
accept(T) - Method in GparsPromise
ACCEPT - Field in HttpHeaders
ACCEPT_LANGUAGE - Field in HttpHeaders
accept(T) - Method in Promise
Assigns a value to an unfulfilled promise
accept(List<T>) - Method in PromiseList
accept(Map<K, V>) - Method in PromiseMap
ACCEPT_RANGES - Field in HttpHeaders
accept(T) - Method in ReactorPromise
accept(T) - Method in SynchronousPromise
ACCEPT_VERSION - Field in HttpHeaders
acceptClassLoader(ClassLoader) - Method in CachedIntrospectionResults
Accept the given ClassLoader as cache-safe, even if its classes would not qualify as cache-safe in this CachedIntrospectionResults class.
AcceptHeaderParser - Interface in grails.web.mime
accumulate(String, Object) - Method in JSONObject
Accumulate values under a key.
Action - Annotation Type in grails.web
An annotation to mark controller methods as actions.
ACTION_ANNOTATION_NODE - Field in ControllerActionTransformer
ACTION_CREATE - Field in DefaultUrlMappingEvaluator
ACTION_DELETE - Field in DefaultUrlMappingEvaluator
ACTION_EDIT - Field in DefaultUrlMappingEvaluator
ACTION - Field in GrailsControllerClass
The general name to use when referring to action artefacts.
ACTION_INDEX - Field in DefaultUrlMappingEvaluator
ACTION_NAME_ATTRIBUTE - Field in GrailsApplicationAttributes
ACTION_NAME_PROPERTY - Field in ControllerDynamicMethods
ACTION_PATCH - Field in DefaultUrlMappingEvaluator
ACTION_SAVE - Field in DefaultUrlMappingEvaluator
ACTION_SHOW - Field in DefaultUrlMappingEvaluator
ACTION_UPDATE - Field in DefaultUrlMappingEvaluator
ACTION_URI_PROPERTY - Field in ControllerDynamicMethods
action - Field in UrlCreatorCache.ReverseMappingKey
ACTION - Field in UrlMapping
The action this mapping matches
action(Closure) - Method in WebFlowUnitTestSupport
actionName - Field in AbstractUrlMapping
actionRegex - Field in UrlMappingMatcher
ActionResultTransformer - Interface in org.grails.web.servlet.mvc
Interface for classes which transform the result of an action.
actionResultTransformers - Field in UrlMappingsInfoHandlerAdapter
actionUriToViewName(String) - Method in GrailsControllerClass
activateDestination() - Method in GrailsLazyProxyPrintWriter.DestinationFactory
activateDestination() - Method in GrailsRoutablePrintWriter
activateDestination() - Method in GrailsRoutablePrintWriter.DestinationFactory
activateSiteMesh(String, String) - Method in GrailsPageResponseWrapper
add_escapes(String) - Method in ParseException
Used to convert raw characters to their escaped version when these raw version cannot be used as part of an ASCII string literal.
add(Object, int, Object) - Method in GrailsArrayUtils
Adds the given object to the given array at the given position
add(int, Object) - Method in JSONArray
add(Promise<T>) - Method in PromiseList
Implementation of add that takes a promise, adding it to the list
addAbstractBean(String) - Method in DefaultRuntimeSpringConfiguration
addAbstractBean(String) - Method in RuntimeSpringConfiguration
\ Adds an abstract bean definition to the bean factory and returns the BeanConfiguration object.
addAlias(String, String) - Method in DefaultRuntimeSpringConfiguration
addAlias(String, String) - Method in RuntimeSpringConfiguration
Adds an alias to a given bean name.
addAll(Object, Object) - Method in GrailsArrayUtils
Adds the given object to the given array at the given position
addAll(int, Collection) - Method in JSONArray
addAll(Object, Object) - Method in SpringIOUtils
Adds the contents of 1 array to another
addAllClassLoaderJarRoots(ClassLoader, Set<Resource>) - Method in ClassRelativeResourcePatternResolver
addAlteredMetaClass(Class, MetaClass) - Method in MetaClassRegistryCleaner
addAnnotationIfNecessary(ClassNode, Class<? extends Annotation>) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
Adds an annotation to the give nclass node if it doesn't already exist
addAnnotationOrGetExisting(ClassNode, ClassNode, Map<String, Object>) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
addApi(Object) - Method in BaseApiProvider
addApiLookupFieldAndSetter(ClassNode, ClassNode, String, Expression) - Method in AbstractGrailsArtefactTransformer
addApplicationDiscoveryStrategy(GrailsApplicationDiscoveryStrategy) - Method in Holders
addArtefact(String, Class<?>, boolean) - Method in DefaultGrailsApplication
addArtefact(Class) - Method in GrailsApplication
Adds the given artefact, attempting to determine type from
addArtefact(Class) - Method in LegacyGrailsApplication
addArtefact(Class) - Method in StandaloneGrailsApplication
addBeanConfiguration(String, BeanConfiguration) - Method in DefaultRuntimeSpringConfiguration
addBeanConfiguration(String, BeanConfiguration) - Method in RuntimeSpringConfiguration
Adds a bean configuration to the list of beans to be created.
addBeanDefinition(String, BeanDefinition) - Method in DefaultRuntimeSpringConfiguration
addBeanDefinition(String, BeanDefinition) - Method in RuntimeSpringConfiguration
Adds a Spring BeanDefinition.
addBindingAction(Runnable) - Method in DeferredBindingActions
addBindingError(def, String, def, Exception, DataBindingListener, def) - Method in SimpleDataBinder
addCancelledListener(CommandCancellationListener) - Method in ExecutionContext
Attaches a listener for cancellation events
addCancelledListener(CommandCancellationListener) - Method in GrailsCli.ExecutionContextImpl
addChainedTransactionManager(BeanDefinitionRegistry) - Method in ChainedTransactionManagerPostProcessor
addClassResource(String, Resource) - Method in StaticResourceLocator
addClassUnderTestMethod(ClassNode, ClassExpression, String) - Method in TestForTransformation
addClearErrorsMethod(ClassNode) - Method in ASTValidationErrorsHelper
addCompileStaticAnnotation(AnnotatedNode, boolean) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
Adds @CompileStatic annotation to method
addCompletionHandler(Runnable) - Method in AsyncGrailsWebRequest
addComponent(GrailsDomainClass) - Method in ComponentCapableDomainClass
Adds a component
addComponent(GrailsDomainClass) - Method in DefaultGrailsDomainClass
addConstraintsField(ClassNode) - Method in DefaultASTValidateableHelper
addConstructor(ClassNode, ClassNode, boolean) - Method in ResourceTransform
addContainerRenderer(Class, Renderer) - Method in DefaultRendererRegistry
addContainerRenderer(Class, Renderer) - Method in RendererRegistry
Adds a container renderer
addDataBindingSourceCreator(DataBindingSourceCreator) - Method in DataBindingSourceRegistry
Adds a new DataBindingSourceCreator to the registry
addDataBindingSourceCreator(DataBindingSourceCreator) - Method in DefaultDataBindingSourceRegistry
addDefaultProfile(Project, Configuration) - Method in GrailsGradlePlugin
addDefaultProfile(Project, Configuration) - Method in GrailsPluginGradlePlugin
addDefaultRenderer(Renderer<Object>) - Method in DefaultRendererRegistry
addDefaultRenderer(Renderer<Object>) - Method in RendererRegistry
Adds a default renderer, which are fall backs if the type is not known
addDelegateConstructor(ClassNode, MethodNode, Map<String, ClassNode>) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
Adds or modifies an existing constructor to delegate to the given static constructor method for initialization logic.
addDelegateInstanceMethod(ClassNode, Expression, MethodNode, AnnotationNode, Map<String, ClassNode>) - Method in AbstractGrailsArtefactTransformer
addDelegateInstanceMethod(ClassNode, Expression, MethodNode, AnnotationNode, boolean, Map<String, ClassNode>, boolean) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
Adds a delegate method to the target class node where the first argument is to the delegate method is 'this'.
addDelegateInstanceMethods(ClassNode, ClassNode, ClassNode, Expression, Map<String, ClassNode>, boolean, boolean) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
addDelegateStaticMethod(ClassNode, MethodCallExpression, MethodNode, Map<String, ClassNode>) - Method in AbstractGrailsArtefactTransformer
addDelegateStaticMethod(Expression, ClassNode, MethodNode, AnnotationNode, Map<String, ClassNode>, boolean) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
Adds a static method to the given class node that delegates to the given method and resolves the object to invoke the method on from the given expression.
addDependency(String, String, String) - Method in GrailsDependencyVersions
addDependencyManagement(GPathResult) - Method in GrailsDependencyVersions
addELContextListener(ELContextListener) - Method in GroovyPagesJspApplicationContext
addElementToArrayAt(def, def, def) - Method in SimpleDataBinder
addElementToCollection(def, String, GrailsDomainClassProperty, def, boolean) - Method in GrailsWebDataBinder
addElementToCollection(def, String, Class, def, boolean) - Method in SimpleDataBinder
addElementToCollectionAt(def, String, Collection, def, def) - Method in GrailsWebDataBinder
addElementToCollectionAt(def, String, Collection, def, def) - Method in SimpleDataBinder
addELResolver(ELResolver) - Method in GroovyPagesJspApplicationContext
addEnhancedAnnotation(ClassNode) - Method in AbstractGrailsArtefactTransformer
addEnhancedAnnotation(ClassNode, String) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
Add the grails.artefact.Enhanced annotation to classNode if it does not already exist and ensure that all of the features in the enhancedFor array are represented in the enhancedFor attribute of the Enhanced annnotation
addError(Test, Throwable) - Method in JUnitReports
addError(Test, Throwable) - Method in PlainFormatter
addError(Test, Throwable) - Method in XMLFormatter
addErrorsField(ClassNode) - Method in ASTValidationErrorsHelper
addEscapes(String) - Method in TokenMgrError
Replaces unprintable characters by their escaped (or unicode escaped) equivalents in the given string
addExclude(Environment) - Method in DefaultGrailsPlugin
addExclude(Environment) - Method in GrailsPlugin
Makes the plugin excluded for a particular Environment
addExpressionToAnnotationMember(AnnotationNode, String, Expression) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
Adds the given expression as a member of the given annotation
addFailure(Test, AssertionFailedError) - Method in JUnitReports
addFailure(Test, Throwable) - Method in PlainFormatter
addFailure(Test, Throwable) - Method in XMLFormatter
addFieldIfNonExistent(ClassNode, ClassNode, String) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
addFile(String, byte[]) - Method in GrailsMockHttpServletRequest
Add a file for the given location and bytes
addFirst(Config) - Method in CompositeConfig
Adds a config at the highest level of precedence
addGetConstraintsMethod(ClassNode, boolean) - Method in DefaultASTValidateableHelper
addGetErrorsMethod(ClassNode) - Method in ASTValidationErrorsHelper
addGrailsClass(GrailsClass) - Method in DefaultArtefactInfo
addGrailsConsoleBuildListener(Project) - Method in GrailsConsoleAntBuilder
addGspSitemeshCapturing(String) - Method in SitemeshPreprocessor
addHasErrorsMethod(ClassNode) - Method in ASTValidationErrorsHelper
addHeader(String, String) - Method in GrailsPageResponseWrapper
Prevent content-length being set if page is parseable.
addInitErrorsMethod(ClassNode) - Method in ASTValidationErrorsHelper
addInterceptor(TestEventInterceptor) - Method in TestRuntime
addInternalPackage(String) - Method in DefaultStackTraceFilterer
addInternalPackage(String) - Method in StackTraceFilterer
Adds a package name that should be filtered
addJunitRuleFields(ClassNode) - Method in TestMixinTransformation
addLast(Config) - Method in CompositeConfig
Adds a config at the lowest level of precedence
addLegacyMixinFieldIfNonExistent(ClassNode, ClassNode, String) - Method in TestMixinTransformation
addLinkingMethods(ClassNode) - Method in LinkableTransform
addListener(DirectoryWatcher.FileChangeListener) - Method in DirectoryWatcher
Adds a file listener that can react to change events
addListener(AsyncListener, ServletRequest, ServletResponse) - Method in MockAsyncContext
addLogField(ClassNode, String) - Method in LoggingTransformer
addMacro(def) - Method in DocEngine
addMap(Map) - Method in AbstractTemplateVariableBinding
addMappings(Closure) - Method in AbstractGrailsControllerUrlMappings
addMappings(Closure) - Method in UrlMappings
Adds URL mappings to the current definition for the given closure
addMetaConstraint(String, Object) - Method in ConstrainedProperty
Adds a meta constraints which is a non-validating informational constraint.
addMetaMethod(List<ExpandoMetaClass>, String, Closure) - Method in CodecMetaClassSupport
addMethodCallsToMethod(ClassNode, String, List<MethodNode>) - Method in TestMixinTransformation
addMethodIfNotPresent(ClassNode, MethodNode) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
addMethodToInvokeClosure(ClassNode, PropertyNode, SourceUnit, GeneratorContext) - Method in ControllerActionTransformer
addMockCollaborator(String, ClassExpression, BlockStatement) - Method in TestForTransformation
addMockCollaborators(String, List<ClassExpression>, BlockStatement) - Method in TestForTransformation
addOperation(Runnable, boolean) - Method in ShutdownOperations
Adds a shutdown operation
addOption(String, String) - Method in CommandLineParser
Adds a declared option
addOverridableArtefact(String, Class) - Method in DefaultGrailsApplication
Adds an artefact of the given type for the given Class.
addOverridableArtefact(Class) - Method in GrailsApplication
Adds an artefact that can be overriden by user defined classes
addOverridableArtefact(Class) - Method in LegacyGrailsApplication
addOverridableArtefact(Class) - Method in StandaloneGrailsApplication
addOverridableGrailsClass(GrailsClass) - Method in DefaultArtefactInfo
addParameterListener(ParameterCreationListener) - Method in GrailsWebRequest
addParametersFrom(GrailsParameterMap) - Method in GrailsParameterMap
addParametersFrom(Map) - Method in GrailsWebRequest
addPluginClass(Class<? extends TestPlugin>) - Method in TestRuntimeFactory
Registers TestPlugin class to global static plugin registry.
addPluginDependencies(List, GrailsPlugin) - Method in BasePluginFilter
Defines operation for adding dependencies for a plugin to the list
addPluginDependencies(List, GrailsPlugin) - Method in ExcludingPluginFilter
addPluginDependencies(List, GrailsPlugin) - Method in IncludingPluginFilter
addPromiseDecoratorLookupStrategy(PromiseDecoratorLookupStrategy) - Method in AbstractPromiseFactory
addPromiseDecoratorLookupStrategy(PromiseDecoratorLookupStrategy) - Method in PromiseFactory
Adds a PromiseDecoratorLookupStrategy.
addProperty(String, Object) - Method in BeanConfiguration
Adds a property value to this bean.
addProperty(String, Object) - Method in DefaultBeanConfiguration
addProperty(String, String) - Method in GSPSitemeshPage
addPrototypeBean(String) - Method in DefaultRuntimeSpringConfiguration
addPrototypeBean(String) - Method in RuntimeSpringConfiguration
Adds an empty prototype bean configuration.
addRenderer(Renderer<T>) - Method in DefaultRendererRegistry
addRenderer(Renderer<T>) - Method in RendererRegistry
Adds a new renderer
addResourceHandlers(ResourceHandlerRegistry) - Method in ControllersGrailsPlugin.GrailsWebMvcConfigurer
addResourceLoader(ResourceLoader) - Method in DefaultGroovyPageLocator
addResourceLoader(ResourceLoader) - Method in GroovyPageLocator
Adds a new resource loader to search
addSetErrorsMethod(ClassNode) - Method in ASTValidationErrorsHelper
addShutdownHook() - Method in GrailsConsole
addShutdownOperation(Connection) - Method in EmbeddedDatabaseShutdownHook
addSingletonBean(String, Class, Collection) - Method in DefaultRuntimeSpringConfiguration
addSingletonBean(String, Class, Collection) - Method in RuntimeSpringConfiguration
Creates a new singleton bean and adds it to the list of bean references.
addStatus(String) - Method in ConsoleLogger
Adds a new message that won't be overwritten by {#updateStatus(String)}
addStatus(String) - Method in GrailsConsole
Keeps doesn't replace the status message
addTagLibMethodToMetaClass(GroovyObject, MetaMethod, MetaClass) - Method in TagLibraryMetaUtils
addTestRuntimeAwareMixinFieldIfNonExistent(ClassNode, ClassNode, String) - Method in TestMixinTransformation
addTimeoutHandler(Runnable) - Method in AsyncGrailsWebRequest
addToDeferred(BeanConfiguration, String, Object) - Method in BeanBuilder
addToEnd(Object, Object) - Method in GrailsArrayUtils
Adds the given object to the end of the array returning a new array
addToLoaded(Class<?>) - Method in DefaultGrailsApplication
addToRegisteredObjects(Class, R) - Method in ClassAndMimeTypeRegistry
addToStart(Object, Object) - Method in GrailsArrayUtils
Adds the given object to the start of the array returning a new array
addToTransformedClasses(String) - Method in AbstractGrailsArtefactTransformer
addTypeDescriptor(PropertyDescriptor, TypeDescriptor) - Method in CachedIntrospectionResults
addUserDefinedRules(State, PageBuilder) - Method in GrailsHTMLPageParser
addValidateMethod(ClassNode) - Method in DefaultASTValidateableHelper
addViewPrefix(String, String) - Method in WebUtils
addWatchDirectory(File, String) - Method in DirectoryWatcher
Adds a directory to watch for the given file and extensions.
addWatchFile(File) - Method in DirectoryWatcher
Adds a file to the watch list
adjustBeginLineColumn(int, int) - Method in SimpleCharStream
Method to adjust line and column numbers for the start of a token.
AFTER_ANNOTATION - Field in TestForTransformation
AFTER_CLASS_NODE - Field in TestForTransformation
after(String, Closure) - Method in CommandEvents
Register to listen for an event that runs before the given command
after(TestRuntime, GrailsApplication) - Method in DomainClassTestPlugin
after() - Method in Interceptor
Executed after the action executes but prior to view rendering
AFTER_INTERCEPTOR - Field in GrailsControllerClass
The name of the after interceptor property.
after(TestRuntime, Object, Description, Throwable) - Method in TestRuntimeJunitAdapter
afterBinding(def, def) - Method in DataBindingEventMulticastListener
afterBinding(Object, Object) - Method in DataBindingListener
Called after data binding has finished.
afterBinding(Object, Object) - Method in DataBindingListenerAdapter
afterClass(TestRuntime, Class, Description, Throwable) - Method in TestRuntimeJunitAdapter
afterCompletion(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse, Object, Exception) - Method in GrailsInterceptorHandlerInterceptorAdapter
afterCompletion(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse, Object, Exception) - Method in UrlMappingsHandlerMapping.ErrorHandlingHandler
afterInvocation() - Method in DynamicElementReader
Hook that subclass or anonymous classes can overwrite to implement custom behavior after invocation completes
afterPropertiesSet() - Method in ApplicationTagLib
afterPropertiesSet() - Method in BasicCodecLookup
afterPropertiesSet() - Method in ConstraintsEvaluatorFactoryBean
afterPropertiesSet() - Method in ConvertersConfigurationInitializer
afterPropertiesSet() - Method in DefaultGrailsCodecClass
afterPropertiesSet() - Method in FormTagLib
afterPropertiesSet() - Method in GrailsPluginManagerFactoryBean
afterPropertiesSet() - Method in GroovyPagesTemplateEngine
afterPropertiesSet() - Method in GroovyPagesTemplateRenderer
afterPropertiesSet() - Method in GroovyPageUnitTestResourceLoader
afterPropertiesSet() - Method in GroovyPageView
afterPropertiesSet() - Method in HotSwappableTargetSourceFactoryBean
afterPropertiesSet() - Method in HTMLCodec
afterPropertiesSet() - Method in PluginAwareResourceBundleMessageSource
afterPropertiesSet() - Method in StandaloneTagLibraryLookup
afterPropertiesSet() - Method in TagLibraryLookup
afterPropertiesSet() - Method in UrlMappingsHolderFactoryBean
afterView() - Method in Interceptor
Executed after view rendering completes
AGE - Field in HttpHeaders
AGENT_ARGUMENT - Field in CommandLine
agent(Closure) - Method in GrailsExtension
Configure the reloading agent
AgentTasksEnhancer - Class in org.grails.gradle.plugin.agent
Sets up the reloading agent based on the agent configuration after the project has been configured
aliases - Field in DefaultRuntimeSpringConfiguration
all is the key to set all codecs at once
ALL_DATA_SOURCES - Field in GrailsDomainClassProperty
ALL_DATA_SOURCES - Field in GrailsServiceClass
ALL - Field in MimeType
allArtefactClasses - Field in DefaultGrailsApplication
allArtefactClassesArray - Field in DefaultGrailsApplication
AllArtefactClassInjector - Interface in grails.compiler.ast
Extended marker interface that indicates this ClassInjector applies to all types of artefacts (but not all classes).
AllClassCompleter - Class in org.grails.cli.interactive.completers
A completer that completes all classes in the project
AllClassCompleter() - Constructor in AllClassCompleter
allClasses - Field in DefaultGrailsApplication
allocateSpace() - Method in StreamByteBuffer
ALLOW_2_SLASHES - Field in UrlValidator
Allow two slashes in the path component of the URL.
ALLOW_ALL_SCHEMES - Field in UrlValidator
Allows all validly formatted schemes to pass validation instead of supplying a set of valid schemes.
ALLOW - Field in HttpHeaders
allowAbstract - Field in ArtefactHandlerAdapter
allowCreate(boolean) - Method in OutputEncodingStackAttributes.Builder
allowedMethods(String) - Method in AbstractGrailsControllerUrlMappings
allowedMethods(String) - Method in UrlMappingsHolder
Return the allowed HTTP methods for the given URI
AllowedMethodsHelper - Class in grails.artefact.controller.support
A helper class for interrogating the allowedMethods property.
allowedValues() - Method in Converter.CircularReferenceBehaviour
Defines an Object that can convert an instance and render it to the response or a supplied writer.
allowUnwrappingOut - Field in GrailsPrintWriter
allProfiles - Field in AbstractJarProfileRepository
allTasks - Field in FetchAllTaskSelectorsBuildAction.AllTasksModel
allTaskSelectors - Field in FetchAllTaskSelectorsBuildAction.AllTasksModel
AMPERSAND - Field in UrlMapping
annotateActionMethod(ClassNode, Parameter, MethodNode) - Method in ControllerActionTransformer
AnnotatedClassInjector - Interface in grails.compiler.ast
Injector applied to annotated (local transform) entities
AnnotationDomainClassArtefactHandler - Class in org.grails.core.artefact
Detects annotated domain classes for EJB3 style mappings.
AnnotationMetadataReader - Class in org.grails.asm
A more limited version of Spring's annotation reader that only reads annotations on classes
AnnotationMetadataReader(Resource, ClassLoader, boolean) - Constructor in AnnotationMetadataReader
Constructs a new annotation metadata reader
AnsiConsoleUrlMappingsRenderer - Class in org.grails.web.mapping.reporting
Renders URL mappings to the console
AnsiConsoleUrlMappingsRenderer() - Constructor in AnsiConsoleUrlMappingsRenderer
ansiWrap(OutputStream) - Method in GrailsConsole
Hook method that allows controlling whether or not output streams should be wrapped by AnsiConsole.wrapOutputStream.
ansiWrap(OutputStream) - Method in GrailsEclipseConsole
AntLogAdapter - Class in grails.doc.ant
AntLogAdapter(def, def) - Constructor in AntLogAdapter
AntPathMatcher - Class in org.grails.io.support
PathMatcher implementation for Ant-style path patterns.
ANY_HTTP_METHOD - Field in UrlMapping
Constant used to define a Url mapping that matches any HTTP method
ANY_VERSION - Field in UrlMapping
Constant used to define a Url mapping that matches any HTTP method
ApiDelegate - Annotation Type in grails.artefact
Similar to Groovy's @Delegate AST transform but instead assumes the first argument to every method is 'this'.
ApiDelegateTransformation - Class in org.grails.compiler.injection
The logic for the ApiDelegate location transform.
apiSupport - Field in HttpServletRequestExtension
APP_BASE_DIR - Field in BuildSettings
The base directory of the application
APP_URI_ATTRIBUTE - Field in GrailsApplicationAttributes
append(Encoder, StreamEncodeable) - Method in AbstractEncodedAppender
append(char) - Method in DevNullPrintStream
append(Encoder, StreamEncodeable) - Method in EncodedAppender
Encodes a StreamEncodeable instance and appends it to the buffer.
append(char) - Method in EncodedAppenderWriter
append(String) - Method in GrailsConsole
append(StreamCharBuffer) - Method in GrailsPrintWriter
append(StreamCharBuffer) - Method in GrailsPrintWriterAdapter
append(CharSequence) - Method in GrailsRoutablePrintWriter
append(Writable) - Method in JSONWriter
append(String) - Method in PathCapturingJSONWriterWrapper
append(Writable) - Method in PrettyPrintJSONWriter
append(EncodingState, char) - Method in StreamCharBuffer.StreamCharBufferWriter
appendCharSequence(EncodingState, CharSequence, int, int) - Method in AbstractEncodedAppender
Append a portion of a CharSequence to the buffer and attach the encodingState information to it
appendCharSequence(EncodingState, CharSequence, int, int) - Method in StreamCharBuffer.StreamCharBufferWriter
appendCharSequence(EncodingState, CharSequence, int, int) - Method in StreamingEncoderEncodedAppender
appendCharSequence(EncodingState, CharSequence, int, int) - Method in WriterEncodedAppender
appendCreateLink(StringBuffer, String, String) - Method in DocEngine
appendEncoded(Encoder, EncodingState, CharSequence, int, int) - Method in AbstractEncodedAppender
appendEncoded(Encoder, EncodingState, char[], int, int) - Method in EncodedAppender
Appends an encoded portion of a char array to the buffer.
appendEncoder(List<Encoder>, Encoder) - Method in ChainedEncoders
appendEncoder(Encoder) - Method in EncodingState
appendEncoder(Encoder) - Method in EncodingStateImpl
appendLink(StringBuffer, String, String) - Method in DocEngine
appendNullCharSequence() - Method in GrailsPrintWriter
appendPiecesForUri(String) - Method in GrailsResourceUtils
Takes any number of Strings and appends them into a uri, making sure that a forward slash is inserted between each piece and making sure that no duplicate slashes are in the uri
appendStreamCharBufferChunk(StreamCharBuffer, List<Encoder>) - Method in StreamCharBuffer
application - Field in AbstractGrailsPlugin
application - Field in AbstractGrailsPluginManager
APPLICATION - Field in ApplicationAttributes
APPLICATION_CONTEXT - Field in ApplicationAttributes
APPLICATION_CONTEXT_COMMAND_CLASS - Field in GlobalGrailsClassInjectorTransformation
application - Field in DomainClassMarshaller
application - Field in GrailsRuntimeConfigurator
APPLICATION_ID - Field in GrailsApplication
The id of the grails application within a bean context
APPLICATION_NAME - Field in Metadata
application - Field in NamespacedTagDispatcher
application - Field in PluginAwareResourceBundleMessageSource
APPLICATION_XML - Field in RenderDynamicMethod
ApplicationArtefactHandler - Class in org.grails.core.artefact
An ArtefactHandler that identifies the Application class
ApplicationArtefactHandler() - Constructor in ApplicationArtefactHandler
ApplicationAttributes - Interface in org.codehaus.groovy.grails.commons
@author Graeme Rocher
applicationClass - Field in DefaultGrailsApplication
applicationClass() - Method in Integration
Specify the Application class which should be used for this functional test.
ApplicationClassInjector - Class in org.grails.compiler.injection
Injector for the 'Application' class
ApplicationCommand - Trait in grails.dev.commands
Represents a command that is run against the org.springframework.context.ApplicationContext
applicationContext - Field in AbstractGrailsPlugin
applicationContext - Field in AbstractGrailsPluginManager
applicationContext - Field in DefaultCodecLookup
applicationContext - Field in GrailsApplicationPostProcessor
applicationContext - Field in GrailsDomainClassCleaner
applicationContext - Field in TagLibraryLookup
ApplicationContextCommandFactory - Class in org.grails.cli.profile.commands.factory
Automatically populates ApplicationContext command instances and adapts the interface to the shell
ApplicationContextCommandRegistry - Class in grails.dev.commands
A registry of {@grails.dev.commands.ApplicationContextCommand} instances
ApplicationContextCommandTask - Class in org.grails.gradle.plugin.commands
@author Graeme Rocher
ApplicationContextCommandTask() - Constructor in ApplicationContextCommandTask
ApplicationContextExtension - Class in org.grails.spring.context
A Groovy extension module that adds additional methods to the Spring org.springframework.context.ApplicationContext interface
applicationInitialized(TestRuntime, GrailsApplication) - Method in ControllerTestPlugin
applicationInitialized(TestRuntime, GrailsApplication) - Method in DomainClassTestPlugin
applicationInitialized(TestRuntime, GrailsApplication) - Method in GrailsApplicationTestPlugin
applicationMeta - Field in AbstractGrailsApplication
ApplicationTagLib - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.taglib
The base application tag library for Grails many of which take inspiration from Rails helpers (thanks guys!
appliedConstraints - Field in ConstrainedProperty
APPLY_CODEC_TAG_NAME - Field in TagOutput
apply(Project) - Method in GrailsCentralPublishGradlePlugin
apply(Project) - Method in GrailsDocGradlePlugin
apply(Project) - Method in GrailsGradlePlugin
apply(Project) - Method in GrailsPluginGradlePlugin
apply(Project) - Method in GrailsProfileGradlePlugin
apply(Project) - Method in GrailsWatchPlugin
apply(Project) - Method in GrailsWebGradlePlugin
apply(Project) - Method in GroovyPagePlugin
apply(Project) - Method in IntegrationTestGradlePlugin
applyAutowireByNamePerformanceOptimization(ConfigurableApplicationContext) - Method in GrailsApp
applyBasePlugins(Project) - Method in GrailsGradlePlugin
applyConstraint(String, Object) - Method in Constrained
applyConstraint(String, Object) - Method in ConstrainedProperty
Applies a constraint for the specified name and consraint value.
applyContentType(String) - Method in GrailsPageResponseWrapper
applyDecorators(Closure<T>, List<PromiseDecorator>) - Method in AbstractPromiseFactory
applyDecorators(Closure<T>, List<PromiseDecorator>) - Method in PromiseFactory
Applies the registered decorators to the given closure
applyDefaultMethodTarget(MethodCallExpression, Class<?>) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
Set the method target of a MethodCallExpression to the first matching method with same number of arguments.
applyDefaultPlugins(Project) - Method in GrailsGradlePlugin
applyDependencies(DependencyCustomizer) - Method in GrailsApplicationCompilerAutoConfiguration
applyDependencies(DependencyCustomizer) - Method in GrailsTestCompilerAutoConfiguration
applyImplicitThis(MethodCallExpression, boolean) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
applyImports(ImportCustomizer) - Method in GrailsApplicationCompilerAutoConfiguration
applyImports(ImportCustomizer) - Method in GrailsTestCompilerAutoConfiguration
applyLastModifiedFromResource(Resource) - Method in GroovyPageMetaInfo
applyLayout(String, String, Map) - Method in AbstractGrailsTagTests
applyMetaHttpEquivContentType(Content, HttpServletResponse) - Method in GrailsLayoutView
applyMethodTarget(MethodCallExpression, ClassNode, Class<?>) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
Set the method target of a MethodCallExpression to the first matching method with same number and type of arguments.
applyModel(RenderContext, Object) - Method in DefaultHtmlRenderer
applyPropertyValue(ConfigurableListableBeanFactory, String, String, Object) - Method in MapBasedSmartPropertyOverrideConfigurer
applyRelativePath(String, String) - Method in GrailsResourceUtils
Apply the given relative path to the given path, assuming standard Java folder separation (i.e. "/" separators).
applyTemplate(def, def, def, String) - Method in AbstractGrailsTagTests
applyTemplate(StringWriter, def, def) - Method in GroovyPageUnitTestMixin
applyToMainClass(GroovyClassLoader, GroovyCompilerConfiguration, GeneratorContext, SourceUnit, ClassNode) - Method in GrailsApplicationCompilerAutoConfiguration
applyTransactionalAttributeSettings(AnnotationNode, VariableExpression, BlockStatement) - Method in TransactionalTransform
applyTransformation(SourceUnit, ClassNode) - Method in EntityASTTransformation
areFileExtensionsEnabled() - Method in WebUtils
Returns the value of the "grails.mime.file.extensions" setting configured in application.groovy
argsToAttrs(String, Object) - Method in TemplateNamespacedTagDispatcher
ARGUMENT_BEAN - Field in RenderDynamicMethod
ARGUMENT_BUILDER - Field in RenderDynamicMethod
ARGUMENT_COLLECTION - Field in RenderDynamicMethod
argument(Map) - Method in CommandDescription
Adds an argument for the given named arguments
ARGUMENT_CONTENT_TYPE - Field in RenderDynamicMethod
ARGUMENT_CONTEXTPATH - Field in RenderDynamicMethod
ARGUMENT_ENCODING - Field in RenderDynamicMethod
ARGUMENT_FILE_NAME - Field in RenderDynamicMethod
ARGUMENT_FILE - Field in RenderDynamicMethod
ARGUMENT_ID - Field in DefaultUrlCreator
ARGUMENT_LAYOUT - Field in RenderDynamicMethod
ARGUMENT_MODEL - Field in RenderDynamicMethod
ARGUMENT_PERMANENT - Field in ResponseRedirector
ARGUMENT_PLUGIN - Field in RenderDynamicMethod
ARGUMENT_STATUS - Field in RenderDynamicMethod
ARGUMENT_STATUS - Field in ResourceTransform
ARGUMENT_TEMPLATE - Field in RenderDynamicMethod
ARGUMENT_TEXT - Field in RenderDynamicMethod
ARGUMENT_VAR - Field in RenderDynamicMethod
ARGUMENT_VIEW - Field in RenderDynamicMethod
ArgumentCompletingCommand - Class in org.grails.cli.profile.commands
@author graemerocher
array(Closure) - Method in JSONBuilder
array() - Method in JSONWriter
Begin appending a new array.
array() - Method in PathCapturingJSONWriterWrapper
array() - Method in PrettyPrintJSONWriter
arrayCopy(char[], int, char[], int, int) - Method in StreamCharBuffer
ArrayMarshaller - Class in org.grails.web.converters.marshaller.xml
@author Siegfried Puchbauer
Artefact - Annotation Type in grails.artefact
Used to define the artefact type for classes declared outside of Grails' usual conventions.
ARTEFACT_CLASS_NODE - Field in GlobalGrailsClassInjectorTransformation
ARTEFACT_HANDLER_CLASS - Field in GlobalGrailsClassInjectorTransformation
ArtefactAdditionEvent - Class in grails.core.events
An event triggered for the addition of a new artefact
ArtefactAdditionEvent(GrailsClass) - Constructor in ArtefactAdditionEvent
Create a new ApplicationEvent.
ArtefactHandler - Interface in grails.core
ArtefactHandlerAdapter - Class in grails.core
Adapter for the ArtefactHandler interface
ArtefactHandlerAdapter(String, Class<? extends GrailsClass>, Class<?>, String, boolean) - Constructor in ArtefactHandlerAdapter
artefactHandlers - Field in DefaultGrailsApplication
artefactHandlersByName - Field in DefaultGrailsApplication
ArtefactInfo - Interface in grails.core
Holder for all the class-related info and structures relating to an Artefact.
artefactInfo - Field in DefaultGrailsApplication
ARTEFACTS - Field in GrailsPlugin
Define the list of ArtefactHandlers supporting by the plugin
artefactSuffix - Field in ArtefactHandlerAdapter
ArtefactTypeAstTransformation - Class in org.grails.compiler.injection
A transformation used to apply transformers to classes not located in Grails directory structure.
artefactTypeToTestMap - Field in TestForTransformation
ArtefactVariableResolver - Class in org.grails.cli.profile.support
@author Graeme Rocher
ArtefactVariableResolver(String, String, String) - Constructor in ArtefactVariableResolver
artifactToGroupAndArtifact - Field in GrailsDependencyVersions
asBoolean() - Method in AbstractTypeConvertingMap
asBoolean() - Method in CodeGenConfig
asBoolean() - Method in NavigableMap.NullSafeNavigator
asBoolean() - Method in StreamCharBuffer
asBoolean() - Method in TagOutput.ConstantClosure
asMap() - Method in Model
@return The model as a map
asPrintWriter() - Method in GrailsPrintWriter
assemble(String, DataBindingSource) - Method in AbstractStructuredDateBindingEditor
assemble(Class, Map) - Method in StructuredDateEditor
assemble(Class, Map) - Method in StructuredPropertyEditor
Assemble and bind a property value from the specified fieldValues and the given type
assertAction(def, def, def) - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTestMixin
Asserts an action exists for the specified controller name, action name and url
assertBeanFactoryActive() - Method in GrailsApplicationContext
assertCompiledSourceContains(def, def, def) - Method in AbstractGrailsTagTests
assertController(def, def) - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTestMixin
asserts a controller exists for the specified name and url
assertForwardUrlMapping(def, def, def) - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTestMixin
assertNotNull(Object, String) - Method in FileSystemResource
assertOutputContains(def, def, def) - Method in AbstractGrailsTagTests
assertOutputEquals(def, def, def, Closure) - Method in AbstractGrailsTagTests
Compares the output generated by a template with a string.
assertOutputEquals(def, def, def, Closure) - Method in GroovyPageUnitTestMixin
Asserts the output of a given template against the specified expected value.
assertOutputMatches(def, def, def, Closure) - Method in GroovyPageUnitTestMixin
Asserts the output of a given template against the specified regex.
assertOutputNotContains(def, def, def) - Method in AbstractGrailsTagTests
assertReverseUrlMapping(Map, def, Closure) - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTestMixin
Asserts the given controller and action produce the given reverse URL mapping
assertTemplateOutputEquals(def, GroovyPageTemplate, def, Closure) - Method in AbstractGrailsTagTests
assertUrlMapping(Map, def, Closure) - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTestMixin
Asserts a URL mapping maps to the controller and action specified by named parameters.
assertView(def, def, def) - Method in UrlMappingsUnitTestMixin
Asserts a view exists for the specified controller name, view name and url
assertXPathExists(Document, String) - Method in AbstractGrailsTagTests
Asserts that the given XPath expression matches at least one node in the given DOM document.
assertXPathNotExists(Document, String) - Method in AbstractGrailsTagTests
Asserts that the given XPath expression matches no nodes in the given DOM document.
asShortObject(Object, XML, GrailsDomainClassProperty, GrailsDomainClass) - Method in DomainClassMarshaller
assignBidirectionalAssociations(Object, Map, GrailsDomainClass) - Method in DataBindingUtils
Associations both sides of any bidirectional relationships found in the object and source map to bind
ASTDatabindingHelper - Interface in org.grails.web.databinding
@author Jeff Brown
ASTErrorsHelper - Interface in org.codehaus.groovy.grails.compiler.injection
Enhances a class to contain an Errors property of type org.springframework.validation.Errors.
AstTransformer - Annotation Type in org.codehaus.groovy.grails.compiler.injection
Marker annotation that for classes that transform Grails classes at the AST level.
ASTValidateableHelper - Interface in grails.validation
ASTValidationErrorsHelper - Class in org.grails.compiler.injection
@author Jeff Brown
asType(Class) - Method in CodeGenConfig
asType(Object, Class<?>) - Method in ConvertersApi
Converter an instance from one format to another
asType(Object, Class<T>) - Method in ConvertersExtension
asType(Class<?>) - Method in GrailsPrintWriter
asType(Class) - Method in NavigableMap.NullSafeNavigator
asType(Class) - Method in NavigableMapConfig
asType(Class) - Method in StreamCharBuffer
asWritable() - Method in AbstractClosureProxy
ASYNC_STARTED - Field in GrailsApplicationAttributes
AsyncActionResultTransformer - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.async.mvc
Handles an Async response from a controller
AsyncController - Trait in grails.artefact
@author Jeff Brown
AsyncControllerTraitInjector - Class in grails.compiler.traits
@author Jeff Brown
AsyncGrailsWebRequest - Class in grails.async.web
Implementation of Spring 4.0 org.springframework.web.context.request.async.AsyncWebRequest interface for Grails
AsyncGrailsWebRequest(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse, ServletContext, ApplicationContext) - Constructor in AsyncGrailsWebRequest
ATOM_DATE_FORMAT - Field in AtomRenderer
ATOM_NAMESPACE - Field in AtomRenderer
ATOM_XML - Field in MimeType
AtomCollectionRenderer - Class in grails.rest.render.atom
An Atom XML renderer for a collection of objects
AtomCollectionRenderer(Class) - Constructor in AtomCollectionRenderer
AtomRenderer - Class in grails.rest.render.atom
Renders output in Atom format (http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4287)
AtomRenderer(Class<T>) - Constructor in AtomRenderer
ATTACHED - Field in GrailsDomainClassProperty
ATTR_READY_ONLY - Field in ResourceTransform
ATTR_RESPONSE_FORMATS - Field in ResourceTransform
ATTR_SUPER_CLASS - Field in ResourceTransform
ATTR_URI - Field in ResourceTransform
ATTRIBUTE_ABSOLUTE - Field in LinkGenerator
ATTRIBUTE_ACTION - Field in LinkGenerator
ATTRIBUTE_BASE - Field in LinkGenerator
ATTRIBUTE_CONTEXT_PATH - Field in LinkGenerator
ATTRIBUTE_CONTROLLER - Field in LinkGenerator
ATTRIBUTE_ELEMENT_ID - Field in LinkGenerator
ATTRIBUTE_EVENT - Field in LinkGenerator
ATTRIBUTE_FRAGMENT - Field in LinkGenerator
ATTRIBUTE_ID - Field in LinkGenerator
ATTRIBUTE_IN - Field in GroovySyntaxTag
ATTRIBUTE_MAPPING - Field in LinkGenerator
ATTRIBUTE_METHOD - Field in LinkGenerator
ATTRIBUTE_NAMESPACE - Field in LinkGenerator
ATTRIBUTE_PARAMS - Field in LinkGenerator
ATTRIBUTE_PLUGIN - Field in LinkGenerator
ATTRIBUTE_RELATIVE_URI - Field in LinkGenerator
ATTRIBUTE_RESOURCE - Field in LinkGenerator
ATTRIBUTE_URI - Field in LinkGenerator
ATTRIBUTE_URL - Field in LinkGenerator
ATTRIBUTE_VAR - Field in GroovySyntaxTag
attribute(String, String) - Method in XML
attribute(String, String) - Method in XMLStreamWriter
attributes - Field in GroovySyntaxTag
attributes - Field in JspInvokeGrailsTagLibTag
ATTRIBUTES_STATUS - Field in GroovySyntaxTag
attrsToString(Map) - Method in ApplicationTagLib
AUTHENTICATOR - Field in BuildSettings
The authenticator to use when connecting remotely from the CLI
AUTHORIZATION - Field in HttpHeaders
AUTO_CONFIGURATION_CLASS_NODE - Field in ApplicationArtefactHandler
AUTO_GROW_COLLECTION_LIMIT - Field in DataBindingGrailsPlugin
autoAnnotateSetupTeardown(ClassNode) - Method in TestMixinTransformation
AUTOFLUSH_ENABLED - Field in GSPResponseWriter
autoSync(boolean) - Method in OutputEncodingStackAttributes.Builder
AUTOWIRE_BY_NAME - Field in BeanConfiguration
AUTOWIRE_BY_TYPE - Field in BeanConfiguration
AUTOWIRE_DOMAIN_METHOD - Field in ControllersDomainBindingApi
autowire(def) - Method in GrailsTestAutowirer
Autowires the bean by name, processes any autowiring annotations, and set's the applicationContext if it implements ApplicationContextAware.
autowireBeanInAutowireByName(Object, Map<String, PropertyDescriptor>) - Method in OptimizedAutowireCapableBeanFactory
autowireBeanProperties(Object, int, boolean) - Method in OptimizedAutowireCapableBeanFactory
autowireByName(String, AbstractBeanDefinition, BeanWrapper, MutablePropertyValues) - Method in OptimizedAutowireCapableBeanFactory
autowireCodecBean(Object) - Method in DefaultGrailsCodecClass
AUTOWIRED_CLASS_NODE - Field in ResourceTransform
autowireIfNecessary() - Method in GrailsTestInterceptor


back() - Method in JSONTokener
Back up one character.
backup(int) - Method in SimpleCharStream
Backup a number of characters.
bang(ExecutionContext) - Method in GrailsCli
Base64ByteArrayMarshaller - Class in org.grails.web.converters.marshaller.xml
@author Siegfried Puchbauer
Base64CodecExtensionMethods - Class in org.grails.plugins.codecs
A codec that encodes and decodes Objects using Base64 encoding.
BASE_DIR - Field in BuildSettings
The base directory of the project
BaseApiProvider - Class in org.grails.core.metaclass
@author Graeme Rocher
baseArguments - Field in GradleStep
basePath - Field in DefaultGroovyPageLocator.PluginViewPathInfo
BasePluginFilter - Class in org.grails.plugins
Base functionality shared by IncludingPluginFilter and ExcludingPluginFilter.
BasePluginFilter(String) - Constructor in BasePluginFilter
BASIC_TYPES - Field in SimpleDataBinder
BasicCodecLookup - Class in org.grails.encoder.impl
BasicCodecLookup() - Constructor in BasicCodecLookup
BasicJSONEncoder - Class in org.grails.encoder.impl
Escapes characters in JSON output
BasicJSONEncoder() - Constructor in BasicJSONEncoder
BasicXMLEncoder - Class in org.grails.encoder.impl
Encoder implementation that escapes some characters for inclusion in XML documents
BasicXMLEncoder(CodecIdentifier) - Constructor in BasicXMLEncoder
bean(Class, Object) - Method in BeanBuilder
Defines an inner bean definition.
BEAN_ID - Field in GrailsRuntimeConfigurator
BEAN_ID - Field in GroovyPageResourceLoader
The id of the instance of this bean to be used in the Spring context
BEAN_ID - Field in GroovyPagesTemplateEngine
BEAN_ID - Field in GroovyPagesUriService
BEAN_ID - Field in ResourceAwareTemplateEngine
BEAN_ID - Field in UrlMappingsHolder
BEAN_NAME - Field in CompositeViewResolver
BEAN_NAME - Field in ConstraintsEvaluator
BEAN_NAME - Field in FilteringCodecsByContentTypeSettings
BEAN_NAME - Field in GrailsPluginManager
BEAN_NAME - Field in MimeType
The bean name used to store the mime type definitions
BEAN_NAME - Field in UrlConverter
BeanBuilder - Class in grails.spring
BeanBuilder(ApplicationContext, RuntimeSpringConfiguration, ClassLoader) - Constructor in BeanBuilder
BeanConfiguration - Interface in org.grails.spring
Represents a runtime bean configuration.
BeanCreationProfilingPostProcessor - Class in org.grails.core.util
Adds timings of bean creation times logged to the "org.grails.startup" group
beanFactory - Field in DefaultRuntimeSpringConfiguration
BeanPostProcessorAdapter - Class in org.grails.spring.beans
Adapter implementation of org.springframework.beans.factory.config.BeanPostProcessor.
beans(Closure<?>) - Method in BeanBuilder
Defines a set of beans for the given block or closure.
beans(Closure) - Method in DefaultGrailsPlugin
beans(Closure) - Method in Plugin
Allows a plugin to define beans at runtime.
BEFORE_ANNOTATION - Field in TestForTransformation
BEFORE_CLASS_NODE - Field in TestForTransformation
before(String, Closure) - Method in CommandEvents
Register to listen for an event that runs before the given command
before(TestRuntime, GrailsApplication) - Method in DomainClassTestPlugin
before() - Method in Interceptor
Executed before a matched action
BEFORE_INTERCEPTOR - Field in GrailsControllerClass
The name of the before interceptor property.
before(TestRuntime, Object, Description) - Method in TestRuntimeJunitAdapter
beforeBinding(def, String, def, def) - Method in DataBindingEventMulticastListener
beforeBinding(Object, String, Object, Object) - Method in DataBindingListener
Called when data binding is about to imposed on a property
beforeBinding(Object, String, Object, Object) - Method in DataBindingListenerAdapter
beforeClass(TestRuntime, Class, Description) - Method in TestRuntimeJunitAdapter
beforeDecorating(Content, Map<String, Object>, GrailsWebRequest, HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) - Method in GrailsLayoutView
beforeShutdown() - Method in GrailsConsole
beginColumn - Field in Token
The column number of the first character of this Token.
beginLine - Field in Token
The line number of the first character of this Token.
BeginToken() - Method in SimpleCharStream
BELONGS_TO - Field in GrailsDomainClassProperty
BinaryGrailsPlugin - Class in org.grails.plugins
Models a pre-compiled binary plugin.
BinaryGrailsPlugin(Class<?>, BinaryGrailsPluginDescriptor, GrailsApplication) - Constructor in BinaryGrailsPlugin
Creates a binary plugin instance.
BinaryGrailsPluginDescriptor - Class in org.grails.plugins
Holds a reference to the parsed grails-plugin.xml descriptor and the resource used to parse the descriptor
BinaryGrailsPluginDescriptor(Resource, List<String>) - Constructor in BinaryGrailsPluginDescriptor
bind(Object, DataBindingSource) - Method in DataBinder
@param obj The object being bound to
bind(def, GPathResult) - Method in GrailsWebDataBinder
bind(def, DataBindingSource, String, List, List, DataBindingListener) - Method in SimpleDataBinder
@param obj The object being bound to
BINDABLE_CONSTRAINT_NAME - Field in DefaultASTDatabindingHelper
bindData(Class, Collection, ServletRequest) - Method in Controller
Binds data for the given type to the given collection from the request
bindData(Class, Collection, CollectionDataBindingSource) - Method in DataBinder
bindGrailsWebRequest(TestRuntime, GrailsApplication) - Method in ControllerTestPlugin
BindingError - Interface in grails.databinding.errors
Represents a problem which occurred during data binding.
bindingError(BindingError, def) - Method in DataBindingEventMulticastListener
bindingError(BindingError, Object) - Method in DataBindingListener
Called when an error occurs binding to a property
bindingError(BindingError, Object) - Method in DataBindingListenerAdapter
bindingError(BindingError, def) - Method in GrailsWebDataBindingListener
BindingFormat - Annotation Type in grails.databinding
Apply BindingFormat to a field to provide a format to be used when binding a String to this field.
BindingFormatASTTransformation - Class in org.grails.databinding.compiler
BindingHelper - Interface in grails.databinding
Classes which implement this interface may participate in the data binding process.
bindMockWebRequest(ServletContext, MockHttpServletRequest, MockHttpServletResponse) - Method in GrailsWebMockUtil
bindObjectToDomainInstance(GrailsDomainClass, Object, Object, List, List, String) - Method in DataBindingUtils
Binds the given source object to the given target object performing type conversion if necessary
bindObjectToInstance(Object, Object, List, List, String) - Method in DataBindingUtils
Binds the given source object to the given target object performing type conversion if necessary
bindPageScope(TestRuntime) - Method in GroovyPageTestPlugin
bindProperty(def, DataBindingSource, MetaProperty, def, DataBindingListener, def) - Method in SimpleDataBinder
bindSystemOutAndErr(PrintStream, PrintStream) - Method in GrailsConsole
bindToCollection(Class<T>, Collection<T>, ServletRequest) - Method in DataBindingUtils
BindUsing - Annotation Type in org.grails.databinding
This annotation may be applied to a class or to a field to customize the data binding process.
BLANK_CONSTRAINT - Field in ConstrainedProperty
BlankConstraint - Class in org.grails.validation
A Constraint that validates a string is not blank.
blockFlushAndClose() - Method in GrailsRoutablePrintWriter
BlockQuoteFilter - Class in grails.doc
BlockQuoteFilter() - Constructor in BlockQuoteFilter
bold(String) - Method in AnsiConsoleUrlMappingsRenderer
BoldFilter - Class in grails.doc
BoldFilter() - Constructor in BoldFilter
boolean(String, Boolean) - Method in TypeConvertingMap
BOOT_STRAP - Field in DefaultGrailsBootstrapClass
BootInitializerClassInjector - Class in org.grails.compiler.boot
A transformation that automatically produces a Spring servlet initializer for a class that extends GrailsConfiguration.
BootstrapArtefactHandler - Class in org.grails.web.servlet.boostrap
@author Marc Palmer ([email protected])
BootstrapArtefactHandler() - Constructor in BootstrapArtefactHandler
BootStrapClassRunner - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.servlet.context
Runs the BootStrap classes on startup
BoundedCharsAsEncodedBytesCounter - Class in org.grails.web.util
Counts chars encoded as bytes up to a certain limit (capacity of byte buffer).
BoundedCharsAsEncodedBytesCounter(int, String) - Constructor in BoundedCharsAsEncodedBytesCounter
BoundPromise - Class in org.grails.async.factory
A bound promise is a promise which is already resolved and doesn't require any asynchronous processing to calculate the value
BoundPromise(T) - Constructor in BoundPromise
bufcolumn - Field in SimpleCharStream
buffer - Field in SimpleCharStream
BUFFER_SIZE - Field in SpringIOUtils
bufferChanged(StreamCharBuffer) - Method in StreamCharBuffer
BUFFERING_ENABLED - Field in GSPResponseWriter
bufline - Field in SimpleCharStream
bufpos - Field in SimpleCharStream
Position in buffer.
BUILD_CLASSES_PATH - Field in BuildSettings
The path to the build classes directory
build(Closure) - Method in Converter
BUILD_INFO_FILE - Field in Metadata
build(Closure) - Method in JSON
build(Closure) - Method in JSONBuilder
BUILD_LISTENERS - Field in BuildSettings
The name of the system property for multiple build listeners
build() - Method in OutputEncodingStackAttributes.Builder
build(Map) - Method in PdfBuilder
Builds a PDF file from the manual's single.html file.
BUILD_RESOURCES_PATH - Field in BuildSettings
The path to the build resources directory
BUILD_SCOPE - Field in BuildSettings
BUILD_SCOPE_DESC - Field in BuildSettings
build(Closure) - Method in XML
buildAll(String, Project) - Method in GrailsClasspathToolingModelBuilder
buildDispatchUrlForMapping(UrlMappingInfo) - Method in UrlMappingUtils
Constructs the URI to forward to using the given request and UrlMappingInfo instance
BUILDER_TYPE_JSON - Field in RenderDynamicMethod
buildExcludes - Field in AbstractProfile
buildFinished(BuildEvent) - Method in GrailsConsoleBuildListener
buildGetMapExpression(Expression, String) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
Build static direct call to get entry from Map
buildGetPropertyExpression(Expression, String, ClassNode, boolean) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
Build static direct call to getter of a property
buildGetThisObjectExpression(boolean) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
buildGrailsWebRequest(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) - Method in GrailsDispatcherServlet
buildMerge - Field in AbstractProfile
buildMockRequest(ConfigObject) - Method in AbstractGrailsControllerTests
buildMockRequest(ConfigObject) - Method in AbstractGrailsTagTests
buildPageMetaInfo(InputStream, Resource, String) - Method in GroovyPagesTemplateEngine
Constructs a GroovyPageMetaInfo instance which holds the script class, modified date and so on
buildPlugins - Field in AbstractProfile
buildPutMapExpression(Expression, String, Expression) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
Build static direct call to put entry in Map
buildRepositories - Field in AbstractProfile
buildRequestAttributes(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse, RequestAttributes) - Method in GrailsDispatcherServlet
buildRequestAttributes(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse, RequestAttributes) - Method in GroovyPagesServlet
BuildScope - Enum in grails.util
Represents the different scopes that plugins apply to.
buildSetPropertyExpression(Expression, String, ClassNode, Expression) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
Build static direct call to setter of a property
BuildSettings - Class in grails.util
Build time settings and configuration
buildStarted(BuildEvent) - Method in GrailsConsoleBuildListener
buildThisExpression() - Method in GrailsASTUtils
bundle - Field in ConstrainedProperty
byName() - Method in AbstractInjectableGrailsClass
byName() - Method in InjectableGrailsClass
If autowiring by name is enabled.
byte(String, Integer) - Method in TypeConvertingMap
ByteArrayMarshaller - Class in org.grails.web.converters.marshaller.json
@author Siegfried Puchbauer
ByteArrayMultipartFileValueConverter - Class in org.grails.web.databinding.converters
@author Jeff Brown
ByteArrayResource - Class in org.grails.io.support
A Resource impl used represent a Resource as an array of bytes
ByteArrayResource(byte[], String) - Constructor in ByteArrayResource
byteArrayToHexString(byte[]) - Method in SpringIOUtils
Convert a byte[] array to readable string format.
byType() - Method in AbstractInjectableGrailsClass
byType() - Method in InjectableGrailsClass
If autowiring by type is enabled.


CACHE_CONTROL - Field in HttpHeaders
cacheCurrentEnvironment() - Method in Environment
CachedGradleOperation - Class in org.grails.cli.gradle.cache
Utility class for performing cached operations that retrieve data from Gradle.
CachedGradleOperation(ProjectContext, String) - Constructor in CachedGradleOperation
CachedIntrospectionResults - Class in org.grails.beans.support
Internal class that caches JavaBeans java.beans.PropertyDescriptor information for a Java class.
CacheEntry - Class in grails.util
Wrapper for a value inside a cache that adds timestamp information for expiration and prevents "cache storms" with a Lock.
CacheEntry.UpdateException - Class in grails.util
CacheEntry.UpdateException(Throwable) - Constructor in CacheEntry.UpdateException
CacheEntry(V) - Constructor in CacheEntry
cacheMillis - Field in ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource
CachingGrailsConventionGroovyPageLocator - Class in org.grails.web.gsp.io
Extends GrailsConventionGroovyPageLocator adding caching of the located GrailsPageScriptSource.
CachingGroovyPageStaticResourceLocator - Class in org.grails.gsp.io
CachingLinkGenerator - Class in org.grails.web.mapping
A link generator that uses a LRU cache to cache generated links.
CachingLinkGenerator(String, String, Map<String, Object>) - Constructor in CachingLinkGenerator
CachingPathMatchingResourcePatternResolver - Class in org.grails.core.io
@author Graeme Rocher
CachingPathMatchingResourcePatternResolver(ResourceLoader) - Constructor in CachingPathMatchingResourcePatternResolver
calculateAllFilenames(String, Locale) - Method in ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource
Calculate all filenames for the given bundle basename and Locale.
calculateExpression(String) - Method in GroovySyntaxTag
calculateFilenamesForLocale(String, Locale) - Method in ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource
Calculate the filenames for the given bundle basename and Locale, appending language code, country code, and variant code.
calculateLineNumbersForPage(String) - Method in GroovyPagesTemplateEngine
Retrieves a line number matrix for the specified page that can be used to retrieve the actual line number within the GSP page if the line number within the compiled GSP is known
call(Object) - Method in AbstractClosureProxy
This is the important one: logs entry and exit of the closure call.
call() - Method in CachedGradleOperation
call(SourceUnit, GeneratorContext, ClassNode) - Method in GrailsAwareInjectionOperation
call(SourceUnit, GeneratorContext, ClassNode) - Method in GroovyPageInjectionOperation
call(Object) - Method in TagBodyClosure
call(Object) - Method in TagOutput.ConstantClosure
callDestroy() - Method in DefaultGrailsBootstrapClass
callDestroy() - Method in GrailsBootstrapClass
Calls the destroy closure if one exists.
CALLED - Field in ForwardMethod
callInit(ServletContext) - Method in DefaultGrailsBootstrapClass
callInit(ServletContext) - Method in GrailsBootstrapClass
Calls the init closure if one exists.
callRender(Map, Object) - Method in TemplateNamespacedTagDispatcher
CamelCaseUrlConverter - Class in grails.web
URL converter that allows for camel case URLs
canBuild(String) - Method in GrailsClasspathToolingModelBuilder
cancel(boolean) - Method in BoundPromise
cancel() - Method in ClosureEventConsumer
cancel() - Method in ExecutionContext
Allows cancelling of the running command
cancel(boolean) - Method in GparsPromise
cancel() - Method in GrailsCli.ExecutionContextImpl
cancel(boolean) - Method in PromiseList
Synchronously obtains all the values from all the promises
cancel(boolean) - Method in PromiseMap
cancel(boolean) - Method in ReactorPromise
cancel(boolean) - Method in SynchronousPromise
canConvert(Object) - Method in ByteArrayMultipartFileValueConverter
canConvert(Object) - Method in ClosureValueConverter
canConvert(Class<?>, Class<?>) - Method in ConversionService
canConvert(Object) - Method in CurrencyValueConverter
canConvert(Object) - Method in DateConversionHelper
canConvert(Object) - Method in LocaleAwareNumberConverter
canConvert(Class<?>, Class<?>) - Method in SpringConversionServiceAdapter
canConvert(def) - Method in TimeZoneConverter
canConvert(Object) - Method in ValueConverter
canCreateTransaction(TransactionDefinition) - Method in ChainedTransactionManager
CandidateListCompletionHandler - Class in org.grails.build.interactive
Fixes issues with the default CandidateListCompletionHandler such as clearing out the whole buffer when a completion matches a list of candidates
CannotRedirectException - Class in grails.web.mapping.mvc.exceptions
Thrown when the request cannot be redirected.
CannotRedirectException(String) - Constructor in CannotRedirectException
canRegisterPlugin(GrailsPlugin) - Method in DefaultGrailsPluginManager
canUseOriginalForSubSequence(CharSequence, int, int) - Method in CharSequences
Checks if start == 0 and count == length of CharSequence It does this check only for String, StringBuilder and StringBuffer classes which have a fast way to check length
capture() - Method in SystemOutErrCapturer
CAPTURED_WILDCARD - Field in UrlMapping
captureTagContent(GrailsPrintWriter, String, Map, Object, boolean) - Method in SitemeshTagLib
captureTagOutput(TagLibraryLookup, String, String, Map, Object, OutputContext) - Method in TagOutput
cascadeToAssociativeProperty(Errors, BeanWrapper, GrailsDomainClassProperty) - Method in GrailsDomainClassValidator
Cascades validation onto an associative property maybe a one-to-many, one-to-one or many-to-one relationship.
cascadeValidationToMany(Errors, BeanWrapper, GrailsDomainClassProperty, String) - Method in GrailsDomainClassValidator
Cascades validation to a one-to-many type relationship.
cascadeValidationToOne(Errors, BeanWrapper, Object, GrailsDomainClassProperty, String, Object) - Method in GrailsDomainClassValidator
Cascades validation to a one-to-one or many-to-one property.
CascadingValidator - Interface in grails.validation
Extends the default Spring Validator interface and provides an additional method that specifies whether validation should cascade into associations.
CATEGORY_SEPARATOR - Field in GrailsConsole
CHAIN_MODEL - Field in FlashScope
The attribute containing the chain model
chain(Map) - Method in ResponseRedirector
Chains from one action to another via an HTTP redirect.
chainAllButLastEncoders(EncodedAppender, List<StreamingEncoder>) - Method in ChainedEncoders
chainAllEncoders(EncodedAppender, List<StreamingEncoder>) - Method in ChainedEncoders
ChainedConverterConfiguration - Class in org.grails.web.converters.configuration
An immutable ConverterConfiguration which chains the lookup calls for ObjectMarshallers for performance reasons.
ChainedConverterConfiguration.ChainedObjectMarshaller - Class in org.grails.web.converters.configuration
ChainedConverterConfiguration.ChainedObjectMarshaller(ObjectMarshaller<C>, ChainedObjectMarshaller<C>) - Constructor in ChainedConverterConfiguration.ChainedObjectMarshaller
ChainedConverterConfiguration(ConverterConfiguration<C>, ProxyHandler) - Constructor in ChainedConverterConfiguration
ChainedDecoder - Class in org.grails.encoder
ChainedDecoder(Decoder) - Constructor in ChainedDecoder
ChainedEncoder - Class in org.grails.encoder
ChainedEncoder(StreamingEncoder, boolean) - Method in ChainedEncoder
ChainedEncoders - Class in org.grails.encoder
ChainedTransactionManager - Class in org.grails.transaction
org.springframework.transaction.PlatformTransactionManager implementation that orchestrates transaction creation, commits and rollbacks to a list of delegates.
ChainedTransactionManager(PlatformTransactionManager) - Constructor in ChainedTransactionManager
Creates a new ChainedTransactionManager delegating to the given org.springframework.transaction.PlatformTransactionManagers.
ChainedTransactionManagerPostProcessor - Class in org.grails.transaction
A org.springframework.beans.factory.support.BeanDefinitionRegistryPostProcessor for using the "Best Effort 1 Phase Commit" (BE1PC) in Grails applications when there are multiple data sources.
ChainedTransactionManagerPostProcessor() - Constructor in ChainedTransactionManagerPostProcessor
chainEncode(StreamEncodeable, EncodedAppender, List<Encoder>) - Method in ChainedEncoders
chainEncodersAndCachePerThread(EncodedAppender) - Method in ChainedEncoder
chainStreamingEncode(StreamEncodeable, EncodedAppender, List<StreamingEncoder>) - Method in ChainedEncoders
changeFeaturesAndPlugins(Set<String>, List<TestPlugin>) - Method in TestRuntime
changeItVariable(Object) - Method in GroovyPage
CHAR - Field in JsonParserConstants
RegularExpression Id.
char(String, Integer) - Method in TypeConvertingMap
characters(String) - Method in PrettyPrintXMLStreamWriter
characters(String) - Method in XMLStreamWriter
CharArrayAccessible - Interface in org.grails.charsequences
Marker interface for telling that the underlying char array is directly accessible
charAt(int) - Method in StreamCharBuffer
chars(String) - Method in XML
CharSequences - Class in org.grails.charsequences
Utility functions for handling java.lang.CharSequence instances
checkError() - Method in DevNullPrintStream
checkError() - Method in GrailsPrintWriter
Flush the stream if it's not closed and check its error state.
checkError() - Method in GrailsPrintWriterAdapter
checkError() - Method in GrailsRoutablePrintWriter
checkForChanges() - Method in AbstractGrailsPlugin
checkForChanges() - Method in DefaultGrailsPlugin
Monitors the plugin resources defined in the watchResources property for changes and fires onChange events by calling an onChange closure defined in the plugin (if it exists)
checkForChanges() - Method in DefaultGrailsPluginManager
@deprecated Replaced by agent-based reloading, will be removed in a future version of Grails
checkForChanges() - Method in GrailsPlugin
When called this method checks for any changes to the plug-ins watched resources and reloads appropriately
checkForChanges() - Method in GrailsPluginManager
Checks all the plugins to see whether they have any changes
checkForChanges() - Method in MockGrailsPluginManager
checkForConfigurationClash(Project) - Method in GrailsPluginGradlePlugin
checkIfReloadableResourceHasChanged(PrivilegedAction<Resource>) - Method in GroovyPageMetaInfo
checkInitialised() - Method in AbstractGrailsPluginManager
checkInitialized() - Method in JspTagImpl
checkMultipart(HttpServletRequest) - Method in GrailsDispatcherServlet
checkoutTagForRelease() - Method in GitProfileRepository
checkState() - Method in AbstractConstraint
circularReferenceBehaviour - Field in JSON
CLASS_EDITOR_BEAN - Field in GrailsRuntimeConfigurator
CLASS_EXTENSION - Field in GrailsResourceUtils
CLASS - Field in GrailsDomainClassProperty
CLASS_LOADER_BEAN - Field in GrailsApplication
CLASS_LOADER_BEAN - Field in GrailsRuntimeConfigurator
CLASS_NAME - Field in ExecuteStep
CLASS_TO_BINDING_INCLUDE_LIST - Field in GrailsWebDataBinder
ClassAndMimeTypeRegistry - Class in org.grails.web.util
Abstract class for class that maintains a registry of mappings MimeType,Class and a particular object type.
ClassEditor - Class in org.grails.core.support
Converts Strings to Class references for Spring.
ClassEditor(Object) - Constructor in ClassEditor
CLASSES_DIR - Field in BuildSettings
The classes directory of the project, null outside of the development environment
classes() - Method in GrailsAutoConfiguration
@return The classes that constitute the Grails application
classes - Field in GrailsTestConfiguration
@default {}
See Also:
ClassInjector - Interface in grails.compiler.ast
When implemented allows additional properties to be injected into Grails classes at compile time (ie when they are loaded by the GroovyClassLoader).
classLoader - Field in AbstractGrailsApplication
classLoader - Field in DefaultRuntimeSpringConfiguration
classLoader - Field in NavigableMapConfig
ClassLoaderAware - Interface in grails.core.support
Convenience interface that can be implemented by classes that are registered by plugins.
ClassLoaderAwareBeanPostProcessor - Class in org.grails.spring.beans
ClassLoaderAwareBeanPostProcessor(ClassLoader) - Constructor in ClassLoaderAwareBeanPostProcessor
className(Resource) - Method in FileSystemInteraction
The class name of the given resource
className(Resource) - Method in FileSystemInteractionImpl
The class name of the given resource
ClassNameCompleter - Class in org.grails.cli.interactive.completers
A completer that completes class names
ClassNameCompleter(File) - Constructor in ClassNameCompleter
classNameToPluginMap - Field in AbstractGrailsPluginManager
classNameToResourceCache - Field in DefaultResourceLocator
classNameToResourceCache - Field in ResourceLocator
classPackageAsResourcePath(Class<?>) - Method in GrailsResourceUtils
Given an input class object, return a string which consists of the class's package name as a pathname, i.e., all dots ('.') are replaced by slashes ('/').
CLASSPATH_URL_PREFIX - Field in GrailsResourceUtils
Pseudo URL prefix for loading from the class path: "classpath:"
CLASSPATH_URL_PREFIX - Field in ResourceLoader
Pseudo URL prefix for loading from the class path: "classpath:"
ClasspathBuildAction - Class in org.grails.cli.gradle
Gets the EclipseProject which helps obtain the classpath necessary
ClasspathCommandResourceResolver - Class in org.grails.cli.profile.commands.factory
A CommandResourceResolver that resolves commands from the classpath under the directory META-INF/commands
ClasspathCommandResourceResolver(Collection<String>) - Constructor in ClasspathCommandResourceResolver
ClassPathResource - Class in org.grails.io.support
Resource implementation for class path resources.
ClassPathResource(String, ClassLoader, Class<?>) - Constructor in ClassPathResource
Create a new ClassPathResource with optional ClassLoader and Class.
ClassPathScanner - Class in grails.boot.config.tools
Used to scan for classes on the classpath in the most efficient manner possible.
ClassRelativeResourcePatternResolver - Class in org.grails.core.support.internal.tools
Attempts to limit classpath searching to only locations relative to the given class
ClassRelativeResourcePatternResolver(Class) - Constructor in ClassRelativeResourcePatternResolver
classSearchDirectories - Field in DefaultResourceLocator
classSearchDirectories - Field in ResourceLocator
classShortName - Field in AbstractConstraint
clean() - Method in MetaClassRegistryCleaner
cleanAndRemove(MetaClassRegistryCleaner) - Method in MetaClassRegistryCleaner
cleanlyExit(int) - Method in GrailsConsole
cleanPath(String) - Method in GrailsResourceUtils
Normalize the path by suppressing sequences like "path/.." and inner simple dots.
cleanup() - Method in GroovyPage
cleanupDatastore() - Method in DomainClassTestPlugin
cleanupIncludeRequestAttributes(HttpServletRequest, Map<String, Object>) - Method in WebUtils
clear() - Method in AbstractTemplateVariableBinding.TemplateVariableBindingMap
clear() - Method in AbstractTypeConvertingMap
clear() - Method in CodeGenConfig
clear() - Method in CompositeConfig
clear() - Method in ConvertersConfigurationHolder
clear() - Method in DefaultGrailsApplication
Clears the application returning it to an empty state.
clear() - Method in DefaultGroovyPagesUriService
clear() - Method in DeferredBindingActions
clear() - Method in EncodingStateRegistryLookupHolder
clear() - Method in FlatConfig
clear() - Method in GPathResultMap
clear() - Method in GrailsFlashScope
clear() - Method in GroovyPagesUriService
clear() - Method in GroovyPagesUriSupport
clear() - Method in Holders
clear() - Method in JSONArray
clear() - Method in JSONObject
clear() - Method in JspWriterDelegate
clear() - Method in LazyBeanMap
clear() - Method in LazyMetaPropertyMap
@throws UnsupportedOperationException
clear() - Method in NavigableMap
clear() - Method in NavigableMap.NullSafeNavigator
clear() - Method in NavigableMapConfig
clear() - Method in NullPersistentContextInterceptor
clear() - Method in PersistenceContextInterceptor
Clear any pending changes.
clear() - Method in PrefixedConfig
clear() - Method in StreamByteBuffer
clear() - Method in StreamCharBuffer
Clears the buffer and notifies the parents of this buffer of the change.
clear() - Method in UrlCreatorCache
clearAllStaticApiInstances() - Method in GrailsDomainClassCleaner
clearAttributes() - Method in GrailsMockHttpServletRequest
clearBuffer() - Method in GrailsPageResponseWrapper
clearBuffer() - Method in JspWriterDelegate
clearCache() - Method in CachingLinkGenerator
clearCache() - Method in GroovyPagesTemplateRenderer
clearCache() - Method in GroovyPageViewResolver
clearCache() - Method in ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource
Clear the resource bundle cache.
clearCachedState() - Method in AbstractGrailsArtefactTransformer
clearCacheIncludingAncestors() - Method in ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource
Clear the resource bundle caches of this MessageSource and all its ancestors.
clearClassLoader(ClassLoader) - Method in CachedIntrospectionResults
Clear the introspection cache for the given ClassLoader, removing the introspection results for all classes underneath that ClassLoader, and removing the ClassLoader (and its children) from the acceptance list.
clearConvertersHolder() - Method in GrailsApplicationTestPlugin
clearDefaultConstraints() - Method in ConstraintEvalUtils
clearError() - Method in DevNullPrintStream
clearErrors() - Method in Validateable
clearEventConsumers(def) - Method in Events
Clears event consumers for the given key
clearGrailsWebRequest(TestRuntime) - Method in ControllerTestPlugin
clearGrailsWebRequest() - Method in WebUtils
Removes any GrailsWebRequest instance from the current request.
clearJdbcDriverRegistrations() - Method in DataSourceUtils
clearPageCache() - Method in GroovyPagesTemplateEngine
Clears the page cache.
clearPageScope(TestRuntime) - Method in GroovyPageTestPlugin
clearSitemeshConfig() - Method in SitemeshLayoutViewResolver
clearStaticApiInstances(Class) - Method in GrailsDomainClassCleaner
clearWebFlowTestState(TestRuntime) - Method in WebFlowTestPlugin
clone() - Method in CodeGenConfig
clone() - Method in GrailsParameterMap
clone() - Method in GrailsPrintWriter
clone() - Method in GroovyPageAttributes
clone() - Method in GroovyPageTemplate
clone() - Method in JSONArray
clone() - Method in NavigableMap
clone() - Method in StreamCharBuffer
clone() - Method in TypeConvertingMap
cloneAnnotation(AnnotationNode) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
close(TestRuntime) - Method in ControllerTestPlugin
close(TestRuntime) - Method in CoreBeansTestPlugin
close() - Method in DevNullPrintStream
close(TestRuntime) - Method in DomainClassTestPlugin
close() - Method in EncodedAppender
close() - Method in EncodedAppenderWriter
close(TestRuntime) - Method in GrailsApplicationTestPlugin
close() - Method in GrailsPrintWriter
close() - Method in GrailsPrintWriterAdapter
close() - Method in GrailsRoutablePrintWriter
close(TestRuntime) - Method in GroovyPageTestPlugin
close() - Method in GSPResponseWriter
Close the stream.
close(TestRuntime) - Method in InterceptorTestPlugin
close() - Method in JspWriterDelegate
close(TestRuntime) - Method in MetaClassCleanerTestPlugin
close() - Method in StreamCharBuffer.StreamCharBufferReader
close() - Method in StreamCharBuffer.StreamCharBufferWriter
close() - Method in StreamingEncoderEncodedAppender
close() - Method in SystemOutErrCapturer
close(TestRuntime) - Method in TestPlugin
this method is called when the state of the given runtime should be cleaned.
close() - Method in TestRuntime
close(TestRuntime) - Method in WebFlowTestPlugin
close() - Method in WriterEncodedAppender
closeQuietly(Closeable) - Method in SpringIOUtils
Closes a closeable gracefully without throwing exceptions etc.
CLOSURE_MARKER - Field in DefaultResourceLocator
CLOSURE_MARKER - Field in ResourceLocator
ClosureClassIgnoringComponentScanBeanDefinitionParser - Class in org.grails.spring.context.annotation
Extends Spring's default <context:component-scan/> element to ignore generated classes.
ClosureCompleter - Class in org.grails.cli.interactive.completers
@author Graeme Rocher
ClosureCompleter(Closure<Collection<String>>) - Constructor in ClosureCompleter
ClosureEventConsumer - Class in org.grails.events
Had to fork this class as Reactor 2.0 M2 Groovy support is compiled with Java 8
ClosureEventConsumer.ReplyDecorator - Class in org.grails.events
ClosureEventConsumer.ReplyDecorator(def, Bus) - Constructor in ClosureEventConsumer.ReplyDecorator
ClosureEventConsumer(Closure) - Constructor in ClosureEventConsumer
ClosureExecutingCommand - Class in org.grails.cli.profile.commands
A command that executes a closure
ClosureExecutingCommand(String, Closure) - Constructor in ClosureExecutingCommand
ClosureObjectMarshaller - Class in org.grails.web.converters.marshaller
ObjectMarshaller that delegates the conversion logic to the supplied closure
ClosureObjectMarshaller(Class<?>, Closure) - Constructor in ClosureObjectMarshaller
ClosureToMapPopulator - Class in grails.util
A simple class that takes method invocations and property setters and populates the arguments of these into the supplied map ignoring null values.
ClosureToMapPopulator() - Constructor in ClosureToMapPopulator
ClosureValueConverter - Class in org.grails.databinding
@author Jeff Brown
CNTRL_ESC - Field in JsonParserConstants
RegularExpression Id.
code - Field in BindingFormat
@default ""
CODEC - Field in DefaultGrailsCodecClass
CODEC_DIRECTIVE_POSTFIX - Field in GroovyPageParser
CODEC_VARNAME - Field in GroovyPage
CodecArtefactHandler - Class in org.grails.commons
@author Marc Palmer ([email protected])
CodecArtefactHandler() - Constructor in CodecArtefactHandler
CodecFactory - Interface in org.grails.encoder
This interface can be used to tell that a Grails Codec class should use these methods for creating the encoder and decoder instances instead of using conventional encode/decode methods.
CodecIdentifier - Interface in org.grails.encoder
Information about the codec that identifies it and tells it's aliases.
codecIdentifier - Field in AbstractCharReplacementEncoder
codecIdentifier - Field in ChainedDecoder
CodecIdentifierProvider - Interface in org.grails.encoder
Marker interface that tells that the instance has information about the Codec Encoder and Decoder interfaces extend this interface.
CodecLookup - Interface in org.grails.encoder
CodecLookupHelper - Class in org.grails.encoder
CodecMetaClassSupport - Class in org.grails.encoder
Helper methods for Codec metaclass operations.
CodecPrintWriter - Class in org.grails.buffer
CodecPrintWriter(Writer, Encoder, EncodingStateRegistry, boolean) - Constructor in CodecPrintWriter
CodecsGrailsPlugin - Class in org.grails.plugins
Configures pluggable codecs.
CodeFilter - Class in grails.doc
CodeFilter() - Constructor in CodeFilter
CodeGenConfig - Class in org.grails.config
A ConfigMap implementation used at codegen time
CodeGenConfig(Map<String, Object>) - Constructor in CodeGenConfig
CodeSnippetPrinter - Interface in org.grails.exceptions.reporting
Interfaces for classes to implement that print code snippets
collectAllAnnotations(Class, Class<T>, boolean) - Method in TestRuntimeUtil
Collects all annotations of given type from given class, it's package, superclasses and their packages Meta-annotations get processed too.
collectControllerMapping(UrlMappingInfo) - Method in AbstractGrailsControllerUrlMappings
collectControllerMappings(UrlMappingInfo) - Method in AbstractGrailsControllerUrlMappings
CollectionDataBindingSource - Interface in grails.databinding
@see DataBindingSource
CollectionMarshaller - Class in org.grails.web.converters.marshaller.xml
@author Siegfried Puchbauer
collectionToObjectArray(Collection) - Method in GrailsClassUtils
Convenience method for converting a collection to an Object[]
CollectionUtils - Class in grails.util
Collection utility methods.
column - Field in SimpleCharStream
combine(String, String) - Method in AntPathMatcher
Combines two patterns into a new pattern that is returned.
CombinedCodecIdentifier - Class in org.grails.encoder
comma - Field in JSONWriter
The comma flag determines if a comma should be output before the next value.
comma() - Method in PathCapturingJSONWriterWrapper
Command - Interface in org.grails.cli.profile
An interface that represents a command to be executed by the Grails command line.
CommandArgument - Class in org.grails.cli.profile
Represents argument to a command
CommandCancellationListener - Interface in org.grails.cli.profile
A listener for listening for cancellation of Command executions
commandCancelled() - Method in CommandCancellationListener
Fired when a Command is cancelled
CommandCompleter - Class in org.grails.cli.profile.commands
A completer for commands
CommandCompleter(Collection<Command>) - Constructor in CommandCompleter
CommandDescription - Class in org.grails.cli.profile
Describes a Command
CommandEvents - Trait in org.grails.cli.profile.commands.events
Allows for listening and reacting to events triggered by other commands
CommandException - Class in org.grails.cli.profile
@author Graeme Rocher
CommandFactory - Interface in org.grails.cli.profile.commands.factory
Factory for the creation of Command instances
CommandLine - Interface in org.grails.build.parsing
Represents the parsed command line options.
CommandLineParser - Class in org.grails.build.parsing
Command line parser that parses arguments to the command line.
CommandLineResourceLoader - Class in org.grails.dev.support
Loads locations starting with /WEB-INF from the Grails web-app directory.
commandObjects - Field in Action
@default {}
CommandRegistry - Class in org.grails.cli.profile.commands
Registry of available commands
CommandResourceResolver - Interface in org.grails.cli.profile.commands.factory
@since 3.0
commandsByName - Field in AbstractProfile
commit(TransactionStatus) - Method in ChainedTransactionManager
COMMON_CLASSES - Field in DefaultGrailsPluginManager
compare(Object, Object) - Method in DomainClassPropertyComparator
compare(MimeType, MimeType) - Method in QualityComparator
compare(String, String) - Method in VersionComparator
compareTo(Object) - Method in AbstractGrailsArtefactTransformer
Used for ordering not equality.
compareTo(Object) - Method in AbstractGrailsPlugin
compareTo(Entry) - Method in DefaultConverterConfiguration.Entry
compareTo(Object) - Method in RegexUrlMapping
Compares this UrlMapping instance with the specified UrlMapping instance and deals with URL mapping precedence rules.
compareTo(Object) - Method in ResponseCodeUrlMapping
compilationUnit - Field in ArtefactTypeAstTransformation
compilationUnit - Field in EntityASTTransformation
compile() - Method in GroovyPageCompiler
Compiles the given GSP pages and returns a Map of URI to classname mappings
compile() - Method in GroovyPageCompileTask
compile() - Method in ProfileCompilerTask
compile() - Method in PublishGuideTask
COMPILE_SCOPE - Field in BuildSettings
COMPILE_SCOPE_DESC - Field in BuildSettings
COMPILE_STATIC_TYPE - Field in TransactionalTransform
compileGroovyFile(CompilerConfiguration, File) - Method in GrailsApp
compileGSP(File, File, String, String) - Method in GroovyPageCompiler
Compiles an individual GSP file
COMPILER_ROOT_PATTERNS - Field in GrailsResourceUtils
COMPILER_SOURCE_LEVEL - Field in BuildSettings
The compiler source level to use
COMPILER_TARGET_LEVEL - Field in BuildSettings
The compiler source level to use
complete(CommandLine, CommandDescription, List<CharSequence>, int) - Method in ArgumentCompletingCommand
complete(ConsoleReader, List<CharSequence>, int) - Method in CandidateListCompletionHandler
complete(String, int, List<CharSequence>) - Method in ClosureCompleter
complete(String, int, List<CharSequence>) - Method in CommandCompleter
complete(CommandLine, CommandDescription, List<CharSequence>, int) - Method in CreateAppCommand
complete(String, int, List) - Method in EscapingFileNameCompletor
complete(String, int, List<CharSequence>) - Method in GradleCommand
complete() - Method in GrailsAsyncContext
complete(String, int, List<CharSequence>) - Method in HelpCommand
complete() - Method in MockAsyncContext
complete(String, int, List<CharSequence>) - Method in OpenCommand
complete(String, int, List) - Method in RegexCompletor
complete(String, int, List) - Method in SimpleOrFileNameCompletor
complete() - Method in StopWatch
complete(String, int, List<CharSequence>) - Method in StringsCompleter
completer(Completer) - Method in CommandDescription
Sets the completer
ComponentCapableDomainClass - Interface in grails.core
Interface for domains capable of supporting components.
CompositeConfig - Class in org.grails.config
A Config composed of other Configs
CompositeEditor - Class in org.grails.web.binding
@author Graeme Rocher
CompositeEditor(PropertyEditor) - Constructor in CompositeEditor
CompositeViewResolver - Class in org.grails.web.servlet.view
Performs the job of iterating across registered view resolvers and returning the first matching view similar to the hard coded behavior in DispatcherServlet
computeChecksum(File, String) - Method in SpringIOUtils
CONF_DIR - Field in LoggingTransformer
Config - Interface in grails.config
Interface to application configuration
config - Field in AbstractGrailsApplication
config - Field in AbstractGrailsPlugin
CONFIG_CLASS - Field in GrailsApplication
The name of the class that provides configuration
CONFIG_FILE - Field in AbstractGrailsPluginManager
config - Field in JSON
CONFIG_PROPERTY_CODEC_FOR_CONTENT_TYPE - Field in FilteringCodecsByContentTypeSettings
CONFIG_PROPERTY_DEFAULT_CODEC - Field in OutputEncodingSettings
CONFIG_PROPERTY_GSP_CODECS - Field in GroovyPageParser
CONFIG_PROPERTY_GSP_CODECS - Field in OutputEncodingSettings
CONFIG_PROPERTY_GSP_ENABLE_RELOAD - Field in GroovyPagesTemplateEngine
configChanged() - Method in AbstractGrailsApplication
configChanged() - Method in GrailsApplication
Fired to inform the application when the Config.groovy file changes.
configChanged() - Method in LegacyGrailsApplication
configCheckMillis - Field in Grails5535Factory
ConfigMap - Interface in grails.config
API onto application configuration
configMap - Field in NavigableMapConfig
ConfigProperties - Class in grails.config
Cached access to Config.toProperties to avoid repeated calls
ConfigProperties(Config) - Constructor in ConfigProperties
configs - Field in CompositeConfig
ConfigurableConverter - Interface in org.grails.web.converters
Interface for converters that can be configured at runtime
configure(GrailsWebRequest) - Method in AbstractUrlMappingInfo
configure(TestRuntime) - Method in DefaultSharedRuntimeConfigurer
configure(ServletContext, boolean) - Method in GrailsRuntimeConfigurator
configure(ConfigMap) - Method in GroovyPageParser
Configures the parser for the given Config map
configure(TestRuntime) - Method in SharedRuntimeConfigurer
This method will be called after a new runtime has been instantiated
configure(GrailsWebRequest) - Method in UrlMappingInfo
Configure this UrlMappingInfo the for the given GrailsWebRequest
configureApplicationCommands(Project) - Method in GrailsGradlePlugin
configureApplicationContextClass() - Method in DevelopmentGrailsApplication
configureApplicationContextClass() - Method in GrailsShell
configureApplicationContextClass() - Method in GrailsSwingConsole
configureAssetCompilation(Project) - Method in GrailsGradlePlugin
configureAstSources(Project) - Method in GrailsPluginGradlePlugin
configureCodecMethods(CodecFactory, boolean, List<ExpandoMetaClass>) - Method in CodecMetaClassSupport
Adds "encodeAs*" and "decode*" metamethods for given codecClass
configureCodecMethods() - Method in DefaultGrailsCodecClass
configureCodecMethods() - Method in GrailsCodecClass
configureConsoleTask(Project) - Method in GrailsGradlePlugin
configureDirectoryWatcher(DirectoryWatcher, String) - Method in GrailsApp
configureDomainClassRelationships(GrailsClass, Map<?, ?>) - Method in GrailsDomainConfigurationUtil
Configures the relationships between domain classes after they have been all loaded.
configureDomainOnly() - Method in GrailsRuntimeConfigurator
configureEnvironment(ConfigurableEnvironment, String) - Method in GrailsApp
configureExplodedDirConfiguration(Project) - Method in GrailsPluginGradlePlugin
Configures an exploded configuration that can be used to build the classpath of the application from subprojects that are plugins without contructing a JAR file
configureFileWatch(Project) - Method in GrailsGradlePlugin
configureForkSettings(def, def) - Method in GrailsGradlePlugin
configureGrailsBuildSettings(Project) - Method in GrailsGradlePlugin
configureGrailsSourceDirs(Project) - Method in GrailsGradlePlugin
configureLoadedClasses(Class<?>) - Method in DefaultGrailsApplication
Configures the loaded classes within the GrailsApplication instance using the registered ArtefactHandler instances.
configurePathingJar(Project) - Method in GrailsGradlePlugin
configurePluginJarTask(Project) - Method in GrailsPluginGradlePlugin
configurePluginResources(Project) - Method in GrailsPluginGradlePlugin
configureProfile(Project) - Method in GrailsGradlePlugin
configureProjectNameAndVersionASTMetadata(Project) - Method in GrailsPluginGradlePlugin
configureScanner(ParserContext, Element) - Method in ClosureClassIgnoringComponentScanBeanDefinitionParser
configureServletContextAttributes(ServletContext, GrailsApplication, GrailsPluginManager, WebApplicationContext) - Method in GrailsConfigUtils
configureServletEnvironment(def, GrailsApplication, ConfigurableApplicationContext) - Method in GrailsApplicationTestPlugin
configureSourcesJarTask(Project) - Method in GrailsPluginGradlePlugin
configureSpringBootExtension(Project) - Method in GrailsGradlePlugin
connectDatastore(TestRuntime, GrailsApplication) - Method in DomainClassTestPlugin
CONNECTION - Field in HttpHeaders
connectTo(StreamCharBuffer.LazyInitializingWriter, boolean) - Method in StreamCharBuffer
ConsoleLogger - Interface in grails.build.logging
Interface containing methods for logging to the Grails console
CONSTANT_NAME_CONTENT_TYPE - Field in GroovyPageParser
CONSTANT_NAME_JSP_TAGS - Field in GroovyPageParser
CONSTANT_NAME_OUT_CODEC - Field in GroovyPageParser
CONSTANT_NAME_STATIC_CODEC - Field in GroovyPageParser
CONSTANT_NAME_TAGLIB_CODEC - Field in GroovyPageParser
CONSTANT_STATUS - Field in ResourceTransform
Constrained - Interface in grails.validation
A interface for something that is constrained by various criteria
ConstrainedProperty - Class in grails.validation
Provides the ability to set contraints against a properties of a class.
ConstrainedProperty(Class<?>, String, Class<?>) - Constructor in ConstrainedProperty
Constructs a new ConstrainedProperty for the given arguments.
ConstrainedPropertyBuilder - Class in org.grails.validation
Builder used as a delegate within the "constraints" closure of GrailsDomainClass instances .
ConstrainedPropertyBuilder(Class<?>) - Constructor in ConstrainedPropertyBuilder
Constraint - Interface in grails.validation
Defines a validatable constraint.
ConstraintEvalUtils - Class in org.grails.validation
Utility methods for configuring constraints
ConstraintException - Class in grails.validation.exceptions
Thrown when an error occurs applying a constraint to a property.
ConstraintException(Throwable) - Constructor in ConstraintException
ConstraintFactory - Interface in org.codehaus.groovy.grails.validation
A factory for creating constraint instances.
constraintOwningClass - Field in AbstractConstraint
constraintParameter - Field in AbstractConstraint
constraintPropertyName - Field in AbstractConstraint
constraints - Field in AbstractUrlMapping
constraints - Field in ConstrainedProperty
CONSTRAINTS_FIELD_NAME - Field in DefaultASTDatabindingHelper
CONSTRAINTS - Field in GrailsDomainClassProperty
CONSTRAINTS_GROOVY_SCRIPT - Field in ConstraintsEvaluator
ConstraintsEvaluator - Interface in org.codehaus.groovy.grails.validation
Evaluates and returns constraints.
ConstraintsEvaluatorFactoryBean - Class in org.grails.validation
Constructs the default constraints evaluator instance.
CONSTRUCTOR_METHOD - Field in BaseApiProvider
constructors - Field in BaseApiProvider
ContainerRenderer - Interface in grails.rest.render
A container a renderer is a render that renders a container of objects (Example: List of Book instances)
contains(Object, Object) - Method in GrailsArrayUtils
contains(Object) - Method in JSONArray
containsAll(Collection) - Method in JSONArray
containsBean(String) - Method in DefaultRuntimeSpringConfiguration
containsBean(String) - Method in MockApplicationContext
containsBean(String) - Method in RuntimeSpringConfiguration
Returns whether the runtime spring config contains the specified bean.
containsBeanDefinition(String) - Method in GrailsApplicationContext
containsBeanDefinition(String) - Method in MockApplicationContext
containsKey(Object) - Method in AbstractTemplateVariableBinding.TemplateVariableBindingMap
containsKey(Object) - Method in AbstractTypeConvertingMap
containsKey(Object) - Method in CodeGenConfig
containsKey(Object) - Method in CompositeConfig
containsKey(Object) - Method in FlatConfig
containsKey(def) - Method in GPathResultMap
containsKey(Object) - Method in GrailsFlashScope
containsKey(Object) - Method in JSONObject
containsKey(Object) - Method in LazyBeanMap
containsKey(Object) - Method in LazyMetaPropertyMap
containsKey(Object) - Method in NavigableMap
containsKey(Object) - Method in NavigableMap.NullSafeNavigator
containsKey(Object) - Method in NavigableMapConfig
containsKey(Object) - Method in PrefixedConfig
containsKey(K) - Method in PromiseMap
@param o The key
containsLocalBean(String) - Method in MockApplicationContext
containsProperty(String) - Method in CompositeConfig
containsProperty(String) - Method in DataBindingSource
@param propertyName the name of a property
containsProperty(String) - Method in NavigableMapConfig
containsProperty(String) - Method in PrefixedConfig
containsProperty(String) - Method in SimpleMapDataBindingSource
containsValue(Object) - Method in AbstractTemplateVariableBinding.TemplateVariableBindingMap
containsValue(Object) - Method in AbstractTypeConvertingMap
containsValue(Object) - Method in CodeGenConfig
containsValue(Object) - Method in CompositeConfig
containsValue(Object) - Method in FlatConfig
containsValue(def) - Method in GPathResultMap
containsValue(Object) - Method in GrailsFlashScope
containsValue(Object) - Method in JSONObject
containsValue(Object) - Method in LazyBeanMap
containsValue(Object) - Method in LazyMetaPropertyMap
Checks whether the specified value is contained within the Map.
containsValue(Object) - Method in NavigableMap
containsValue(Object) - Method in NavigableMap.NullSafeNavigator
containsValue(Object) - Method in NavigableMapConfig
containsValue(Object) - Method in PrefixedConfig
containsValueFor(String) - Method in TestRuntime
content2htmlPage(Content) - Method in GSPSitemeshPage
CONTENT_DISPOSITION - Field in HttpHeaders
CONTENT_ENCODING - Field in HttpHeaders
CONTENT_FORMAT - Field in GrailsApplicationAttributes
CONTENT_LANGUAGE - Field in HttpHeaders
CONTENT_LENGTH - Field in HttpHeaders
CONTENT_LOCATION - Field in HttpHeaders
CONTENT_MD5 - Field in HttpHeaders
CONTENT_RANGE - Field in HttpHeaders
CONTENT_TYPE - Field in HttpHeaders
contentLength() - Method in AbstractFileResolvingResource
contentLength() - Method in ByteArrayResource
contentLength() - Method in FileSystemResource
This implementation returns the underlying File's length.
contentLength() - Method in GrailsResource
contentLength() - Method in Resource
Determine the content length for this resource.
contentLength() - Method in SpringResource
ContentLengthAwareCommonsMultipartResolver - Class in org.grails.web.multipart
Safari includes the multipart packet inside an HTTP redirect without the Content-Length header.
contentType - Field in AbstractConverter
CONTEXT_CONFIG_ANNOTATION - Field in IntegrationTestMixinTransformation
context - Field in DefaultRuntimeSpringConfiguration
contextInitialized - Field in AbstractGrailsApplication
Controller - Annotation Type in grails.web
Created by graemerocher on 28/05/14.
CONTROLLER - Field in GrailsApplicationAttributes
CONTROLLER - Field in GrailsControllerClass
The general name to use when referring to controller artefacts.
CONTROLLER_NAME_ATTRIBUTE - Field in GrailsApplicationAttributes
CONTROLLER_NAME_PROPERTY - Field in ControllerDynamicMethods
CONTROLLER_NAMESPACE_ATTRIBUTE - Field in GrailsApplicationAttributes
CONTROLLER_PATTERN - Field in ControllerActionTransformer
CONTROLLER_URI_PROPERTY - Field in ControllerDynamicMethods
controller - Field in UrlCreatorCache.ReverseMappingKey
CONTROLLER - Field in UrlMapping
The controller this mapping matches
ControllerActionConventions - Class in org.grails.web.mapping
Includes constants for common conventions for controller actions
ControllerActionTransformer - Class in org.grails.compiler.web
Enhances controller classes by converting closures actions to method actions and binding request parameters to action arguments.
ControllerActionTransformer() - Constructor in ControllerActionTransformer
ControllerArtefactHandler - Class in org.grails.core.artefact
Lookup controllers for uris.
ControllerArtefactHandler() - Constructor in ControllerArtefactHandler
ControllerArtefactTypeTransformation - Class in org.grails.compiler.web
A transformation that makes an Artefact a controller
controllerCache - Field in UrlMappingsInfoHandlerAdapter
ControllerDomainTransformer - Class in org.grails.compiler.web
Adds binding methods to domain classes.
ControllerDynamicMethods - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.grails.web.metaclass
Holds constants that refer to the names of dynamic methods and properties within controllers
ControllerExceptionHandlerMetaData - Interface in org.grails.plugins.web.controllers
Represents meta data which describes an exception handling method in a controller
ControllerExecutionException - Class in org.grails.web.servlet.mvc.exceptions
Throw when an exception occurs during controller execution
ControllerExecutionException(Throwable) - Constructor in ControllerExecutionException
ControllerMethod - Annotation Type in grails.web.controllers
A marker annotation for methods added to a class that are for persistence purposes
controllerName - Field in AbstractUrlMapping
ControllerNameExtractor - Class in org.grails.test.support
controllerRegex - Field in UrlMappingMatcher
ControllersAsyncGrailsPlugin - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.async
Async support for the Grails 2.0.
ControllersDomainBindingApi - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.controllers.api
Enhancements made to domain classes for data binding.
ControllersGrailsPlugin - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.controllers
Handles the configuration of controllers for Grails.
ControllersGrailsPlugin.GrailsWebMvcConfigurer - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.controllers
ControllersGrailsPlugin.GrailsWebMvcConfigurer(Integer, boolean, String) - Constructor in ControllersGrailsPlugin.GrailsWebMvcConfigurer
ControllerTestPlugin - Class in grails.test.runtime
Controller TestPlugin for TestRuntime - adds beans and state management for supporting controller related unit tests
ControllerTraitInjector - Class in grails.compiler.traits
A TraitInjector that injects controllers with the Controller trait
ControllerUnitTestMixin - Class in grails.test.mixin.web
Applied to a unit test to test controllers.
ControllerUnitTestMixin() - Constructor in ControllerUnitTestMixin
convention(String) - Method in Model
Returns the convention of this model for the given name.
conversionHelpers - Field in SimpleDataBinder
ConversionService - Interface in org.grails.databinding.converters
@author Jeff Brown
conversionService - Field in NavigableMapConfig
convert(Object) - Method in ByteArrayMultipartFileValueConverter
CONVERT_CLOSURES_KEY - Field in BuildSettings
A property name to enable/disable AST conversion of closures actions&tags to methods
CONVERT_CLOSURES_KEY - Field in ControllerActionTransformer
convert(def) - Method in ClosureValueConverter
convert(Object, Class<?>) - Method in ConversionService
convert(Object) - Method in CurrencyValueConverter
convert(def) - Method in DateConversionHelper
CONVERT_EMPTY_STRINGS_TO_NULL - Field in DataBindingGrailsPlugin
convert(def, String) - Method in FormattedDateValueConverter
convert(Object, String) - Method in FormattedValueConverter
Return a formatted value
convert(Class, def) - Method in GrailsWebDataBinder
convert(Object) - Method in LocaleAwareNumberConverter
convert(Class, def) - Method in SimpleDataBinder
convert(Object, Class<?>) - Method in SpringConversionServiceAdapter
convert(def) - Method in TimeZoneConverter
convert(Object) - Method in ValueConverter
convertAnother(Object) - Method in Converter
convertAnother(Object) - Method in JSON
convertAnother(Object) - Method in XML
convertClassLoaderURL(URL) - Method in PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver
Convert the given URL as returned from the ClassLoader into a Resource object.
Converter - Interface in org.grails.web.converters
Defines an Object that can convert an instance and render it to the response or a supplied writer.
Converter.CircularReferenceBehaviour - Enum in org.grails.web.converters
ConverterConfiguration - Interface in org.grails.web.converters.configuration
@author Siegfried Puchbauer
ConverterException - Class in org.grails.web.converters.exceptions
Thrown when an error occurs originating from a Converter instance.
ConverterException() - Constructor in ConverterException
CONVERTERS_DEFAULT_ENCODING - Field in ConvertersConfigurationHolder
ConvertersApi - Class in org.grails.plugins.converters.api
The API for converting objects to target types such as XML.
ConvertersConfigurationHolder - Class in org.grails.web.converters.configuration
Singleton which holds all default and named configurations for the Converter classes.
ConvertersConfigurationInitializer - Class in org.grails.web.converters.configuration
@author Siegfried Puchbauer
ConvertersDomainTransformer - Class in org.grails.compiler.web.converters
Adds the asType method to domain classes.
ConvertersExtension - Class in org.grails.web.converters
@author Jeff Brown
ConvertersGrailsPlugin - Class in org.grails.plugins.converters
Allows the "obj as XML" and "obj as JSON" syntax.
ConverterUtil - Class in org.grails.web.converters
A utility class for creating and dealing with Converter objects.
convertPotentialGStrings(Map<Object, Object>) - Method in DataBindingUtils
convertStringToEnum(Class<? extends Enum>, String) - Method in SimpleDataBinder
convertToOtherTypes(Object, Class<T>) - Method in CodeGenConfig
convertToRegex(String) - Method in RegexUrlMapping
Converts a Grails URL provides via the UrlMappingData interface to a regular expression.
convertToString(Object) - Method in AbstractCharReplacementEncoder
convertToType(Object, Class<T>) - Method in CodeGenConfig
COOKIE - Field in HttpHeaders
copy(Resource, File) - Method in FileSystemInteraction
Copy a Resource from the given location to the given directory or location
copy(Resource, File) - Method in FileSystemInteractionImpl
Copy a Resource from the given location to the given directory or location
copy(InputStream, Writer, String) - Method in IOUtils
Copy an InputStream to the given writer with the given encoding
copy(String, Writer) - Method in SpringIOUtils
Copy the contents of the given String to the given output Writer.
copyAll(Iterable, def) - Method in FileSystemInteraction
Copies resources to the target destination
copyAll(Iterable, def) - Method in FileSystemInteractionImpl
Copies resources to the target destination
copyAll(Resource, Resource, File) - Method in SpringIOUtils
Copies all the resources for the given target directory.
copyAnnotations(AnnotatedNode, AnnotatedNode, Set<String>, Set<String>) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
copyExpandoMetaClass(Class<?>, Class<?>, boolean) - Method in GrailsMetaClassUtils
Copies the ExpandoMetaClass dynamic methods and properties from one Class to another.
copyParameters(Parameter, Map<String, ClassNode>) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
copySrcToTarget(GrailsConsoleAntBuilder, File, List) - Method in CreateAppCommand
copyToByteArray(InputStream) - Method in SpringIOUtils
Copy the contents of the given InputStream into a new byte array.
copyToString(Reader) - Method in SpringIOUtils
Copy the contents of the given Reader into a String.
CORE_WORKING_DIR_NAME - Field in BuildSettings
The name of the working directory for commands that don't belong to a project (like create-app)
CoreBeansTestPlugin - Class in grails.test.runtime
a TestPlugin for TestRuntime that adds some generic beans that are required in Grails applications
CoreGrailsPlugin - Class in org.grails.plugins
Configures the core shared beans within the Grails application context.
CoreGrailsPlugin.YmlConfigModifier - Class in org.grails.plugins
CoreGrailsPlugin.YmlConfigModifier(Config) - Constructor in CoreGrailsPlugin.YmlConfigModifier
CosineSimilarity - Class in grails.util
Uses cosine similarity to find matches from a candidate set for a specified input.
countChainableTransactionManagerBeans(BeanDefinitionRegistry) - Method in ChainedTransactionManagerPostProcessor
countOccurrencesOf(String, String) - Method in AntPathMatcher
Count the occurrences of the substring in string s.
countResources() - Method in RestfulController
Counts all of resources
CountryTagLib - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.taglib
Tags for rendering country selection / display of country names.
countToken(String, String) - Method in UrlValidator
Returns the number of times the token appears in the target.
create(UrlMappings) - Method in LinkGeneratorFactory
create(ProfileRepository, String, Resource) - Method in ResourceProfile
create() - Method in RestfulController
Displays a form to create a new resource
create(InputStream, PrintStream, PrintStream) - Method in SystemStreamsRedirector
create(Class) - Method in UrlMappingsFactory
createAndEnhance(Class) - Method in ControllerUnitTestMixin
createAndRegister() - Method in MetaClassRegistryCleaner
createAndRegisterRootBinding() - Method in DefaultOutputContextLookup.DefaultOutputContext
createAndRegisterRootBinding() - Method in OutputContext
createAntProject() - Method in GrailsConsoleAntBuilder
@return Factory method to create new Project instances
CreateAppCommand - Class in org.grails.cli.profile.commands
Command for creating Grails applications
CreateAppCommand.CreateAppCommandObject - Class in org.grails.cli.profile.commands
CreateAppCommand() - Constructor in CreateAppCommand
createApplicationContext() - Method in BeanBuilder
Creates an ApplicationContext from the current state of the BeanBuilder
createApplicationContext(ApplicationContext) - Method in DefaultRuntimeSpringConfiguration
Creates the ApplicationContext instance.
createApplicationContext() - Method in GrailsApp
createApplicationContext(ApplicationContext) - Method in WebRuntimeSpringConfiguration
createArgumentListFromParameters(Parameter, boolean, Map<String, ClassNode>) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
Creates an argument list from the given parameter types.
createAutowirer() - Method in GrailsTestInterceptor
createBeanDefinition() - Method in DefaultBeanConfiguration
createBeanDefinition(String) - Method in DefaultRuntimeSpringConfiguration
createBeanDefinition(String) - Method in RuntimeSpringConfiguration
Creates and returns the BeanDefinition that is regsitered within the given name or returns null.
createBeanWrapper(Object) - Method in AbstractConverter
createBeanWrapper(Object) - Method in ConverterUtil
createBindingSource(Reader) - Method in AbstractRequestBodyDataBindingSourceCreator
createBindingSource(Reader) - Method in HalXmlDataBindingSourceCreator
createBindingSource(Reader) - Method in JsonDataBindingSourceCreator
createBindingSource(Reader) - Method in XmlDataBindingSourceCreator
createBindingSourceCreationException(Exception) - Method in AbstractRequestBodyDataBindingSourceCreator
createBindingSourceCreationException(Exception) - Method in JsonDataBindingSourceCreator
createBindingSourceCreationException(Exception) - Method in XmlDataBindingSourceCreator
createBoundPromise(T) - Method in AbstractPromiseFactory
createBoundPromise(T) - Method in GparsPromiseFactory
createBoundPromise(T) - Method in PromiseFactory
Creates a promise with a value pre-bound to it
createBoundPromise(T) - Method in Promises
@see PromiseFactory#createBoundPromise(java.lang.Object)
createBoundPromise(T) - Method in ReactorPromiseFactory
createBuildPropertiesTask(Project) - Method in GrailsGradlePlugin
createBuildPropertiesTask(Project) - Method in GrailsPluginGradlePlugin
createCacheKey(Class, MimeType) - Method in ClassAndMimeTypeRegistry
createCacheKey(Class, MimeType) - Method in DefaultDataBindingSourceRegistry
createCacheKey(Class, MimeType) - Method in DefaultRendererRegistry
createChainedCodecInstance(String, ConcurrentMap<String, T>, Class<T>) - Method in BasicCodecLookup
createChainingEncodesToWriter(List<StreamingEncoder>, boolean) - Method in AbstractCharReplacementEncoder
createChainingEncodesToWriter(List<StreamingEncoder>, boolean) - Method in EncodesToWriter
createChainingEncodesToWriter(StreamingEncoder, List<StreamingEncoder>, boolean) - Method in EncodesToWriterAdapter
createCharSequence(CharSequence, int, int) - Method in CharSequences
createClasspath() - Method in GroovyPageCompilerTask
Adds a path to the classpath.
createClosureForHtmlPart(int, int) - Method in GroovyPage
createCodec(String, ConcurrentMap<String, T>, Class<T>) - Method in BasicCodecLookup
createCodecIdentifier(Decoder) - Method in ChainedDecoder
createCodecIdentifier(StreamingEncoder) - Method in ChainedEncoder
createCodecSettings(String, String, Map, Map<String, Object>) - Method in TagOutput
createCollectionBindingSource(Reader) - Method in AbstractRequestBodyDataBindingSourceCreator
createCollectionBindingSource(Reader) - Method in JsonDataBindingSourceCreator
createCollectionBindingSource(Reader) - Method in XmlDataBindingSourceCreator
createCollectionDataBindingSource(MimeType, Class, Object) - Method in AbstractRequestBodyDataBindingSourceCreator
createCollectionDataBindingSource(MimeType, Class, Object) - Method in DataBindingSourceCreator
Creates a CollectionDataBindingSource suitable for binding bindingSource to bindingTarget
createCollectionDataBindingSource(MimeType, Class, Object) - Method in DataBindingSourceRegistry
Locates a CollectionDataBindingSource for the given MimeType and binding target
createCollectionDataBindingSource(GrailsApplication, Class, Object) - Method in DataBindingUtils
createCollectionDataBindingSource(MimeType, Class, Object) - Method in DefaultDataBindingSourceCreator
createCollectionDataBindingSource(MimeType, Class, def) - Method in DefaultDataBindingSourceRegistry
createCollectionDataBindingSource(MimeType, Class, Object) - Method in XmlDataBindingSourceCreator
createCommand(Profile, String, Resource, GroovyScriptCommand) - Method in GroovyScriptCommandFactory
createCommand(Profile, String, Resource, T) - Method in ResourceResolvingCommandFactory
createCommand(Profile, String, Resource, Map) - Method in YamlCommandFactory
createCommandLine() - Method in CommandLineParser
createCompilationUnit(CompilerConfiguration, CodeSource) - Method in GrailsAwareClassLoader
@see groovy.lang.GroovyClassLoader#createCompilationUnit(org.codehaus.groovy.control.CompilerConfiguration, java.security.CodeSource)
createCompilationUnit(CompilerConfiguration, CodeSource) - Method in GroovyPageClassLoader
@see groovy.lang.GroovyClassLoader#createCompilationUnit(org.codehaus.groovy.control.CompilerConfiguration, java.security.CodeSource)
createConcreteCollection(Class) - Method in GrailsClassUtils
Creates a concrete collection for the suppied interface
createConfigs() - Method in GroovyPageCompilerTask
Adds a path to the classpath.
createConsoleReader(InputStream) - Method in GrailsConsole
createConsoleTask(Project, TaskContainer, Configuration) - Method in GrailsGradlePlugin
createContentBufferingResponse(Map<String, Object>, GrailsWebRequest, HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) - Method in GrailsLayoutView
createContentBufferingResponse(Map<String, Object>, GrailsWebRequest, HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) - Method in SitemeshLayoutView
createConverter(Class<T>, Object, ApplicationContext) - Method in ConverterUtil
createDataBindingSource(MimeType, Class, Object) - Method in AbstractRequestBodyDataBindingSourceCreator
createDataBindingSource(MimeType, Class, Object) - Method in DataBindingSourceCreator
Creates a DataBindingSource suitable for binding bindingSource to bindingTarget
createDataBindingSource(MimeType, Class, Object) - Method in DataBindingSourceRegistry
Locates a DataBindingSource for the given MimeType and binding target
createDataBindingSource(GrailsApplication, Class, Object) - Method in DataBindingUtils
createDataBindingSource(Object, HttpServletRequest) - Method in DefaultDataBindingSourceCreator
createDataBindingSource(MimeType, Class, def) - Method in DefaultDataBindingSourceRegistry
createDataBindingSource(MimeType, Class, Object) - Method in JsonDataBindingSourceCreator
createDataBindingSource(MimeType, Class, Object) - Method in XmlDataBindingSourceCreator
createDatasource(def, String, Map) - Method in DataSourceGrailsPlugin
createDefaults() - Method in MimeType
Creates the default MimeType configuration if none exists in Config.groovy
createDynamicElementReader(String, boolean) - Method in BeanBuilder
createEncodingInitializer(EncoderAware, EncodingStateRegistryLookup, StreamCharBuffer.LazyInitializingWriter) - Method in StreamCharBuffer
createEnvironment() - Method in GrailsWebApplicationContext
createEvent(Map) - Method in TestRuntime
createExecutionContext(CommandLine) - Method in GrailsCli
createFallbackView(String) - Method in GroovyPageViewResolver
createFlattenedKeys(Map, Map, Map, def, Map) - Method in AbstractParsingParameterCreationListener
Populates the target map with current map using the root map to form a nested prefix so that a hierarchy of maps is flattened.
createFor(List<StreamingEncoder>, Boolean) - Method in ChainedEncoder
createForActivating(Collection<Class<? extends TestPlugin>>) - Method in TestPluginUsage
createFromBuildBinding(Binding) - Method in JUnitReportsFactory
createGrabAnnotation(String, String, String, String, String, boolean) - Method in GrailsApplicationCompilerAutoConfiguration
createGrailsApplication() - Method in AbstractGrailsControllerTests
createGrailsPlugin(Class<?>, Resource) - Method in DefaultGrailsPluginManager
createGrailsView(String) - Method in GroovyPageViewResolver
createGrailsWebRequest(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse, ServletContext) - Method in AbstractGrailsView
createGroovyPageCompiledScriptSource(String, String, Class<?>) - Method in DefaultGroovyPageLocator
createGroovyPageException(Exception, GroovyPagesTemplateEngine, String) - Method in GroovyPageView
createGroovyScriptCommandClassLoader() - Method in GroovyScriptCommandFactory
createInstance() - Method in GrailsConsole
createInstance(String, Locale) - Method in PageRenderer.PageRenderRequestCreator
createInstance(PrintWriter, Locale) - Method in PageRenderer.PageRenderResponseCreator
createInstance() - Method in UrlMappingFactoryBean
createInterceptor(Object, ApplicationContext, String) - Method in GrailsTestMode
createJmxObjectName(String, DataSource) - Method in TomcatJDBCPoolMBeanExporter
createJsonMap(Object) - Method in HalJsonDataBindingSourceCreator
createJsonMap(Object) - Method in JsonDataBindingSourceCreator
createJstlView(String) - Method in GroovyPageViewResolver
createKey(String, String, String, String, String, Map) - Method in UrlCreatorCache
createLayoutView(View) - Method in GrailsLayoutViewResolver
createLayoutView(View) - Method in SitemeshLayoutViewResolver
createLink(Map<String, Object>) - Method in Link
Creates a link for the given arguments
createListener(Class<T>) - Method in GrailsAsyncContext
createListener(Class<T>) - Method in MockAsyncContext
createListEntry(String) - Method in ListReadingCachedGradleOperation
createListEntry(String) - Method in ReadGradleTasks
createMainClassFinder() - Method in FindMainClassTask
createMainContext(TestRuntime, Map, def) - Method in GrailsApplicationTestPlugin
createMapValue(Object) - Method in MapReadingCachedGradleOperation
createMavenProfileRepository() - Method in GrailsCli
createMessageSource() - Method in AbstractGrailsMockTests
createMimeTypeAndAddToList(String, MimeType, List<MimeType>, Map<String, String>) - Method in DefaultAcceptHeaderParser
createMockApplicationContext() - Method in AbstractGrailsControllerTests
createMockApplicationContext() - Method in AbstractGrailsMockTests
createMockApplicationContext() - Method in AbstractGrailsTagTests
createMockServletContext() - Method in AbstractGrailsControllerTests
createMockServletContext() - Method in AbstractGrailsMockTests
createMockServletContext() - Method in AbstractGrailsTagTests
createNamedConfig(String, Closure<?>) - Method in JSON
createNamedConfig(String, Closure<?>) - Method in XML
createNameVariations(String, CodecIdentifierProvider) - Method in BasicCodecLookup
createNative2AsciiTask(TaskContainer, def, def) - Method in GrailsGradlePlugin
createNewEncodingState(Encoder, EncodingState) - Method in AbstractEncodedAppender
createNewEncodingState(Encoder, EncodingState) - Method in EncodesToWriterAdapter
createNewEncodingState(Encoder, EncodingState) - Method in WriterEncodedAppender
createNode(Object, Object) - Method in ConstrainedPropertyBuilder
createNode(Object, Object) - Method in JSON.Builder
createNode(Object, Map, Object) - Method in XML.Builder
createOrUpdateRepository() - Method in GitProfileRepository
createOutputCapturingClosure(Object, Object, OutputContext) - Method in TagOutput
createOutputStackAttributesBuilder(Object, GrailsApplication) - Method in WithCodecHelper
Creates a builder for building a new OutputEncodingStackAttributes instance
createPageParser(String) - Method in RenderTagLib
createPathingJarTask(Project, String, Configuration) - Method in GrailsGradlePlugin
createPdf(String, File, File) - Method in PdfBuilder
CreatePluginCommand - Class in org.grails.cli.profile.commands
A command for creating a plugin
CreatePluginCommand() - Constructor in CreatePluginCommand
createPluginManagerListener(ConfigurableApplicationContext) - Method in GrailsApp
Creates and returns a file change listener for notifying the plugin manager of changes.
createPool(boolean, int) - Method in LoggingPoolFactory
createPrintlnStatement(String, String) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
CreateProfileCommand - Class in org.grails.cli.profile.commands
Creates a profile
CreateProfileCommand() - Constructor in CreateProfileCommand
createPromise(Map<K, V>) - Method in AbstractPromiseFactory
@see PromiseFactory#createPromise(java.util.Map)
createPromise(Closure<T>) - Method in GparsPromiseFactory
createPromise(List<Closure<T>>) - Method in PromiseFactory
Creates a promise from one or many closures
createPromise(Promise<T>) - Method in Promises
@see PromiseFactory#createPromise(grails.async.Promise[])
createPromise() - Method in ReactorPromiseFactory
createPromise(Closure<T>) - Method in SynchronousPromiseFactory
createPromiseInternal(Closure) - Method in AbstractPromiseFactory
createPrototypeBean(String) - Method in DefaultRuntimeSpringConfiguration
createPrototypeBean(String) - Method in RuntimeSpringConfiguration
Creates a new prototype bean configuration.
createRelative(String) - Method in ByteArrayResource
createRelative(String) - Method in ClassPathResource
This implementation creates a ClassPathResource, applying the given path relative to the path of the underlying resource of this descriptor.
createRelative(String) - Method in DefaultUrlMappingData
createRelative(String) - Method in FileSystemResource
This implementation creates a FileSystemResource, applying the given path relative to the path of the underlying file of this resource descriptor.
createRelative(String) - Method in GrailsResource
createRelative(String) - Method in Resource
Creates a new resource relative to this one
createRelative(String) - Method in ResponseCodeMappingData
createRelative(String) - Method in SpringResource
createRelative(String) - Method in UrlMappingData
Creates a new UrlMappingData instance relative to this one for the given path
createRelative(String) - Method in UrlResource
This implementation creates a UrlResource, applying the given path relative to the path of the underlying URL of this resource descriptor.
createRelativeURL(String, String, String, String, Map, String, String) - Method in DefaultUrlCreator
createRelativeURL(String, String, String, String, Map, String, String) - Method in RegexUrlMapping
createRelativeURL(String, String, String, String, Map, String, String) - Method in ResponseCodeUrlMapping
createRelativeURL(String, String, String, String, Map, String, String) - Method in UrlCreator
Creates a URL for the given parameters values, controller and action names without the context path information
createReport(String, String) - Method in JUnitReportsFactory
createReports(String) - Method in JUnitReportsFactory
createRequestEnvironmentInterceptor() - Method in GrailsTestInterceptor
createResource() - Method in RestfulController
Creates a new instance of the resource.
createResponseWriter(HttpServletResponse) - Method in GroovyPagesServlet
Creates a response writer for the given response object
createResponseWriter(GrailsWebRequest, HttpServletResponse) - Method in GroovyPageView
Creates the Response Writer for the specified HttpServletResponse instance.
createRootApplicationContext(ServletContext) - Method in GrailsAppServletInitializer
createRuntimeSpringConfiguration(ApplicationContext, ClassLoader) - Method in BeanBuilder
createRuntimeSpringConfiguration(ApplicationContext, ClassLoader) - Method in WebBeanBuilder
createScanner(XmlReaderContext, boolean) - Method in ClosureClassIgnoringComponentScanBeanDefinitionParser
createServletContext(TestRuntime, Map) - Method in GrailsApplicationTestPlugin
createShellTask(Project, TaskContainer, Configuration) - Method in GrailsGradlePlugin
createSingleCharSequence(char) - Method in CharSequences
createSingletonBean(String) - Method in DefaultRuntimeSpringConfiguration
createSingletonBean(String) - Method in RuntimeSpringConfiguration
Creates a new singleton bean configuration.
createSpringApplication(Object) - Method in GrailsAppBuilder
createStackFilterer() - Method in GrailsExceptionResolver
createStep(Map) - Method in DefaultMultiStepCommand
createStep(String, Command, Map) - Method in DefaultStepFactory
createStep(String, Command, Map) - Method in StepFactory
Creates a step for the given name, command and parameters
createString(char[]) - Method in StringCharArrayAccessor
creates a new java.lang.String by setting the char array directly to the String instance with reflection.
createTagBody(int, Closure<?>) - Method in GroovyPage
createTagInstance() - Method in JspTagImpl
createTemplate(def) - Method in AbstractGrailsTagTests
createTemplate(InputStream) - Method in GroovyPagesTemplateEngine
Create a Template for the given InputStream
createTemplate(URL) - Method in ResourceAwareTemplateEngine
createTemplateForUri(String) - Method in GroovyPagesTemplateEngine
createTemplateForUri(String) - Method in ResourceAwareTemplateEngine
createTerminal() - Method in GrailsConsole
Creates the instance of Terminal used directly in GrailsConsole.
createTerminal() - Method in GrailsEclipseConsole
createThreadLocalConfiguration() - Method in ConvertersConfigurationHolder
createThreadNameMethod - Field in LoggingPoolFactory
createTransactionalMethodCallBody(Parameter, MethodCallExpression) - Method in TransactionalTransform
createTransactionalPromiseDecorator(PlatformTransactionManager, Method) - Method in TransactionalAsyncTransformUtils
Creates a TransactionalPromiseDecorator for the given transactionManager and method to be invoked
createTransactionInterceptor() - Method in GrailsTestInterceptor
createTransactionManagerBeanReferences(BeanDefinition) - Method in ChainedTransactionManagerPostProcessor
createURL(String, String, String, String, Map, String, String) - Method in DefaultUrlCreator
createURL(String, String, String, String, Map, String, String) - Method in RegexUrlMapping
createURL(String, String, String, String, Map, String, String) - Method in ResponseCodeUrlMapping
createURL(String, String, String, String, Map, String, String) - Method in UrlCreator
Creates a URL for the given parameters values, controller and action names
createVariables() - Method in ArtefactVariableResolver
createWebRuntimeSpringConfiguration(GrailsApplication, ApplicationContext, ClassLoader) - Method in GrailsRuntimeConfigurator
createWrapper(Closure<?>) - Method in AbstractClosureProxy
Called when a new instance of the proxy needs to be created for the given closure.
createWrapper(Closure<?>) - Method in MockClosureProxy
Creates a new MockClosureProxy wrapping the given closure.
createXml(File, String) - Method in PdfBuilder
createXmlSlurper() - Method in SpringIOUtils
CREDIT_CARD_CONSTRAINT - Field in ConstrainedProperty
CreditCardConstraint - Class in org.grails.validation
Validates a credit card number.
CriteriaTypeCheckingExtension - Class in org.grails.compiler
@since 2.4
CRLF - Field in GrailsPrintWriter
CTOR_GROOVY_METHOD - Field in BaseApiProvider
ctx - Field in AbstractGrailsMockTests
curChar - Field in JsonParserTokenManager
CurrencyValueConverter - Class in org.grails.databinding.converters
A ValueConverter for converting String to Currency.
CURRENT_PREFIX - Field in AbstractGrailsArtefactTransformer
current() - Method in SystemStreamsRedirector
currentApplication() - Method in GrailsWebUtil
@return The currently bound GrailsApplication instance
currentCompilationError - Field in Environment
currentConfiguration() - Method in GrailsWebUtil
@return The currently bound GrailsApplication instance
currentFlatConfiguration() - Method in GrailsWebUtil
@return The currently bound GrailsApplication instance
currentInitialEvent - Field in TestRuntime
currentPluginManager() - Method in Holders
currentProject - Field in FetchAllTaskSelectorsBuildAction.AllTasksModel
currentReloadError - Field in Environment
currentRequestAttributes() - Method in WebAttributes
currentStack(OutputEncodingStackAttributes) - Method in OutputEncodingStack
currentToken - Field in ParseException
This is the last token that has been consumed successfully.
currentWriter(String) - Method in LayoutWriterStack
Returns a java.io.Writer where a layout part can write its contents to.
currentWriter() - Method in OutputEncodingStack
curry(Object) - Method in AbstractClosureProxy
CUSTOM_EDITORS_BEAN - Field in GrailsRuntimeConfigurator
customize(ConfigurableEmbeddedServletContainer) - Method in UrlMappingsErrorPageCustomizer
customizeContext(ConfigurableApplicationContext, ConfigurableBeanFactory, TestRuntime, Map) - Method in GrailsApplicationTestPlugin
customizeGrailsApplication(GrailsApplication) - Method in GrailsApplicationPostProcessor
customizeGrailsApplication(GrailsApplication, TestRuntime, Map) - Method in GrailsApplicationTestPlugin
customizeGrailsApplication(GrailsApplication) - Method in GrailsApplicationTestPlugin.TestRuntimeGrailsApplicationPostProcessor
customizePluginManager(GrailsPluginManager) - Method in GrailsApplicationPostProcessor
customizePluginManager(GrailsPluginManager) - Method in GrailsApplicationTestPlugin.TestRuntimeGrailsApplicationPostProcessor


DATA_BINDER_BEAN_NAME - Field in DataBindingUtils
DATA_SOURCE_BEAN - Field in GrailsApplication
DATA_SOURCE_BEAN - Field in GrailsRuntimeConfigurator
DATA_SOURCE_CLASS - Field in GrailsApplication
The name of the DataSource class
DATA_SOURCE - Field in GrailsServiceClass
DATA_SOURCE_SETTING - Field in ChainedTransactionManagerPostProcessor
DATA_SOURCES_PREFIX - Field in ChainedTransactionManagerPostProcessor
DATA_SOURCES_SETTING - Field in ChainedTransactionManagerPostProcessor
DataBinder - Trait in grails.web.databinding
Methods added to enable binding data (typically incoming request parameters) to objects and collections
DataBindingEventMulticastListener - Class in org.grails.web.databinding
@author Jeff Brown
DataBindingEventMulticastListener(List<DataBindingListener>) - Constructor in DataBindingEventMulticastListener
DataBindingGrailsPlugin - Class in org.grails.plugins.databinding
Plugin for configuring the data binding features of Grails
DataBindingLazyMetaPropertyMap - Class in org.grails.web.databinding
Extends the default implementation and does data binding.
DataBindingLazyMetaPropertyMap(Object) - Constructor in DataBindingLazyMetaPropertyMap
Constructs the map
DataBindingListener - Interface in grails.databinding.events
A listener which will be notified of events generated during data binding.
DataBindingListenerAdapter - Class in grails.databinding.events
@author Jeff Brown
DataBindingSource - Interface in grails.databinding
A DataBindingSource is a lot like a Map but is read-only and is tailored to support data binding.
DataBindingSourceCreationException - Class in org.grails.databinding.bindingsource
Thrown if an unrecoverable problem occurs creating a DataBindingSource.
DataBindingSourceCreationException(Throwable) - Constructor in DataBindingSourceCreationException
DataBindingSourceCreator - Interface in org.grails.databinding.bindingsource
A factory for DataBindingSource instances
DataBindingSourceRegistry - Interface in org.grails.web.databinding.bindingsource
Responsible for locating DataBindingSourceCreator instances and using them to create DataBindingSource instances
dataBindingSources - Field in GPathResultCollectionDataBindingSource
DataBindingUtils - Class in grails.web.databinding
Utility methods to perform data binding from Grails objects.
DataSourceGrailsPlugin - Class in org.grails.plugins.datasource
Handles the configuration of a DataSource within Grails.
DataSourceUtils - Class in org.grails.plugins.datasource
@author Graeme Rocher
date(String, Collection<String>) - Method in AbstractTypeConvertingMap
Obtains a date for the given parameter name and format
DATE_CREATED - Field in GrailsDomainClassProperty
DATE_FORMATS - Field in DataBindingGrailsPlugin
DATE - Field in HttpHeaders
DateConversionHelper - Class in org.grails.databinding.converters
@author Jeff Brown
DateMarshaller - Class in org.grails.web.converters.marshaller.xml
@author Siegfried Puchbauer
DateMarshaller() - Constructor in DateMarshaller
Default constructor.
dateToString(Date) - Method in JSONObject
deactivateSitemesh() - Method in GrailsContentBufferingResponse
deactivateSiteMesh() - Method in GrailsPageResponseWrapper
debug(String) - Method in AntLogAdapter
DEBUG_FORK - Field in CommandLine
debugStream - Field in JsonParserTokenManager
Debug output.
decode(Object) - Method in ChainedDecoder
decode(Object) - Method in Decoder
Decode given input object
decode(Object) - Method in HTML4Decoder
decode(Object) - Method in RawCodec
decodeBase64(def) - Method in Base64CodecExtensionMethods
decodeHex(def) - Method in HexCodecExtensionMethods
decodeMD5(def) - Method in MD5CodecExtensionMethods
decodeMD5Bytes(def) - Method in MD5BytesCodecExtensionMethods
Decoder - Interface in org.grails.encoder
interface for decoder methods
decoder - Field in XMLCodecFactory
decoders - Field in BasicCodecLookup
decoders - Field in ChainedDecoder
decoders - Field in HTMLJSCodec
decodeSHA1(def) - Method in SHA1CodecExtensionMethods
decodeSHA1Bytes(def) - Method in SHA1BytesCodecExtensionMethods
decodeSHA256(def) - Method in SHA256CodecExtensionMethods
decodeSHA256Bytes(def) - Method in SHA256BytesCodecExtensionMethods
decorate(StringBuilder) - Method in GroovyPageSourceDecorator
decorate(Closure<D>) - Method in PersistenceContextPromiseDecorator
decorate(Closure<D>) - Method in PromiseDecorator
Decorates the given closures, returning the decorated closure
decorate(Closure<D>) - Method in TransactionalPromiseDecorator
decorate(Closure<D>) - Method in WebRequestPromiseDecorator
DeepDomainClassMarshaller - Class in org.grails.web.converters.marshaller.json
@author Siegfried Puchbauer
DeepDomainClassMarshaller(boolean, boolean, ProxyHandler, GrailsApplication) - Constructor in DeepDomainClassMarshaller
deepSanitize(Throwable) - Method in GrailsUtil
DEFAULT_ACTION - Field in AnsiConsoleUrlMappingsRenderer
DEFAULT_ARGUMENT - Field in RenderDynamicMethod
DEFAULT_ATOM_MIME_TYPES - Field in AtomRenderer
DEFAULT_BACKLOG - Field in GrailsReactorConfigurationReader
DEFAULT_BLANK_MESSAGE_CODE - Field in ConstrainedProperty
DEFAULT_COMPATIBILITY - Field in ProfileCompilerTask
DEFAULT_DATA_SOURCE - Field in GrailsDomainClassProperty
DEFAULT_DATA_SOURCE - Field in GrailsServiceClass
DEFAULT_DATABINDING_WHITELIST - Field in DefaultASTDatabindingHelper
DEFAULT_DATE_FORMAT - Field in DataBinder
DEFAULT_DISPATCHER - Field in GrailsReactorConfigurationReader
DEFAULT_DOESNT_MATCH_MESSAGE_CODE - Field in ConstrainedProperty
DEFAULT_ENCODING - Field in GrailsWebUtil
DEFAULT_ENCODING - Field in GroovyPageParser
DEFAULT_ENCODING - Field in RenderDynamicMethod
DEFAULT - Field in Environment
Constants that indicates whether this GrailsApplication is running in the default environment
DEFAULT_EXCLUDES - Field in AbstractLinkingRenderer
DEFAULT_IMPORTS - Field in GrailsApplicationCompilerAutoConfiguration
DEFAULT_IMPORTS - Field in GrailsTestCompilerAutoConfiguration
DEFAULT_IMPORTS - Field in GroovyPageParser
DEFAULT_INDENT_STR - Field in PrettyPrintJSONWriter
DEFAULT_INDENT_STR - Field in PrettyPrintXMLStreamWriter
DEFAULT_INVALID_MAX_MESSAGE_CODE - Field in ConstrainedProperty
DEFAULT_INVALID_MIN_MESSAGE_CODE - Field in ConstrainedProperty
DEFAULT_INVALID_SIZE_MESSAGE_CODE - Field in ConstrainedProperty
DEFAULT_INVALID_URL_MESSAGE_CODE - Field in ConstrainedProperty
DEFAULT - Field in JsonParserConstants
Lexical state.
DEFAULT_MESSAGES - Field in ConstrainedProperty
DEFAULT_METHOD_PARAM - Field in HiddenHttpMethodFilter
Default method parameter: _method
DEFAULT_NAMESPACE - Field in DefaultGrailsApplicationAttributes
DEFAULT_NAMESPACE - Field in GrailsTagLibClass
DEFAULT_NAMESPACE - Field in GroovyPage
DEFAULT_NAMESPACE - Field in TagOutput
DEFAULT_NOT_EQUAL_MESSAGE_CODE - Field in ConstrainedProperty
DEFAULT_NOT_INLIST_MESSAGE_CODE - Field in ConstrainedProperty
DEFAULT_NULL_MESSAGE_CODE - Field in ConstrainedProperty
DEFAULT_PATH_SEPARATOR - Field in AntPathMatcher
Default path separator: "/"
DEFAULT_PLUGIN_PATH - Field in GroovyPageMetaInfo
DEFAULT_PRIORITY - Field in DefaultConverterConfiguration
DEFAULT_PROFILE_GROUPID - Field in AbstractJarProfileRepository
DEFAULT_REPO - Field in MavenProfileRepository
DEFAULT_REQUEST_ENCODING - Field in DefaultRequestStateLookupStrategy
DEFAULT_RESOURCE_INCLUDES - Field in DefaultUrlMappingEvaluator
DEFAULT_RESOURCES_INCLUDES - Field in DefaultUrlMappingEvaluator
DEFAULT_RINGBUFFER_BACKLOG - Field in GrailsReactorConfigurationReader
DEFAULT_SHUTDOWN_OPERATION - Field in ShutdownOperations
DEFAULT_SIZE - Field in GrailsReactorConfigurationReader
DefaultAcceptHeaderParser - Class in org.grails.web.mime
Parsed the HTTP accept header into a a list of MimeType instances in the order of priority.
DefaultAcceptHeaderParser(MimeType) - Constructor in DefaultAcceptHeaderParser
DefaultArtefactInfo - Class in grails.core
Mutable holder of artefact info.
DefaultASTDatabindingHelper - Class in org.grails.web.databinding
DefaultASTValidateableHelper - Class in grails.validation
DefaultBeanConfiguration - Class in org.grails.spring
Default implementation of the BeanConfiguration interface .
DefaultBeanConfiguration(Class<?>, Collection<?>) - Constructor in DefaultBeanConfiguration
DefaultCodecIdentifier - Class in org.grails.encoder
default implementation of CodecIdentifier
DefaultCodecIdentifier(String, Set<String>) - Constructor in DefaultCodecIdentifier
DefaultCodecLookup - Class in org.grails.plugins.codecs
@author Lari Hotari
DefaultControllerExceptionHandlerMetaData - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.controllers
Represents meta data which describes an exception handling method in a controller
DefaultConverterConfiguration - Class in org.grails.web.converters.configuration
Mutable Converter Configuration with an priority sorted set of ObjectMarshallers
DefaultConverterConfiguration.Entry - Class in org.grails.web.converters.configuration
DefaultConverterConfiguration(List<ObjectMarshaller<C>>, ProxyHandler) - Constructor in DefaultConverterConfiguration
DefaultDataBindingSourceCreator - Class in org.grails.web.databinding.bindingsource
DefaultDataBindingSourceRegistry - Class in org.grails.web.databinding.bindingsource
DefaultDataBindingSourceRegistry.DataBindingSourceCreatorCacheKey - Class in org.grails.web.databinding.bindingsource
DefaultDelegateAsyncTransactionalMethodTransformer - Class in org.grails.async.transform.internal
Modifies the
transform to take into account transactional services.
DefaultEncodingStateRegistry - Class in org.grails.encoder
default implementation of EncodingStateRegistry
DefaultErrorsPrinter - Class in org.grails.core.exceptions
Default implementation of the StackTracePrinter interface.
DefaultErrorsPrinter(ResourceLocator) - Constructor in DefaultErrorsPrinter
DefaultFeature - Class in org.grails.cli.profile
Default implementation of the Feature interface
DefaultFeature(Profile, String, Resource) - Constructor in DefaultFeature
defaultFeaturesNames - Field in AbstractProfile
DefaultGrailsApplication - Class in grails.core
Default implementation of the GrailsApplication interface that manages application loading, state, and artefact instances.
DefaultGrailsApplication(Resource) - Constructor in DefaultGrailsApplication
Loads a GrailsApplication using the given ResourceLocator instance which will search for appropriate class names
DefaultGrailsApplicationAttributes - Class in org.grails.web.servlet
Holds knowledge about how to obtain certain attributes from either the ServletContext or the HttpServletRequest instance.
DefaultGrailsApplicationAttributes(ServletContext) - Constructor in DefaultGrailsApplicationAttributes
DefaultGrailsBootstrapClass - Class in org.grails.web.servlet.boostrap
DefaultGrailsBootstrapClass(Class<?>) - Constructor in DefaultGrailsBootstrapClass
DefaultGrailsClass - Class in grails.core
A default implementation for Grails classes that need to be registered and managed by a GrailsApplication, but don't need any special handling.
DefaultGrailsClass(Class<?>) - Constructor in DefaultGrailsClass
DefaultGrailsClasspath - Class in org.grails.gradle.plugin.model
DefaultGrailsCodecClass - Class in org.grails.commons
@author Jeff Brown
DefaultGrailsCodecClass(Class<?>) - Constructor in DefaultGrailsCodecClass
DefaultGrailsDomainClass - Class in org.grails.core
@author Graeme Rocher
DefaultGrailsDomainClass(Class<?>) - Constructor in DefaultGrailsDomainClass
DefaultGrailsDomainClassInjector - Class in org.grails.compiler.injection
Default implementation of domain class injector interface that adds the 'id' and 'version' properties and other previously boilerplate code.
DefaultGrailsDomainClassProperty - Class in org.grails.core
Represents a property of a domain class and contains meta information about the properties relationships, naming conventions and type.
DefaultGrailsDomainClassProperty(GrailsDomainClass, PropertyDescriptor, Map<String, Object>) - Constructor in DefaultGrailsDomainClassProperty
DefaultGrailsPlugin - Class in org.grails.plugins
Implementation of the GrailsPlugin interface that wraps a Groovy plugin class and provides the magic to invoke its various methods from Java.
DefaultGrailsPlugin(Class<?>, GrailsApplication) - Constructor in DefaultGrailsPlugin
DefaultGrailsPluginManager - Class in grails.plugins
DefaultGrailsPluginManager(GrailsApplication) - Constructor in DefaultGrailsPluginManager
DefaultGrailsServiceClass - Class in org.grails.core
@author Steven Devijver
DefaultGrailsServiceClass(Class<?>) - Constructor in DefaultGrailsServiceClass
DefaultGrailsTagLibClass - Class in org.grails.core
Default implementation of a tag lib class.
DefaultGrailsTagLibClass(Class<?>) - Constructor in DefaultGrailsTagLibClass
Default contructor.
DefaultGrailsUrlMappingsClass - Class in org.grails.core
DefaultGrailsUrlMappingsClass(Class<?>) - Constructor in DefaultGrailsUrlMappingsClass
DefaultGroovyPageLocator - Class in org.grails.gsp.io
Used to locate GSPs whether in development or WAR deployed mode from static resources, custom resource loaders and binary plugins.
DefaultGroovyPageLocator.PluginViewPathInfo - Class in org.grails.gsp.io
DefaultGroovyPageLocator.PluginViewPathInfo(String) - Constructor in DefaultGroovyPageLocator.PluginViewPathInfo
DefaultGroovyPagesUriService - Class in org.grails.web.pages
Provides services for resolving URIs.
DefaultHtmlRenderer - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.rest.render.html
A default renderer for HTML that returns an appropriate model
DefaultHtmlRenderer(Class<T>, MimeType) - Constructor in DefaultHtmlRenderer
DefaultJsonRenderer - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.rest.render.json
Default renderer for JSON
DefaultJsonRenderer(Class<T>, GrailsConventionGroovyPageLocator, RendererRegistry) - Constructor in DefaultJsonRenderer
DefaultLinkGenerator - Class in org.grails.web.mapping
A link generating service for applications to use when generating links.
DefaultLinkGenerator(String) - Constructor in DefaultLinkGenerator
DefaultMimeTypeResolver - Class in org.grails.web.mime
Resolves the MimeType instance for a request
DefaultMimeUtility - Class in org.grails.web.mime
@author Graeme Rocher
DefaultMimeUtility(List<MimeType>) - Constructor in DefaultMimeUtility
DefaultMultiStepCommand - Class in org.grails.cli.profile.commands
Simple implementation of the MultiStepCommand abstract class that parses commands defined in YAML or JSON
DefaultMultiStepCommand(String, Profile, Map<String, Object>) - Constructor in DefaultMultiStepCommand
defaultNullable() - Method in Validateable
DefaultOutputContextLookup - Class in org.grails.taglib.encoder
DefaultOutputContextLookup.DefaultOutputContext - Class in org.grails.taglib.encoder
DefaultOutputContextLookup.DefaultOutputContext() - Constructor in DefaultOutputContextLookup.DefaultOutputContext
DefaultOutputContextLookup() - Constructor in DefaultOutputContextLookup
DefaultProxyHandler - Class in grails.core.support.proxy
Trivial default implementation that always returns true and the object.
DefaultRendererRegistry - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.rest.render
Default implementation of the RendererRegistry interface
DefaultRendererRegistry.ContainerRendererCacheKey - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.rest.render
DefaultRendererRegistry.RendererCacheKey - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.rest.render
DefaultRendererRegistry() - Constructor in DefaultRendererRegistry
DefaultRequestStateLookupStrategy - Class in org.grails.web.servlet.mvc
Default implementation that uses the web request to obtain information about the currently executing request.
DefaultRequestStateLookupStrategy(GrailsWebRequest) - Constructor in DefaultRequestStateLookupStrategy
DefaultResourceLoader - Class in org.grails.io.support
Default implementation of the ResourceLoader interface.
DefaultResourceLoader(ClassLoader) - Constructor in DefaultResourceLoader
Create a new DefaultResourceLoader.
defaultResourceLoader - Field in DefaultResourceLocator
defaultResourceLoader - Field in ResourceLocator
DefaultResourceLocator - Class in org.grails.core.io
Default ResourceLocator implementation that doesn't take into account servlet loading.
DefaultRuntimeSpringConfiguration - Class in org.grails.spring
A programmable runtime Spring configuration that allows a spring ApplicationContext to be constructed at runtime.
DefaultRuntimeSpringConfiguration(ApplicationContext, ClassLoader) - Constructor in DefaultRuntimeSpringConfiguration
DefaultSharedRuntimeConfigurer - Class in grails.test.runtime
DefaultStackTraceFilterer - Class in org.grails.exceptions.reporting
Default implementation of StackTraceFilterer.
DefaultStackTraceFilterer(boolean) - Constructor in DefaultStackTraceFilterer
DefaultStackTracePrinter - Class in org.grails.exceptions.reporting
@since 2.2
DefaultStepFactory - Class in org.grails.cli.profile.steps
Dynamic creation of Step instances
defaultTaglibEncoder(Encoder) - Method in OutputEncodingStackAttributes.Builder
DefaultTestMixinRegistrar - Class in org.grails.test.mixin.support
The default registrar, that registers test mixins for the the built in artefact types
DefaultUrlCreator - Class in org.grails.web.mapping
The default implementation of the UrlCreator interface that constructs URLs in Grails default pattern of /controllerName/actionName/id.
DefaultUrlCreator(String, String) - Constructor in DefaultUrlCreator
DefaultUrlMappingData - Class in org.grails.web.mapping
Default implementating of the UrlMappingData interface.
DefaultUrlMappingData(String) - Constructor in DefaultUrlMappingData
DefaultUrlMappingEvaluator - Class in org.grails.web.mapping
DefaultUrlMappingEvaluator(ApplicationContext) - Constructor in DefaultUrlMappingEvaluator
DefaultUrlMappingInfo - Class in org.grails.web.mapping
Holds information established from a matched URL.
DefaultUrlMappingInfo(Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, String, String, Map<?, ?>, UrlMappingData, ServletContext) - Constructor in DefaultUrlMappingInfo
DefaultUrlMappingParser - Class in org.grails.web.mapping
A simple implementation of the UrlMappingParser interface.
DefaultUrlMappings - Class in org.grails.web.mapping
The Default URL mappings that are used if none are configured.
DefaultXmlRenderer - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.rest.render.xml
Default renderer for XML responses
DefaultXmlRenderer(Class<T>, GrailsConventionGroovyPageLocator, RendererRegistry) - Constructor in DefaultXmlRenderer
DeferredBindingActions - Class in grails.validation
Binding operations that are deferred until either validate() or save() are called.
deferredEvents - Field in TestRuntime
defineBeans(TestRuntime, Closure) - Method in ControllerTestPlugin
defineBeans(TestRuntime, Closure) - Method in CoreBeansTestPlugin
defineBeans(TestRuntime, Closure) - Method in DomainClassTestPlugin
defineBeans(TestRuntime, List<Closure>, RuntimeSpringConfiguration) - Method in GrailsApplicationTestPlugin
defineBeans(boolean, Closure<?>) - Method in GrailsUnitTestMixin
dehexchar(char) - Method in JSONTokener
Get the hex value of a character (base16).
delegate - Field in PrefixedConfig
DelegateAsync - Annotation Type in grails.async
An AST transformation that takes each method in the given class and adds a delegate method that returns a Promise and executes the method asynchronously.
DelegateAsyncTransactionalMethodTransformer - Interface in org.grails.async.transform.internal
Interface for a class that handles transforming async transactional methods
DelegateAsyncTransformation - Class in org.grails.async.transform.internal
Implementation of DelegateAsync transformation
DelegateAsyncUtils - Class in org.grails.async.transform.internal
Helps looking up the decorators
DELEGATING_METHOD_ANNOATION - Field in ControllerActionTransformer
DelegatingMethod - Annotation Type in grails.compiler
Used to indicate to the compiler that a particular method simply delegates to another one.
delete(def) - Method in FileSystemInteraction
Deletes a file
delete(def) - Method in FileSystemInteractionImpl
Deletes a file
delete() - Method in MockPart
delete() - Method in RestfulController
Deletes a resource for the given id
deliverEvent(TestEvent) - Method in TestRuntime
dependencies - Field in AbstractGrailsPlugin
dependencies - Field in AbstractProfile
dependencies - Field in GrailsDependencyVersions
DEPENDENCY_RESOLVER - Field in BuildSettings
The dependency resolver to use
dependencyNames - Field in AbstractGrailsPlugin
DEPENDS_ON - Field in GrailsPlugin
Defines the name of the property that specifies which plugins this plugin depends on
DEPRECATED_ATTRIBUTE - Field in AbstractLinkingRenderer
deprecated(String) - Method in GrailsUtil
Logs warning message about some deprecation and code style related hints.
DeprecatedGrailsConfig - Class in org.grails.core.cfg
Type safe abstraction over Grails configuration
DeprecatedGrailsConfig(GrailsApplication) - Constructor in DeprecatedGrailsConfig
deregisterMetaClassCleaner(TestRuntime) - Method in MetaClassCleanerTestPlugin
Described - Interface in grails.util
Interface for classes that are described
description - Field in AbstractProfile
description(String, Closure) - Method in GroovyScriptCommand
Provides a description for the command
deSnapshot(String) - Method in VersionComparator
Removes any suffixes that indicate that the version is a kind of snapshot
destroy() - Method in GrailsTestInterceptor
destroy() - Method in GrailsTestRequestEnvironmentInterceptor
Removes the mock request environment
destroy() - Method in GrailsTestTransactionInterceptor
Rolls back the current transaction.
destroy() - Method in NullPersistentContextInterceptor
destroy() - Method in PersistenceContextInterceptor
Called to finalize the persistent context.
destroy() - Method in SitemeshLayoutViewResolver
destroyPersistenceContext(ApplicationContext) - Method in PersistenceContextInterceptorExecutor
destroyRequestEnvironmentIfNecessary() - Method in GrailsTestInterceptor
destroyTransactionIfNecessary() - Method in GrailsTestInterceptor
detectAndRegisterTabLibBeans() - Method in StandaloneTagLibraryLookup
determineRootDir(String) - Method in PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver
Determine the root directory for the given location.
determineUri(HttpServletRequest) - Method in GrailsExceptionResolver
DEVELOPMENT_SPRING_RESOURCES_XML - Field in GrailsRuntimeConfigurator
DevelopmentGrailsApplication - Class in grails.ui.support
@author Graeme Rocher
DevelopmentGrailsApplication(Object) - Constructor in DevelopmentGrailsApplication
developmentMode - Field in NamespacedTagDispatcher
DevelopmentShutdownHook - Class in org.grails.dev.support
Registers a shutdown hook to close the application context when CTRL+C is hit in dev mode.
DevelopmentWebApplicationContext - Class in grails.ui.support
A org.springframework.web.context.WebApplicationContext used during development for things like running scripts and loading the console UI
DevelopmentWebApplicationContext() - Constructor in DevelopmentWebApplicationContext
DevNullPrintStream - Class in org.grails.io.support
PrintStream that does nothing
DevNullPrintStream() - Constructor in DevNullPrintStream
DIALECT_DETECTOR_BEAN - Field in GrailsApplication
DIALECT_DETECTOR_BEAN - Field in GrailsRuntimeConfigurator
digest(String, def) - Method in DigestUtils
DigestUtils - Class in org.grails.plugins.codecs
DIGITS - Field in JsonParserConstants
RegularExpression Id.
DirectoryWatcher - Class in org.grails.io.watch
Utility class to watch directories for changes.
DirectoryWatcher.FileChangeListener - Interface in org.grails.io.watch
Interface for FileChangeListeners
DirectoryWatcher() - Constructor in DirectoryWatcher
DirtiesRuntime - Annotation Type in grails.test.runtime
Annotation to be used in Junit tests and Spock specifications.
DirtiesRuntimeTransformation - Class in org.grails.compiler.injection.test
@author Jeff Brown
DIRTY - Field in GrailsDomainClassProperty
DIRTY_PROPERTY_NAMES - Field in GrailsDomainClassProperty
DISABLE_AUTOWIRE_BY_NAME_OPTIMIZATIONS - Field in OptimizedAutowireCapableBeanFactory
disable_tracing() - Method in JSONParser
Disable tracing.
disconnect() - Method in NullPersistentContextInterceptor
disconnect() - Method in PersistenceContextInterceptor
Disconnects the persistence context.
dispatch() - Method in AsyncGrailsWebRequest
dispatch(ServletContext, String) - Method in MockAsyncContext
DISPOSITION_HEADER_PREFIX - Field in RenderDynamicMethod
Defines the name of the property that defines a closure that will be invoked after intialisation and when the application context has been built
DO_WITH_DYNAMIC_METHODS - Field in GrailsPlugin
DO_WITH_SPRING - Field in GrailsPlugin
Defines the name of the property that defines the closure that will be invoked during runtime spring configuration
DO_WITH_WEB_DESCRIPTOR - Field in GrailsPlugin
Defines the name of the property that defines the closure that will be invoked when the web.xml is being generated
doAfterBody() - Method in JspInvokeGrailsTagLibTag
doAfterCall(Object) - Method in AbstractClosureProxy
This method is called after the target closure is invoked.
doAfterCall(Object) - Method in MockClosureProxy
Empty implementation.
doArtefactConfiguration() - Method in AbstractGrailsPluginManager
doArtefactConfiguration() - Method in DefaultGrailsPlugin
doArtefactConfiguration() - Method in GrailsPlugin
Called prior to the initialisation of the GrailsApplication instance to allow the registration of additonal ArtefactHandlers
doArtefactConfiguration() - Method in GrailsPluginManager
Called prior to the initialisation of the GrailsApplication object to allow registration of additional ArtefactHandler objects
doArtefactConfiguration() - Method in ProfilingGrailsPluginManager
doBeforeCall(Object) - Method in AbstractClosureProxy
This method is called before the target closure is invoked.
doBeforeCall(Object) - Method in MockClosureProxy
Checks whether the target "method" is expected or not, on the basis that this closure is mocking a method with the name methodName.
doBind(def, DataBindingSource, String, List, List, DataBindingListener, def) - Method in GrailsWebDataBinder
doBind(def, DataBindingSource, String, List, List, DataBindingListener, def) - Method in SimpleDataBinder
doBuild(String, Object) - Method in WebFlowUnitTestSupport
DOC_CONFIGURATION - Field in GrailsDocGradlePlugin
doc(String) - Method in DefaultGrailsPlugin
@deprecated Dynamic document generation no longer supported
doc(String) - Method in GrailsPlugin
Write some documentation to the DocumentationContext
doCall(Object) - Method in TagBodyClosure
doCall(Object) - Method in TagOutput.ConstantClosure
DocEngine - Class in grails.doc
A Radeox Wiki engine for generating documentation using a confluence style syntax.
DocEngine(InitialRenderContext) - Constructor in DocEngine
doChainEncoders(EncodedAppender) - Method in ChainedEncoder
doCharReplacementEncoding(Object) - Method in AbstractCharReplacementEncoder
doCleanUp(OutputContext, Writer) - Method in GroovyPageWritable
DocPublisher - Class in grails.doc
Coordinated the DocEngine the produce documentation based on the gdoc format.
DocPublisher(File, File, def) - Constructor in DocPublisher
DocPublisherTask - Class in grails.doc.ant
An ant task for using the DocEngine.
doCreateLink(Map) - Method in ApplicationTagLib
doDynamicMethods() - Method in AbstractGrailsPluginManager
doDynamicMethods() - Method in DefaultGrailsPluginManager
doDynamicMethods() - Method in GrailsPluginManager
Called on all plugins so that they can add new methods/properties/constructors etc.
doDynamicMethods() - Method in ProfilingGrailsPluginManager
doEachMethod(String) - Method in GroovySyntaxTag
@param in
doEncode(Object) - Method in BasicJSONEncoder
doEncode(Object) - Method in BasicXMLEncoder
doEncode(Object) - Method in HTMLEncoder
doEndTag() - Method in GrailsTag
process the end tag
doEndTag() - Method in GroovyCollectTag
doEndTag() - Method in GroovyDefTag
doEndTag() - Method in GroovyEachTag
doEndTag() - Method in GroovyElseIfTag
doEndTag() - Method in GroovyElseTag
doEndTag() - Method in GroovyFindAllTag
doEndTag() - Method in GroovyGrepTag
doEndTag() - Method in GroovyWhileTag
doEndTag() - Method in JspInvokeGrailsTagLibTag
doesMatch(HttpServletRequest) - Method in Interceptor
@return Whether the current interceptor does match
doesMatch(String, UrlMappingInfo, String) - Method in Matcher
Perform the matches using the http method of the request instead of the UrlMappingInfo
doesMatch(String, UrlMappingInfo, String) - Method in UrlMappingMatcher
doesMatchInternal(UrlMappingInfo, String) - Method in UrlMappingMatcher
doesMethodExist(MetaClass, String, Class, boolean, boolean) - Method in TagLibraryMetaUtils
doesRequireFreshContext(Description) - Method in TestRuntimeJunitAdapter
doesTagReturnObject(String, String) - Method in TagLibraryLookup
doFilterInternal(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse, FilterChain) - Method in GrailsWebRequestFilter
doFilterInternal(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse, FilterChain) - Method in HiddenHttpMethodFilter
doFindAllClassPathResources(String) - Method in CachingPathMatchingResourcePatternResolver
doFindMatchingFileSystemResources(File, String) - Method in PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver
Find all resources in the file system that match the given location pattern via the Ant-style PathMatcher.
doFindPathMatchingFileResources(Resource, String) - Method in PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver
Find all resources in the file system that match the given location pattern via the Ant-style PathMatcher.
doFindPathMatchingJarResources(Resource, String) - Method in PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver
Find all resources in jar files that match the given location pattern via the Ant-style PathMatcher.
doGetActiveProfiles() - Method in GrailsEnvironment
doInput(String, Boolean, Object) - Method in WebFlowUnitTestMixin
doInRequestEnvironment(String, Closure) - Method in GrailsTestRequestEnvironmentInterceptor
Calls init() before and destroy() after invoking body.
doInvokeMethod(String, Object, Object) - Method in ConstrainedPropertyBuilder
DOMAIN_CLASS - Field in GrailsDomainClassProperty
DOMAIN_DIR - Field in GrailsASTUtils
DOMAIN_PATH_PATTERN - Field in GrailsResourceUtils
DOMAIN_TYPE - Field in TestForTransformation
DomainBuilder - Class in grails.util
DomainBuilder.DefaultGrailsChildPropertySetter - Class in grails.util
DomainBuilder() - Constructor in DomainBuilder
DomainClass - Trait in grails.artefact
A trait implemented by all domain classes
domainClass - Field in GrailsDomainClassValidator
DomainClassArtefactHandler - Class in org.grails.core.artefact
Evaluates the conventions that define a domain class in Grails.
DomainClassArtefactHandler() - Constructor in DomainClassArtefactHandler
DomainClassCompleter - Class in org.grails.cli.interactive.completers
A completer for domain classes
DomainClassCompleter() - Constructor in DomainClassCompleter
DomainClassGrailsPlugin - Class in org.grails.plugins.domain
Configures the domain classes in the spring context.
DomainClassMarshaller - Class in org.grails.web.converters.marshaller.xml
Object marshaller for domain classes to XML
DomainClassMarshaller(boolean, ProxyHandler, GrailsApplication) - Constructor in DomainClassMarshaller
DomainClassPluginSupport - Class in org.grails.plugins.domain
@author Graeme Rocher
DomainClassPropertyComparator - Class in org.grails.validation
Comparator that uses the domain class property constraints to establish order in sort methods and always places the id first.
DomainClassPropertyComparator(GrailsDomainClass) - Constructor in DomainClassPropertyComparator
DomainClassTestPlugin - Class in grails.test.runtime
a TestPlugin for TestRuntime for adding Grails DomainClass (GORM) support - this implementation uses SimpleMapDatastore GORM implementation
DomainClassTraitInjector - Class in grails.compiler.traits
@author Jeff Brown
DomainClassUnitTestMixin - Class in grails.test.mixin.domain
DomainClassUnitTestMixin() - Constructor in DomainClassUnitTestMixin
DomainMappingTypeCheckingExtension - Class in org.grails.compiler
@since 2.4
DomainValidator - Class in org.grails.validation.routines
doMatch(String, String, boolean, Map<String, String>) - Method in AntPathMatcher
Actually match the given path against the given pattern.
Done() - Method in SimpleCharStream
Reset buffer when finished.
doOutput(String, Object) - Method in WebFlowUnitTestMixin
doPerformInjectionOnArtefactType(SourceUnit, ClassNode, String) - Method in ArtefactTypeAstTransformation
doPostProcessing(ApplicationContext) - Method in AbstractGrailsPluginManager
Base implementation that will simply go through each plugin and call doWithApplicationContext on each.
doPostProcessing(ApplicationContext) - Method in GrailsPluginManager
Performs post initialization configuration for each plug-in, passing the built application context
doPostProcessing(ApplicationContext) - Method in ProfilingGrailsPluginManager
doPostResourceConfiguration(GrailsApplication, RuntimeSpringConfiguration) - Method in GrailsRuntimeConfigurator
doProcessProperties(ConfigurableListableBeanFactory, StringValueResolver) - Method in GrailsPlaceholderConfigurer
doPublishEvent(TestEvent) - Method in TestRuntime
doRetrieveMatchingFiles(String, File, Set<File>) - Method in PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver
Recursively retrieve files that match the given pattern, adding them to the given result list.
doRuntimeConfiguration(String, RuntimeSpringConfiguration) - Method in AbstractGrailsPluginManager
Base implementation that will perform runtime configuration for the specified plugin name.
doRuntimeConfiguration(String, RuntimeSpringConfiguration) - Method in GrailsPluginManager
Executes the runtime configuration for a specific plugin AND all its dependencies
doRuntimeConfiguration(RuntimeSpringConfiguration) - Method in ProfilingGrailsPluginManager
doService(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) - Method in GroovyPagesServlet
doStartTag() - Method in GrailsTag
Process the start tag
doStartTag() - Method in GroovyCollectTag
doStartTag() - Method in GroovyDefTag
doStartTag() - Method in GroovyEachTag
doStartTag() - Method in GroovyElseTag
doStartTag() - Method in GroovyFindAllTag
doStartTag() - Method in GroovyGrepTag
doStartTag() - Method in GroovyWhileTag
doStartTag() - Method in JspInvokeGrailsTagLibTag
doStartTagInternal() - Method in JspInvokeGrailsTagLibTag
doTag(Writer, Map<String, Object>, Closure<?>) - Method in JspTag
Invokes a tag with a closure representing the body of the tag
doTag(Writer, Map<String, Object>, Closure<?>) - Method in JspTagImpl
DOUBLE_QUOTE_LITERAL - Field in JsonParserConstants
RegularExpression Id.
double(String, Double) - Method in TypeConvertingMap
DOUBLE_WILDCARD_PATTERN - Field in RegexUrlMapping
DOUBLE_WILDCARD - Field in UrlMapping
doWithApplicationContext(ApplicationContext) - Method in DefaultGrailsPlugin
doWithApplicationContext() - Method in EventBusGrailsPlugin
doWithApplicationContext() - Method in GrailsApplicationLifeCycle
Invoked once the org.springframework.context.ApplicationContext has been refreshed and after {#doWithDynamicMethods()} is invoked.
doWithApplicationContext() - Method in GrailsApplicationLifeCycleAdapter
doWithApplicationContext() - Method in GrailsAutoConfiguration
doWithApplicationContext(ApplicationContext) - Method in GrailsPlugin
doWithApplicationContext() - Method in GroovyPagesGrailsPlugin
Clear the page cache with the ApplicationContext is loaded
doWithApplicationContext() - Method in InterceptorsGrailsPlugin
doWithApplicationContext() - Method in Plugin
Invokes once the org.springframework.context.ApplicationContext has been refreshed and after {#doWithDynamicMethods()} is invoked.
doWithDynamicMethods() - Method in ControllersAsyncGrailsPlugin
doWithDynamicMethods() - Method in CoreGrailsPlugin
doWithDynamicMethods(ApplicationContext) - Method in DefaultGrailsPlugin
doWithDynamicMethods() - Method in GrailsApplicationLifeCycle
Invoked once the org.springframework.context.ApplicationContext has been refreshed in a phase where plugins can add dynamic methods.
doWithDynamicMethods() - Method in GrailsApplicationLifeCycleAdapter
doWithDynamicMethods() - Method in GrailsAutoConfiguration
doWithDynamicMethods(ApplicationContext) - Method in GrailsPlugin
Calls a "doWithDynamicMethods" closure that allows a plugin to register dynamic methods at runtime
doWithDynamicMethods() - Method in Plugin
Invoked in a phase where plugins can add dynamic methods.
doWithRuntimeConfiguration(RuntimeSpringConfiguration) - Method in DefaultGrailsPlugin
doWithRuntimeConfiguration(RuntimeSpringConfiguration) - Method in GrailsPlugin
Executes the plugin code that performs runtime configuration as defined in the doWithSpring closure
doWithServletContext(ServletContext) - Method in GrailsWebPluginManager
doWithSpring() - Method in CodecsGrailsPlugin
doWithSpring() - Method in ControllersAsyncGrailsPlugin
doWithSpring() - Method in ControllersGrailsPlugin
doWithSpring() - Method in CoreGrailsPlugin
doWithSpring() - Method in DataBindingGrailsPlugin
doWithSpring() - Method in DataSourceGrailsPlugin
doWithSpring() - Method in DomainClassGrailsPlugin
doWithSpring() - Method in EventBusGrailsPlugin
doWithSpring() - Method in GrailsApplicationLifeCycle
Sub classes should override to provide implementations
doWithSpring() - Method in GrailsApplicationLifeCycleAdapter
doWithSpring() - Method in GrailsAutoConfiguration
doWithSpring() - Method in GroovyPagesGrailsPlugin
Configures the various Spring beans required by GSP
doWithSpring() - Method in I18nGrailsPlugin
doWithSpring() - Method in InterceptorsGrailsPlugin
doWithSpring() - Method in MimeTypesGrailsPlugin
doWithSpring() - Method in Plugin
Sub classes should override to provide implementations
doWithSpring() - Method in RestResponderGrailsPlugin
doWithSpring() - Method in ServicesGrailsPlugin
/*Service.groovy", "file:.
doWithSpring() - Method in UrlMappingsGrailsPlugin
doWriteTo(OutputContext, Writer) - Method in GroovyPageWritable
dumpEncodedParts() - Method in StreamCharBuffer
DYNAMIC_METHODS_REGISTERED - Field in GrailsContextEvent
DynamicElementReader - Class in grails.spring
Used by BeanBuilder to read a Spring namespace expression in the Groovy DSL.
DynamicElementReader(String, Map, NamespaceHandler, ParserContext) - Constructor in DynamicElementReader
DynamicFinderTypeCheckingExtension - Class in org.grails.compiler
@since 2.4


E - Field in JsonParserConstants
RegularExpression Id.
each(Closure) - Method in GrailsMockHttpServletRequest
Iterates over the request attributes.
each(HttpServletRequest, Closure) - Method in HttpServletRequestExtension
eachErrorInternal(def, def, boolean) - Method in ValidationTagLib
eachErrorInternalForList(def, def, def, boolean) - Method in ValidationTagLib
echoStatus() - Method in GrailsConsole
Replays the last status message
edit() - Method in RestfulController
EMAIL_CONSTRAINT - Field in ConstrainedProperty
EmailConstraint - Class in org.grails.validation
Validates an email address.
EMBEDDED_ATTRIBUTE - Field in HalJsonRenderer
EMBEDDED - Field in GrailsDomainClassProperty
EmbeddedDatabaseShutdownHook - Class in org.grails.plugins.datasource
EMPTY_ARGS - Field in GrailsParameterMap
EMPTY_BODY_CLOSURE - Field in GroovyPage
EMPTY_BODY_CLOSURE - Field in TagOutput
EMPTY_CLASS_ARRAY - Field in GrailsArtefactClassInjector
EMPTY_MAP_STRING - Field in CachingLinkGenerator
emptyAfterReading() - Method in StreamCharBuffer
ENABLE_AUTO_CONFIGURATION_CLASS_NODE - Field in GrailsApplicationCompilerAutoConfiguration
ENABLE_AUTO_CONFIGURATION - Field in GrailsApplicationCompilerAutoConfiguration
enable() - Method in BuildScope
Enables this build scope as the curent system wide instance.
ENABLE_INTERACTIVE - Field in GrailsConsole
ENABLE_TERMINAL - Field in GrailsConsole
enable_tracing() - Method in JSONParser
Enable tracing.
enableAgentIfNotPresent(Class) - Method in Support
Enables the reloading agent at runtime if it isn't present
EnableAutoConfiguration - Annotation Type in org.grails.boot.internal
Dummy annotation to fool boot into not applying the real 'EnableAutoConfiguration' annotation.
enableAutowireByName(ClassNode) - Method in IntegrationTestMixinTransformation
enableDevelopmentModeWatch(Environment, ConfigurableApplicationContext, String) - Method in GrailsApp
enableFileWatch(Environment, Project) - Method in GrailsGradlePlugin
enableNative2Ascii(Project, def) - Method in GrailsGradlePlugin
Enables native2ascii processing of resource bundles
encode(Object) - Method in AbstractCharReplacementEncoder
ENCODE_AS_FOR_TAGS_FIELD_NAME - Field in GrailsTagLibClass
encode(Object) - Method in BasicJSONEncoder
encode(Object) - Method in BasicXMLEncoder
encode(Object) - Method in ChainedEncoder
encode(Encoder) - Method in Encodeable
Encode with given encoder.
encode(Object) - Method in Encoder
Encode given input object
encode(Object) - Method in NoneEncoder
encode(Object) - Method in RawCodec
encode(String, String) - Method in RegexUrlMapping
encode(Encoder) - Method in StreamCharBuffer
Encodeable - Interface in org.grails.encoder
Marks a class capable of encoding itself with given Encoder
encodeAndWrite(Encoder, EncodingState, CharSequence) - Method in AbstractEncodedAppender
Encode and write input to buffer using a non-streaming encoder
encodeAsBase64(def) - Method in Base64CodecExtensionMethods
encodeAsForTagNamespaces - Field in TagLibraryLookup
encodeAsHex(def) - Method in HexCodecExtensionMethods
encodeAsHtml(String) - Method in StringEscapeCategory
encodeAsJsonObject(Object) - Method in BasicJSONEncoder
encodeAsJsonObject(Object) - Method in JSONEncoder
encodeAsMD5(def) - Method in MD5CodecExtensionMethods
encodeAsMD5Bytes(def) - Method in MD5BytesCodecExtensionMethods
encodeAsSHA1(def) - Method in SHA1CodecExtensionMethods
encodeAsSHA1Bytes(def) - Method in SHA1BytesCodecExtensionMethods
encodeAsSHA256(def) - Method in SHA256CodecExtensionMethods
encodeAsSHA256Bytes(def) - Method in SHA256BytesCodecExtensionMethods
encodeAsUrlFragment(String) - Method in StringEscapeCategory
encodeAsUrlPath(String) - Method in StringEscapeCategory
encodeAsXmlObject(Object) - Method in BasicXMLEncoder
encodeAsXmlObject(Object) - Method in XMLEncoder
EncodedAppender - Interface in org.grails.encoder
This is the input interface to the streaming encoding solution.
encodedAppender - Field in EncodedAppenderWriter
EncodedAppenderFactory - Interface in org.grails.encoder
This interface marks an instance capable of getting a EncodedAppender instance that is connected to it.
EncodedAppenderWriter - Class in org.grails.encoder
A java.io.Writer implementation that writes to a EncodedAppender with a certain encoder
EncodedAppenderWriter(EncodedAppender, Encoder, EncodingStateRegistry) - Constructor in EncodedAppenderWriter
Default constructor
EncodedAppenderWriterFactory - Interface in org.grails.encoder
This interface marks an instance capable of getting a EncodedAppenderWriter instance that is connected to it with a certain encoder fixed.
encodeInStreamingModeTo(EncoderAware, EncodingStateRegistryLookup, boolean, StreamCharBuffer.LazyInitializingWriter) - Method in StreamCharBuffer
Encoder - Interface in org.grails.encoder
Interface for encoding methods.
encoder - Field in EncodedAppenderWriter
encoder - Field in XMLCodecFactory
EncoderAware - Interface in org.grails.encoder
Marks a instance capable of providing information about the current encoder that is in use
encoders - Field in BasicCodecLookup
encoders - Field in HTMLJSCodec
EncodesToWriter - Interface in org.grails.encoder
Marks a class capable of encoding to target Writer
EncodesToWriterAdapter - Class in org.grails.encoder
EncodesToWriterAdapter(StreamingEncoder, boolean) - Constructor in EncodesToWriterAdapter
encodeTo(Writer, EncodesToWriter) - Method in StreamCharBuffer
encodeTo(EncodedAppender, Encoder) - Method in StreamEncodeable
Calls the encoder to encode the current content of the StreamEncodable instance (itself) to the EncodedAppender.
encodeTo(Writer, EncodesToWriter) - Method in StreamingEncoderWritable
Asks the instance to use given writer and EncodesToWriter instance to encode it's content
encodeToBuffer(List<Encoder>, boolean, boolean) - Method in StreamCharBuffer
encodeToStream(Encoder, CharSequence, int, int, EncodedAppender, EncodingState) - Method in AbstractCharReplacementEncoder
encodeToStream(Encoder, CharSequence, int, int, EncodedAppender, EncodingState) - Method in ChainedEncoder
encodeToStream(Encoder, CharSequence, int, int, EncodedAppender, EncodingState) - Method in NoneEncoder
encodeToStream(Encoder, CharSequence, int, int, EncodedAppender, EncodingState) - Method in RawCodec
encodeToStream(Encoder, CharSequence, int, int, EncodedAppender, EncodingState) - Method in StreamingEncoder
Encode and append portion of source CharSequence to the appender.
encodeToWriter(char[], int, int, Writer, EncodingState) - Method in AbstractCharReplacementEncoder
encodeToWriter(char[], int, int, Writer, EncodingState) - Method in EncodesToWriter
encodeToWriter(char[], int, int, Writer, EncodingState) - Method in EncodesToWriterAdapter
encodeToWriter(CharSequence, Writer) - Method in JSONObject
encoding - Field in AbstractConverter
ENCODING - Field in CreateAppCommand
EncodingState - Interface in org.grails.encoder
Holds the state of applied encodings
EncodingStateImpl - Class in org.grails.encoder
Default implementation of EncodingState
EncodingStateImpl(Encoder, EncodingState) - Constructor in EncodingStateImpl
EncodingStateRegistry - Interface in org.grails.encoder
EncodingStateRegistry keeps encoding state of CharSequence instances.
encodingStateRegistry - Field in EncodedAppenderWriter
EncodingStateRegistryLookup - Interface in org.grails.encoder
This interface marks an instance capable of looking of the current EncodingStateRegistry
EncodingStateRegistryLookupHolder - Class in org.grails.encoder
end(JSONWriter.Mode, char) - Method in JSONWriter
End something.
end(Mode, char) - Method in PathCapturingJSONWriterWrapper
end(Mode, char) - Method in PrettyPrintJSONWriter
end() - Method in PrettyPrintXMLStreamWriter
end() - Method in XML
end() - Method in XMLStreamWriter
endArray() - Method in JSONWriter
End an array.
endArray() - Method in PathCapturingJSONWriterWrapper
endArray() - Method in PrettyPrintJSONWriter
endBar() - Method in AnsiConsoleUrlMappingsRenderer
endColumn - Field in Token
The column number of the last character of this Token.
endEachMethod() - Method in GroovySyntaxTag
endLine - Field in Token
The line number of the last character of this Token.
endObject() - Method in JSONWriter
End an object.
endObject() - Method in PathCapturingJSONWriterWrapper
endObject() - Method in PrettyPrintJSONWriter
ENDQUOTE - Field in JsonParserConstants
RegularExpression Id.
endStartTag() - Method in PrettyPrintXMLStreamWriter
endStartTag() - Method in XMLStreamWriter
endTest(Test) - Method in JUnitReports
endTestSuite(JUnitTest) - Method in JUnitReports
endTestSuite(JUnitTest) - Method in PlainFormatter
enhance(MetaClass) - Method in MetaClassEnhancer
enhanceAll(Iterable) - Method in MetaClassEnhancer
Enhanced - Annotation Type in grails.artefact
An annotation for classes that are compile-time enhanced.
enhancedFor - Field in Enhanced
@default {}
enhanceGebSpecWithPort(ClassNode) - Method in IntegrationTestMixinTransformation
Enhances - Annotation Type in grails.artefact
Can be applied to any Trait to indicate to Grails that the trait should be automatically added to the given artefact types
enhanceSingleEntity(PersistentEntity) - Method in DomainClassUnitTestMixin
EnhancesTraitTransformation - Class in org.grails.compiler.injection
Implementation for {@link Enhances)
enhanceTagLibMetaClass(MetaClass, TagLibraryLookup, String) - Method in TagLibraryMetaUtils
ensureCapacity(int) - Method in JSONArray
Entity - Annotation Type in grails.persistence
A class annotation used to make a class into a GORM domain class.
EntityASTTransformation - Class in org.grails.compiler.injection
EntityProxyHandler - Interface in grails.core.support.proxy
Methods specified to proxied entities
ENTRY_TAG - Field in AtomRenderer
entrySet() - Method in AbstractTemplateVariableBinding.TemplateVariableBindingMap
entrySet() - Method in AbstractTypeConvertingMap
entrySet() - Method in CodeGenConfig
entrySet() - Method in CompositeConfig
entrySet() - Method in FlatConfig
entrySet() - Method in GPathResultMap
entrySet() - Method in GrailsFlashScope
entrySet() - Method in JSONObject
entrySet() - Method in LazyBeanMap
entrySet() - Method in LazyMetaPropertyMap
entrySet() - Method in NavigableMap
entrySet() - Method in NavigableMap.NullSafeNavigator
entrySet() - Method in NavigableMapConfig
entrySet() - Method in PrefixedConfig
EnumMarshaller - Class in org.grails.web.converters.marshaller.json
@author Siegfried Puchbauer
ENV_GRAILS_HOME - Field in Environment
The name of the GRAILS_HOME environment variable
ENV_RELOAD_AGENT_PATH - Field in Support
Environment - Enum in grails.util
Represents the current environment.
EnvironmentAwarePropertySource - Class in org.grails.config
A PropertySource aware of the Grails environment and that resolves keys based on the environment from other property sources
ENVIRONMENTS - Field in GrailsPlugin
The environments to which this plugin applies
EOF - Field in JsonParserConstants
End of File.
eol - Field in ParseException
The end of line string for this machine.
equals(Object) - Method in AbstractClosureProxy
Compares based on identities, but unlike the standard implementation this one will return true if the given object is the target closure for this wrapper as well.
equals(Object) - Method in AbstractGrailsPlugin
equals(Object) - Method in AbstractTemplateVariableBinding.BindingMapEntry
equals(Object) - Method in AbstractTypeConvertingMap
equals(PropertyDescriptor, PropertyDescriptor) - Method in CachedIntrospectionResults
Compare the given PropertyDescriptors and return true if they are equivalent, i.e. their read method, write method, property type, property editor and flags are equivalent.
equals(Object) - Method in ClassPathResource
This implementation compares the underlying class path locations.
equals(Object) - Method in DefaultCodecIdentifier
equals(Object) - Method in DefaultGrailsDomainClassProperty
Overridden equals to take into account inherited properties e.g. childClass.propertyName is equal to parentClass.propertyName if the types match and childClass.property.isInherited
equals(Object) - Method in DefaultUrlMappingInfo
equals(Object) - Method in EncodingStateImpl
equals(Object) - Method in FileSystemResource
This implementation compares the underlying File references.
equals(Object) - Method in JSONArray
If the passed object is a JSONArray, then the underlying collection must be equal.
equals(Object) - Method in JSONObject
equals(Object) - Method in LazyMetaPropertyMap
equals(def) - Method in MimeType
equals(Object) - Method in NavigableMap
equals(Object) - Method in NavigableMap.NullSafeNavigator
equals(Object) - Method in NavigableMapConfig
EQUALS_OPERATOR - Field in GrailsASTUtils
equals(Object) - Method in Pair
equals(Object) - Method in PrefixedConfig
equals(def) - Method in ResourceProfile
equals(Object) - Method in StreamCharBuffer
equals uses String.equals to check for equality to support compatibility with String instances in maps, sets, etc.
equals(Object) - Method in Triple
equals(Object) - Method in UrlCreatorCache.ReverseMappingKey
equals(Object) - Method in UrlResource
This implementation compares the underlying URL references.
equals(def) - Method in VersionComparator
error(String) - Method in AnsiConsoleUrlMappingsRenderer
error(String) - Method in AntLogAdapter
error(SourceUnit, ASTNode, String) - Method in BindingFormatASTTransformation
error(Throwable) - Method in ConsoleLogger
Use to log an error
error(SourceUnit, ASTNode, String, boolean) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
Generates a fatal compilation error.
ERROR - Field in GrailsConsole
ERROR_TAG - Field in VndErrorXmlRenderer
error(SourceUnit, String) - Method in TestMixinTransformation
ERRORS - Field in GrailsApplicationAttributes
ERRORS - Field in GrailsDomainClassProperty
ERRORS_PREFIX - Field in GrailsFlashScope
ERRORS_PROPERTY - Field in ControllerDynamicMethods
ERRORS_TAG - Field in VndErrorXmlRenderer
ErrorsViewStackTracePrinter - Class in org.grails.web.errors
Customized Stack trace output for the errors view.
ErrorsViewStackTracePrinter(ResourceLocator) - Constructor in ErrorsViewStackTracePrinter
ESC_STATE - Field in JsonParserConstants
Lexical state.
ESCAPE_CHAR - Field in JsonParserConstants
RegularExpression Id.
escapeCharacter(char, char) - Method in AbstractCharReplacementEncoder
Escape the character, return null if no replacement has to be made
escapeCharacter(char, char) - Method in BasicJSONEncoder
escapeCharacter(char, char) - Method in BasicXMLEncoder
escapeCharacter(char, char) - Method in HTML4Encoder
escapeCharacter(char, char) - Method in JavaScriptEncoder
escapeCharSequence(CharSequence) - Method in AbstractCharReplacementEncoder
EscapingFileNameCompletor - Class in org.grails.cli.interactive.completers
JLine Completor that does file path matching like FileNameCompletor, but in addition it escapes whitespace in completions with the '\' character.
establishPageName(Resource, String) - Method in GroovyPagesTemplateEngine
Establishes the name to use for the given resource
establishUrlPattern(UrlMapping, boolean, int) - Method in AnsiConsoleUrlMappingsRenderer
ETAG - Field in HttpHeaders
evaluate(Class<?>, GrailsDomainClassProperty) - Method in ConstraintsEvaluator
Evaluate constraints for the given Class and properties
evaluate(String, int, Object, Closure<?>) - Method in GroovyPage
In the development environment this method is used to evaluate expressions and improve error reporting
evaluateConstraints(Class<?>, GrailsDomainClassProperty) - Method in GrailsDomainConfigurationUtil
Evaluates the constraints closure to build the list of constraints.
evaluateFeatures(Profile, List<String>) - Method in CreateAppCommand
evaluateFileName(String) - Method in GroovyScriptCommandFactory
evaluateFileName(String) - Method in ResourceResolvingCommandFactory
evaluateMappings(Closure) - Method in DefaultUrlMappingEvaluator
evaluateMappings(Closure) - Method in UrlMappingEvaluator
Evaluates mapping from the given closure if possible
evaluateNameForValue(Object, GrailsWebRequest) - Method in AbstractUrlMappingInfo
evaluateProfileName(CommandLine) - Method in CreateAppCommand
EVANESCENT - Field in GrailsDomainClassProperty
Event - Enum in grails.persistence
Enum of the available events that Grails triggers.
EVENT_ON_CHANGE - Field in GrailsPlugin
EVENT_ON_CONFIG_CHANGE - Field in GrailsPlugin
EVENT_ON_SHUTDOWN - Field in GrailsPlugin
EVENT_SUFFIX - Field in SpringEventTranslator
EventBusGrailsPlugin - Class in org.grails.plugins.events
A plugin that integrates Reactor into Grails
eventDelivered(TestEvent) - Method in DefaultSharedRuntimeConfigurer
eventDelivered(TestEvent) - Method in TestEventInterceptor
This method is called after a single event has been delivered to plugins
eventFor(Map<String, Object>, T, Closure<Throwable>) - Method in Events
Creates an reactor.bus.Event for the given headers, data and error consumer
eventPublished(TestEvent) - Method in DefaultSharedRuntimeConfigurer
eventPublished(TestEvent) - Method in TestEventInterceptor
This method is called before an event gets delivered and processed
Events - Trait in grails.events
A trait that can be applied to any class to enable event sending and receiving
eventsProcessed(TestEvent, List<TestEvent>) - Method in DefaultSharedRuntimeConfigurer
eventsProcessed(TestEvent, List<TestEvent>) - Method in TestEventInterceptor
This method is called after each "top-level" event has been fully processed.
EventStorage - Class in org.grails.cli.profile.commands.events
Stores command line events
EVICT - Field in GrailsPlugin
Defines the name of the property that specifies a List or plugins that this plugin evicts Eviction occurs when the PluginManager loads
evictionList - Field in AbstractGrailsPlugin
evictPlugin(GrailsPlugin, String) - Method in DefaultGrailsPluginManager
EXCEEDED_SUFFIX - Field in ConstrainedProperty
except(Map) - Method in Matcher
Synonym for Matcher.excludes
except(Map) - Method in UrlMappingMatcher
EXCEPTION_ATTRIBUTE - Field in ExceptionUtils
EXCEPTION_ATTRIBUTE - Field in GrailsExceptionResolver
EXCEPTION_HANDLER_BEAN - Field in GrailsApplication
EXCEPTION_HANDLER_BEAN - Field in GrailsRuntimeConfigurator
EXCEPTION_HANDLER_META_DATA_FIELD_NAME - Field in ControllerActionTransformer
EXCEPTION_MODEL_KEY - Field in GroovyPageView
ExceptionUtils - Class in org.grails.exceptions
Utility methods for dealing with exception
EXCLUDE_MEMBER - Field in ApplicationClassInjector
exclude - Field in UseTestPlugin
@default false
EXCLUDED_AUTO_CONFIGURE_CLASSES - Field in ApplicationClassInjector
excludes - Field in AbstractConverter
excludes(List<T>, T) - Method in IncludeExcludeSupport
excludes(Closure<Boolean>) - Method in Matcher
Adds an exclusion that is calculated by the given closure
excludes - Field in UrlMappingMatcher
excludesProperty(Object, String) - Method in AbstractIncludeExcludeRenderer
excludesProperty(Object, String) - Method in IncludeExcludePropertyMarshaller
Override for custom exclude logic
ExcludingPluginFilter - Class in org.grails.plugins
Implementation of PluginFilter which removes that all of the supplied plugins (identified by name) as well as their dependencies are omitted from the filtered plugin list.
ExcludingPluginFilter(String) - Constructor in ExcludingPluginFilter
exclusionDependencySelector - Field in AbstractProfile
execute(Project) - Method in AgentTasksEnhancer
execute(BuildController) - Method in ClasspathBuildAction
execute() - Method in DocPublisherTask
execute(BuildController) - Method in FetchAllTaskSelectorsBuildAction
execute(String) - Method in GrailsCli
Execute the given command
execute(Closure) - Method in GrailsTransactionTemplate
execute() - Method in GroovyPageCompilerTask
execute(IncrementalTaskInputs) - Method in GroovyPageCompileTask
execute(Writer, MacroParameter) - Method in GspTagSourceMacro
execute(Writer, MacroParameter) - Method in HiddenMacro
execute(Closure<?>) - Method in JSON.Builder
execute(Writer, MacroParameter) - Method in NoteMacro
execute(IncrementalTaskInputs) - Method in ProfileCompilerTask
execute(Writer, MacroParameter) - Method in WarningMacro
execute(Closure<?>) - Method in XML.Builder
executeAndRollback(Closure) - Method in GrailsTransactionTemplate
executeCommandWithArgumentValidation(Command, CommandLine) - Method in GrailsCli
executeDoWithConfigCallback(TestRuntime, GrailsApplication, Map) - Method in GrailsApplicationTestPlugin
executeDoWithSpringCallback(TestRuntime, Map) - Method in GrailsApplicationTestPlugin
executeEventLoop(TestEvent) - Method in TestRuntime
executeForCurrentEnvironment(Closure<?>) - Method in Environment
Takes an environment specific DSL block like:
executeForEnvironment(Environment, Closure<?>) - Method in Environment
Takes an environment specific DSL block like:
executeGrailsBootstraps(GrailsApplication, WebApplicationContext, ServletContext) - Method in GrailsConfigUtils
Executes Grails bootstrap classes
executeProcess(ExecutionContext, String) - Method in GrailsCli
ExecuteStep - Class in org.grails.cli.profile.steps
A Step that can execute another command
ExecuteStep(ProfileCommand, Map<String, Object>) - Constructor in ExecuteStep
ExecutionContext - Class in grails.dev.commands
A context command to pass to ApplicationCommand instances
exists() - Method in AbstractFileResolvingResource
exists() - Method in ByteArrayResource
exists() - Method in ClassPathResource
This implementation checks for the resolution of a resource URL.
exists(String) - Method in DocEngine
exists(def) - Method in FileResourceChecker
exists() - Method in FileSystemResource
This implementation returns whether the underlying file exists.
exists() - Method in GrailsResource
exists() - Method in MockApplicationContext.MockResource
exists() - Method in Resource
Return whether this resource actually exists in physical form.
exists() - Method in SpringResource
exit(int) - Method in GrailsCli
ExpandBuff(boolean) - Method in SimpleCharStream
EXPECT - Field in HttpHeaders
expectCheckForChanges() - Method in MockGrailsPluginManager
expectedTokenSequences - Field in ParseException
Each entry in this array is an array of integers.
expire() - Method in CacheEntry
EXPIRES - Field in HttpHeaders
exposeIncludeRequestAttributes(HttpServletRequest) - Method in WebUtils
Expose the current request URI and paths as javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest attributes under the keys defined in the Servlet 2.4 specification, for containers that implement 2.3 or an earlier version of the Servlet API: javax.servlet.forward.request_uri, javax.servlet.forward.context_path, javax.servlet.forward.servlet_path, javax.servlet.forward.path_info, javax.servlet.forward.query_string.
exposeRequestAttributesAndReturnOldValues(HttpServletRequest, Map<String, ?>) - Method in WebUtils
EXPRESSION_CODEC_NAME - Field in OutputEncodingSettings
expression codec escapes values inside ${} to output
EXPRESSION_OUT - Field in GroovyPage
expressionEncoder(Encoder) - Method in OutputEncodingStackAttributes.Builder
ExtendedProxy - Class in grails.util
Extends the Groovy Proxy implementation and adds proxying of property getters/setters.
ExtendedProxy() - Constructor in ExtendedProxy
EXTENSION - Field in GroovyPage
EXTENSION - Field in GroovyPagesUriSupport
extractControllerNameFromTestClassName(String, String) - Method in ControllerNameExtractor
Derive the controller name from the given class name using the list of given suffixes, typically ['Test', 'Tests', 'Spec', 'Specification'].
extractErrors(def) - Method in ValidationTagLib
extractIdValue(Object, GrailsDomainClassProperty) - Method in ConverterUtil
Reads the value of the primary identifier property of a domain class instance
extractJarFileURL(URL) - Method in GrailsResourceUtils
Extract the URL for the actual jar file from the given URL (which may point to a resource in a jar file or to a jar file itself).
extractLineNumber(CompilationFailedException) - Method in ExceptionUtils
extractLineNumber(CompilationFailedException) - Method in GrailsExceptionResolver
extractPathWithinPattern(String, String) - Method in AntPathMatcher
Given a pattern and a full path, determine the pattern-mapped part.
extractRootCause(Throwable) - Method in GrailsUtil
extractTagClosureSource(String, String) - Method in GspTagSourceMacro
Extracts the Closure source code for a given tag name.
extractUriTemplateVariables(String, String) - Method in AntPathMatcher
extractValue(Object, GrailsDomainClassProperty) - Method in DomainClassMarshaller


FactoriesLoaderSupport - Class in org.grails.io.support
Base functionality for loading grails.factories
FactoryHolder - Class in org.grails.web.sitemesh
Holds a reference to the Sitemesh Factory object.
failedPlugins - Field in AbstractGrailsPluginManager
fastClass(Class) - Method in GrailsClassUtils
FastStringPrintWriter - Class in org.grails.buffer
Fast in-memory PrintWriter implementation.
FastStringPrintWriter(Object) - Constructor in FastStringPrintWriter
FastStringWriter - Class in org.grails.buffer
Java's default StringWriter uses a StringBuffer which is synchronized.
FastStringWriter(Object) - Constructor in FastStringWriter
Feature - Interface in org.grails.cli.profile
An interface that describes a feature of a profile.
features - Field in AbstractProfile
FEATURES_FLAG - Field in CreateAppCommand
FEED_TAG - Field in AtomRenderer
FETCH_EAGER - Field in GrailsDomainClassProperty
FETCH_LAZY - Field in GrailsDomainClassProperty
FETCH_MODE - Field in GrailsDomainClassProperty
FetchAllTaskSelectorsBuildAction - Class in org.grails.cli.gradle
A org.gradle.tooling.BuildAction that calculates all the tasks from the Gradle build
FetchAllTaskSelectorsBuildAction.AllTasksModel - Class in org.grails.cli.gradle
FetchAllTaskSelectorsBuildAction(File) - Constructor in FetchAllTaskSelectorsBuildAction
fetchAndRebaseIfExpired(boolean) - Method in GitProfileRepository
fieldImpl(GrailsPrintWriter, Map) - Method in FormTagLib
file(Object) - Method in FileSystemInteraction
Obtain a file for the given path
file(Object) - Method in FileSystemInteractionImpl
Obtain a file for the given path
FILE - Field in Metadata
file - Field in PlainFormatter
FILE_SEPARATOR - Field in DefaultResourceLocator
FILE_SEPARATOR - Field in ResourceLocator
FILE_URL_PREFIX - Field in GrailsResourceUtils
URL prefix for loading from the file system: "file:"
fileCacheMillis - Field in ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource
FileExtensionFileChangeListener - Class in org.grails.io.watch
A org.grails.io.watch.DirectoryWatcher.FileChangeListener that only fires for specific extension or list of extensions
FileExtensionFileChangeListener(List<String>) - Constructor in FileExtensionFileChangeListener
fileName - Field in CachedGradleOperation
FileResourceChecker - Class in grails.doc.internal
Simple class that checks whether a path relative to a base directory exists or not.
FileResourceChecker(File) - Constructor in FileResourceChecker
files(String) - Method in FileSystemInteraction
Get files matching the given pattern
files(String) - Method in FileSystemInteractionImpl
Get files matching the given pattern
FileSystemCommandResourceResolver - Class in org.grails.cli.profile.commands.factory
A CommandResourceResolver that resolves from the file system
FileSystemCommandResourceResolver(Collection<String>) - Constructor in FileSystemCommandResourceResolver
FileSystemInteraction - Interface in org.grails.cli.profile.commands.io
Utility methods exposed to scripts for interacting with resources (found on the file system or jars) and the file system
FileSystemInteraction.CopySpec - Class in org.grails.cli.profile.commands.io
FileSystemInteractionImpl - Class in org.grails.cli.profile.commands.io
Utility methods exposed to scripts for interacting with resources (found on the file system or jars) and the file system
FileSystemInteractionImpl(ExecutionContext, ResourceLoader) - Constructor in FileSystemInteractionImpl
FileSystemProfile - Class in org.grails.cli.profile
Simple disk based implementation of the Profile interface
FileSystemProfile(ProfileRepository, File) - Constructor in FileSystemProfile
FileSystemResource - Class in org.grails.io.support
Based on Spring FileSystemResource implementation.
FileSystemResource(String) - Constructor in FileSystemResource
Create a new FileSystemResource from a file path.
FileSystemResourceLoader - Class in org.grails.io.support
ResourceLoader implementation that resolves plain paths as file system resources rather than as class path resources (the latter is DefaultResourceLoader's default strategy).
fillArguments(ExecutionContext, BuildLauncher) - Method in GradleStep
FillBuff() - Method in SimpleCharStream
filter(Throwable) - Method in DefaultStackTraceFilterer
filter(Throwable) - Method in StackTraceFilterer
filterAnnotations(AnnotatedNode, Set<String>, Set<String>) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
filterBodyAttr(Object) - Method in TemplateNamespacedTagDispatcher
filterGStringReferences(Object) - Method in BeanBuilder
FilteringCodecsByContentTypeSettings - Class in org.grails.web.pages
FilteringCodecsByContentTypeSettings(GrailsApplication) - Constructor in FilteringCodecsByContentTypeSettings
filterPluginList(List<GrailsPlugin>) - Method in BasePluginFilter
Template method shared by subclasses of BasePluginFilter.
filterPluginList(List) - Method in IdentityPluginFilter
Simply returns original list reference.
filterPluginList(List<GrailsPlugin>) - Method in PluginFilter
Returns a filtered list of plugins.
FILTERS_ARTEFACT_TYPE - Field in LoggingTransformer
filterStackTrace(Exception) - Method in GrailsExceptionResolver
finalizeDeferredProperties() - Method in BeanBuilder
find(String) - Method in GrailsDependencyVersions
find(Closure) - Method in GrailsMockHttpServletRequest
Adds a "find()" method to the request that searches the request's attributes.
find(HttpServletRequest, Closure<Boolean>) - Method in HttpServletRequestExtension
findAgentJar(String, String) - Method in Support
findAll(Closure) - Method in GrailsMockHttpServletRequest
Like the find(Closure) method, this searches the request attributes.
findAll(HttpServletRequest, Closure) - Method in HttpServletRequestExtension
findAllClassPathResources(String) - Method in PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver
Find all class location resources with the given location via the ClassLoader.
findAllCommands() - Method in HelpCommand
findAnnotation(ClassNode, Class<?>) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
findAnnotationOnBean(String, Class<A>) - Method in GenericBeanFactoryAccessor
Find a java.lang.annotation.Annotation of annotationType on the specified bean, traversing its interfaces and super classes if no annotation can be found on the given class itself, as well as checking its raw bean class if not found on the exposed bean reference (e.g. in case of a proxy).
findAnnotationOnBean(String, Class<A>) - Method in MockApplicationContext
findApplication() - Method in Holders
@return The ApplicationContext or null if it doesn't exist
findApplication(ServletContext) - Method in WebUtils
Looks up the GrailsApplication instance
findApplicationContext() - Method in GrailsApplicationDiscoveryStrategy
@return Find the ApplicationContext instance
findApplicationContext() - Method in Holders
@return The ApplicationContext or null if it doesn't exist
findApplicationContext() - Method in ServletEnvironmentGrailsApplicationDiscoveryStrategy
findApplicationContext(ServletContext) - Method in WebUtils
Locates the ApplicationContext, returns null if not found
findApplicationDirectory() - Method in IOUtils
findApplicationDirectoryFile(Class) - Method in IOUtils
Finds the application directory for the given class
findAttribute(String) - Method in GroovyPagesPageContext
findBinaryScriptSource(String) - Method in DefaultGroovyPageLocator
findBindingForVariable(String) - Method in AbstractTemplateVariableBinding
findBindingForVariable(String) - Method in TemplateVariableBinding
ModifyOurScopeWithBodyTagTests breaks if variable isn't changed in the binding it exists in.
findBindingForVariable(String) - Method in WebRequestTemplateVariableBinding
findBindingInOutputContext() - Method in GroovyPageStaticResourceLocator
findClassResource(Class) - Method in IOUtils
Returns the URL resource for the location on disk of the given class or null if it cannot be found
findCommand(String) - Method in ApplicationContextCommandRegistry
findCommandResources(Profile) - Method in ClasspathCommandResourceResolver
findCommandResources(Profile) - Method in CommandResourceResolver
Finds Command resources for the given profile
findCommandResources(Profile) - Method in FileSystemCommandResourceResolver
findCommandResources(Profile, boolean) - Method in ResourceResolvingCommandFactory
findCommands(Profile, boolean) - Method in ApplicationContextCommandFactory
findCommands() - Method in ApplicationContextCommandRegistry
findCommands(Profile, boolean) - Method in CommandFactory
Creates a command for the given name
findCommands(Profile, boolean) - Method in CommandRegistry
findCommands(Profile, GrailsConsole) - Method in ProfileInfoCommand
findCommands(Profile, boolean) - Method in ResourceResolvingCommandFactory
findCommands(Profile, boolean) - Method in ServiceCommandFactory
findConstructor(ClassNode, Parameter) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
Finds a constructor for the given class node and parameter types
findContainerRenderer(MimeType, Class<C>, T) - Method in DefaultRendererRegistry
findContainerRenderer(MimeType, Class<C>, T) - Method in RendererRegistry
Finds a renderer for a container (List, Errors, Map etc.) for another object
findDecorator(HttpServletRequest, String) - Method in RenderTagLib
findDecorators() - Method in PromiseDecoratorLookupStrategy
findDecorators() - Method in WebRequestPromiseDecoratorLookupStrategy
findFirstAnnotation(Class, Class<T>, boolean) - Method in TestRuntimeUtil
Finds first annotation of given type from given class, it's package or superclasses (and their package) Meta-annotations get processed too.
findGrailsApplication() - Method in GrailsApplicationDiscoveryStrategy
@return Find the GrailsApplication instance
findGrailsApplication() - Method in ServletEnvironmentGrailsApplicationDiscoveryStrategy
findGSPSitemeshPage(HttpServletRequest) - Method in SitemeshTagLib
findInjectors(String, ClassInjector) - Method in ArtefactTypeAstTransformation
findIntegrationTestSources(Project) - Method in IntegrationTestGradlePlugin
findInterface(ClassNode, ClassNode) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
findJarFile(URL) - Method in IOUtils
Finds a JAR for the given resource
findJarResource(Class) - Method in IOUtils
Returns the URL resource for the location on disk of the given class or null if it cannot be found
findLayout(HttpServletRequest, Page) - Method in GroovyPageLayoutFinder
findMainClass() - Method in FindMainClassTask
findMainClass(File) - Method in MainClassFinder
FindMainClassTask - Class in org.grails.gradle.plugin.run
A task that finds the main task, differs slightly from Boot's version as expects a subclass of GrailsConfiguration
findMainSourceSet(Project) - Method in SourceSets
Finds the main SourceSet for the project
findMarhallerFor(Object) - Method in ChainedConverterConfiguration.ChainedObjectMarshaller
findMatchingObjectForMimeType(MimeType, def) - Method in ClassAndMimeTypeRegistry
findPage(String) - Method in CachingGrailsConventionGroovyPageLocator
findPage(String) - Method in DefaultGroovyPageLocator
findPage(String) - Method in GroovyPageLocator
Finds a page for the given URI
findPageInBinaryPlugins(String) - Method in GroovyPagesServlet
findPageInBinding(String, String, TemplateVariableBinding) - Method in CachingGrailsConventionGroovyPageLocator
findPageInBinding(String, TemplateVariableBinding) - Method in DefaultGroovyPageLocator
findPageInBinding(String, TemplateVariableBinding) - Method in GroovyPageLocator
Finds a page for the URI and binding
findPathMatchingResources(String) - Method in CachingPathMatchingResourcePatternResolver
findPathMatchingResources(String) - Method in PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver
Find all resources that match the given location pattern via the Ant-style PathMatcher.
findPropertyNameForValue(Object, Object) - Method in GrailsClassUtils
Locates the name of a property for the given value on the target object using Groovy's meta APIs.
findRegisteredObjectForType(Class, MimeType) - Method in ClassAndMimeTypeRegistry
findReloadablePage(String) - Method in DefaultGroovyPageLocator
findRenderer(MimeType, T) - Method in DefaultRendererRegistry
findRenderer(MimeType, T) - Method in RendererRegistry
Finds a renderer
findRequestedVersion(GrailsWebRequest) - Method in UrlMappingsHandlerMapping
findResource(List<String>) - Method in DefaultGroovyPageLocator
findResource(String) - Method in PageRenderer
findResourceForClassName(String) - Method in DefaultResourceLocator
findResourceForClassName(String) - Method in ResourceLocator
Finds the .groovy file or .java file for a given class from a Grails project.
findResourceForClassName(String) - Method in StaticResourceLocator
findResourceForURI(String) - Method in CachingGroovyPageStaticResourceLocator
findResourceForURI(String) - Method in DefaultResourceLocator
findResourceForURI(String) - Method in GroovyPageStaticResourceLocator
findResourceForURI(String) - Method in ResourceLocator
Finds a resource for the given URI
findResourceForURI(String) - Method in StaticResourceLocator
findResourceInBinaryPlugins(DefaultResourceLocator.PluginResourceInfo) - Method in DefaultResourceLocator
findResourceInPlugins(String) - Method in DefaultGroovyPageLocator
findResourceRelativeToClass(Class, String) - Method in IOUtils
Finds a URL within a JAR relative (from the root) to the given class
findResourceScriptPathForSearchPaths(String, List<String>) - Method in DefaultGroovyPageLocator
findResourceScriptSource(String) - Method in DefaultGroovyPageLocator
findResourceScriptSourceInPlugins(String) - Method in DefaultGroovyPageLocator
findRootResource(Class) - Method in IOUtils
Returns a URL that represents the root classpath resource where the given class was loaded from
findRootResourcesURL(Class) - Method in IOUtils
This method differs from findRootResource(java.lang.Class) in that it will find the root URL where to load resources defined in src/main/resources
findScriptSource(String) - Method in GroovyPagesTemplateEngine
findSourceSets(Project) - Method in SourceSets
findStreamCharBufferTarget(boolean) - Method in GrailsPrintWriter
findTemplate(String) - Method in GrailsConventionGroovyPageLocator
Finds a template for the given given template name, looking up the controller from the request as necessary
findTemplate(Decorator) - Method in RenderTagLib
findTemplateByPath(String) - Method in GrailsConventionGroovyPageLocator
Find a template for a path.
findTemplateInBinding(String, String, TemplateVariableBinding) - Method in GrailsConventionGroovyPageLocator
Finds a template for the given given template name, looking up the controller from the request as necessary
findView(String) - Method in GrailsConventionGroovyPageLocator
Finds a view for the given given view name, looking up the controller from the request as necessary
findViewByPath(String) - Method in GrailsConventionGroovyPageLocator
Find a view for a path.
findViewForFormat(String, String, String) - Method in GrailsConventionGroovyPageLocator
Finds a view for the given view name and format, otherwise returns null if it doesn't exist
findWrappedException(Exception) - Method in GrailsExceptionResolver
finishQueuingDefineBeans(TestRuntime, RuntimeSpringConfiguration) - Method in GrailsApplicationTestPlugin
finishRefresh() - Method in GroovyConsoleApplicationContext
finishRefresh() - Method in GroovyConsoleWebApplicationContext
finishRefresh() - Method in GroovyshApplicationContext
finishRefresh() - Method in GroovyshWebApplicationContext
fireEvent(Object, String, Object) - Method in EventStorage
flag(CommandLine, String) - Method in AbstractStep
Obtains details of the given flag if it has been set by the user
flag(Map) - Method in CommandDescription
Adds a flag for the given named arguments
flag(String) - Method in GroovyScriptCommand
Obtains details of the given flag if it has been set by the user
FLASH_SCOPE - Field in GrailsApplicationAttributes
FLASH_SCOPE_PROPERTY - Field in ControllerDynamicMethods
FlashScope - Interface in org.codehaus.groovy.grails.web.servlet
@author Graeme Rocher
FlatConfig - Class in org.grails.config
@author Graeme Rocher
flatConfig - Field in AbstractGrailsApplication
FlatConfig(Config) - Constructor in FlatConfig
flatten() - Method in CompositeConfig
flatten() - Method in Config
@return The flat version of the config
flatten() - Method in NavigableMapConfig
flatten() - Method in PrefixedConfig
float(String, Float) - Method in TypeConvertingMap
flush() - Method in AbstractEncodedAppender
flush() - Method in DevNullPrintStream
flush() - Method in EncodedAppender
Flush the internal buffer and write the buffered input to a possible destination.
flush() - Method in EncodedAppenderWriter
flush() - Method in GrailsConsole
Makes sure that the console has been reset to the default state and that the out stream has been flushed.
flush() - Method in GrailsPrintWriter
Flush the stream.
flush() - Method in GrailsPrintWriterAdapter
flush() - Method in GrailsRoutablePrintWriter
flush() - Method in JspWriterDelegate
flush() - Method in NullPersistentContextInterceptor
flush() - Method in PersistenceContextInterceptor
Flushes any pending changes to the DB.
flush() - Method in StreamCharBuffer.StreamCharBufferWriter
flush() - Method in StreamingEncoderEncodedAppender
flush() - Method in WriterEncodedAppender
flushActiveWriter() - Method in OutputEncodingStack
flushBuffer() - Method in GrailsPageResponseWrapper
Prevent buffer from being flushed if this is a page being parsed.
flushBuffer() - Method in IncludeResponseWrapper
flushTagBuffering() - Method in GroovyPageParser
forClass(Class<?>) - Method in CachedIntrospectionResults
Create CachedIntrospectionResults for the given bean class.
foreachRenamedIt - Field in GroovySyntaxTag
FORM - Field in MimeType
format(Locale, String, Object) - Method in DevNullPrintStream
FORMAT_PARAMETER - Field in RegexUrlMapping
formatAtomDate(Date) - Method in AtomRenderer
formatCodeSnippetEnd(Resource, int) - Method in DefaultErrorsPrinter
formatCodeSnippetEnd(Resource, int) - Method in ErrorsViewStackTracePrinter
formatCodeSnippetErrorLine(int, def) - Method in DefaultErrorsPrinter
formatCodeSnippetErrorLine(int, Object) - Method in ErrorsViewStackTracePrinter
formatCodeSnippetLine(int, def) - Method in DefaultErrorsPrinter
formatCodeSnippetLine(int, Object) - Method in ErrorsViewStackTracePrinter
formatCodeSnippetStart(Resource, int) - Method in DefaultErrorsPrinter
formatCodeSnippetStart(Resource, int) - Method in ErrorsViewStackTracePrinter
formatDateCreated(def) - Method in AtomRenderer
formatErrors(Errors, String) - Method in ValidationException
FormatInterceptor - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.mime
Interceptors a closure call and gathers method calls that take a closure into a map format->closure
formatLastUpdated(def) - Method in AtomRenderer
formats - Field in JUnitReportsFactory
formats() - Method in Resource
@default "json", 'xml']
The allowed response formats
FormatTagLib - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.taglib
The base application tag library for Grails many of which take inspiration from Rails helpers (thanks guys!
FormattedDateValueConverter - Class in org.grails.databinding.converters
@author Jeff Brown
formattedValueConversionHelpers - Field in SimpleDataBinder
FormattedValueConverter - Interface in grails.databinding.converters
Classes which implement this interface may participate in the data binding process as formatted value converters.
formatValue(def, String, Boolean) - Method in ValidationTagLib
Formats a given value for output to an HTML page by converting it to a string and encoding it.
FormTagLib - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.taglib
Tags for working with form controls.
formulateKey(String) - Method in PrefixedConfig
forward(String) - Method in GroovyPagesPageContext
FORWARD_IN_PROGRESS - Field in GrailsApplicationAttributes
FORWARD_ISSUED - Field in GrailsApplicationAttributes
forward(Map) - Method in RequestForwarder
Forwards a request for the given parameters using the RequestDispatchers forward method
FORWARDED - Field in HttpHeaders
ForwardMethod - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.controllers.metaclass
Implements performing a forward.
forwardRequest(UrlMappingInfo, HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse, ModelAndView, String) - Method in GrailsExceptionResolver
forwardRequestForUrlMappingInfo(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse, UrlMappingInfo, Map, boolean) - Method in UrlMappingUtils
Forwards a request for the given UrlMappingInfo object and model
forwardURI - Field in AbstractUrlMapping
ForwardUrlMappingInfo - Class in org.grails.web.mapping
A customizable UrlMappingInfo instance used for forwards and includes.
FOUR_SPACES - Field in VndErrorJsonRenderer
FreshRuntime - Annotation Type in grails.test.runtime
Annotation to be used in Junit tests and Spock specifications.
from(def) - Method in FileSystemInteraction.CopySpec
FROM - Field in HttpHeaders
fromQueryString(String) - Method in WebUtils
Takes a query string and returns the results as a map where the values are either a single entry or a list of values
FULL_STACK_TRACE_MESSAGE - Field in StackTraceFilterer
FULL_STACKTRACE - Field in Environment
Whether the display of full stack traces is needed
A system property with this name is populated in the preparation phase of functional testing with the base URL that tests should be run against.


ga - Field in AbstractGrailsMockTests
The GrailsApplication instance created during setup
gcl - Field in AbstractGrailsMockTests
A GroovyClassLoader instance
GDM_EVENT_PACKAGE - Field in SpringEventTranslator
generateGsp(Writer, boolean) - Method in GroovyPageParser
generateIdForURI(String, Date, Object) - Method in AtomRenderer
generateJavaName(String) - Method in GroovyPageCompiler
generateParseException() - Method in JSONParser
Generate ParseException.
generatePluginXml(ClassNode, String, Set<String>, File) - Method in GlobalGrailsClassInjectorTransformation
generateToc(def) - Method in LegacyTocStrategy
generateToc(def) - Method in YamlTocStrategy
generateToken(String) - Method in SynchronizerTokensHolder
GenericBeanFactoryAccessor - Class in org.grails.spring.beans.factory
A fork of the Spring 2.5.6 GenericBeanFactoryAccess class that was removed from Spring 3.0.
GenericBeanFactoryAccessor(ListableBeanFactory) - Constructor in GenericBeanFactoryAccessor
Constructs a GenericBeanFactoryAccessor that wraps the supplied org.springframework.beans.factory.ListableBeanFactory.
GenericJavaBeanMarshaller - Class in org.grails.web.converters.marshaller.xml
@author Siegfried Puchbauer
get(Object) - Method in AbstractTemplateVariableBinding.TemplateVariableBindingMap
get(Object) - Method in AbstractTypeConvertingMap
get(long, TimeUnit) - Method in BoundPromise
get(String) - Method in CodeGenConfig
get(Object) - Method in CompositeConfig
get(Object) - Method in ConfigProperties
get(String, T, List<T>) - Method in DeprecatedGrailsConfig
Configuration Value lookup with a default value and a list of allowed values.
get(Object) - Method in FlatConfig
get(long, TimeUnit) - Method in GparsPromise
get(def) - Method in GPathResultMap
get(Object) - Method in GrailsFlashScope
get(Object) - Method in GrailsParameterMap
get(def) - Method in HalGPathResultMap
get(boolean) - Method in Holder
get(int) - Method in JSONArray
Get the object value associated with an index.
get(Object) - Method in JSONObject
get(Object) - Method in LazyBeanMap
get(Object) - Method in LazyMetaPropertyMap
Obtains the value of an object's properties on demand using Groovy's MOP.
get() - Method in Metadata.FinalReference
get(Object) - Method in NavigableMap
get(Object) - Method in NavigableMap.NullSafeNavigator
get(Object) - Method in NavigableMapConfig
get(Object) - Method in PrefixedConfig
get(long, TimeUnit) - Method in PromiseList
get(long, TimeUnit) - Method in PromiseMap
Synchronously return the populated map with all values obtained from promises used inside the populated map
get(long, TimeUnit) - Method in ReactorPromise
get(long, TimeUnit) - Method in SynchronousPromise
GET_TAG_LIB_NAMESPACE_METHOD_NAME - Field in TagLibraryTransformer
GET_TEMPLATE_URI - Field in ControllerDynamicMethods
get(Map) - Method in TestRuntime.LazyValue
GET_VIEW_URI - Field in ControllerDynamicMethods
getAbsoluteTemplateURI(String, boolean) - Method in GroovyPagesUriService
getAbsoluteTemplateURI(String, boolean) - Method in GroovyPagesUriSupport
Used to resolve template names that are not relative to a controller.
getAbsoluteViewURI(String) - Method in GroovyPagesUriService
getAbsoluteViewURI(String) - Method in GroovyPagesUriSupport
Obtains a view URI that is not relative to any given controller
getAcceptMimeType() - Method in RenderContext
@return Returns the mime type accepted by the client or null if non specified
getAcceptMimeType() - Method in ServletRenderContext
getAction() - Method in ForwardUrlMappingInfo
getAction() - Method in JspFormRemoteTag
getAction() - Method in JspFormTag
getAction() - Method in JspLinkTag
getAction() - Method in JspRemoteFunctionTag
getAction() - Method in JspRemoteLinkTag
getAction() - Method in JspSubmitToRemoteTag
getActionName() - Method in AbstractUrlMapping
@see grails.web.mapping.UrlMapping#getActionName()
getActionName(String) - Method in DefaultRequestStateLookupStrategy
getActionName() - Method in DefaultUrlMappingInfo
getActionName() - Method in GrailsRequestContext
@return The Action name
getActionName() - Method in GrailsRequestStateLookupStrategy
The action name
getActionName() - Method in GrailsWebRequest
@return the actionName
getActionName() - Method in RenderContext
@return The current action name
getActionName() - Method in ResponseCodeUrlMapping
getActionName() - Method in ServletRenderContext
getActionName() - Method in UrlMapping
Retrieves the action name which is either a groovy.lang.Closure that evaluates the action name at runtime or a java.lang.String that represents the action name
getActionName() - Method in UrlMappingInfo
The name of the action that the URL mappping maps to
getActionName() - Method in WebAttributes
Obtains the currently executing action name
getActionName() - Method in WebRequestDelegatingRequestContext
getActions() - Method in GrailsControllerClass
@return The action names
getActionUri() - Method in Controller
Returns the URI of the currently executing action
getAdditionalDependencies() - Method in GrailsApplicationCompilerAutoConfiguration
getAfter() - Method in JspFormRemoteTag
getAfter() - Method in JspRemoteFunctionTag
getAfter() - Method in JspRemoteLinkTag
getAfter() - Method in JspSubmitToRemoteTag
getAliases(String) - Method in MockApplicationContext
getAllArtefacts() - Method in DefaultGrailsApplication
Returns all the classes identified as artefacts by ArtefactHandler instances.
getAllArtefacts() - Method in GrailsApplication
Retrieves all java.lang.Class instances considered Artefacts loaded by the Grails class loader
getAllArtefacts() - Method in LegacyGrailsApplication
getAllArtefacts() - Method in StandaloneGrailsApplication
getAllAssociationMap(ClassNode) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
getAllClasses() - Method in DefaultGrailsApplication
Retrieves all classes loaded by the GrailsApplication.
getAllClasses() - Method in GrailsApplication
Retrieves all java.lang.Class instances loaded by the Grails class loader
getAllClasses() - Method in LegacyGrailsApplication
getAllClasses() - Method in StandaloneGrailsApplication
getAllEvents() - Method in Event
@return The names of all persistence events
getAllInterfaces(Object) - Method in GrailsClassUtils
Return all interfaces that the given instance implements as array, including ones implemented by superclasses.
getAllInterfacesAsSet(Object) - Method in GrailsClassUtils
Return all interfaces that the given instance implements as Set, including ones implemented by superclasses.
getAllInterfacesForClass(Class<?>, ClassLoader) - Method in GrailsClassUtils
Return all interfaces that the given class implements as array, including ones implemented by superclasses.
getAllInterfacesForClassAsSet(Class, ClassLoader) - Method in GrailsClassUtils
Return all interfaces that the given class implements as Set, including ones implemented by superclasses.
getAllPlugins() - Method in AbstractGrailsPluginManager
getAllPlugins() - Method in BasePluginFilter
getAllPlugins() - Method in GrailsPluginManager
Returns an array of all the loaded plug-ins
getAllProfiles() - Method in AbstractJarProfileRepository
getAllProfiles() - Method in GitProfileRepository
getAllProfiles() - Method in MavenProfileRepository
getAllProfiles() - Method in ProfileRepository
@return All the available profiles in the repository
getAnnotationClassNode(String) - Method in TransactionalTransform
getAnnotationMetadata() - Method in AnnotationMetadataReader
getAnnotations(AnnotatedElement, Class<T>) - Method in TestRuntimeUtil
Collections annotations of given type of given class.
getAnnotationType() - Method in ArtefactTypeAstTransformation
getAnnotationType() - Method in TagLibArtefactTypeAstTransformation
getAnnotationTypeClass() - Method in ArtefactTypeAstTransformation
getAnnotationTypeClass() - Method in ControllerArtefactTypeTransformation
getAppDir(Resource) - Method in GrailsResourceUtils
getApplication() - Method in AbstractGrailsClass
getApplication() - Method in GrailsClass
The GrailsApplication that this class belongs to
getApplication() - Method in LegacyGrailsDomainClass
getApplicationClass() - Method in DefaultGrailsApplication
@return The application class
getApplicationContext() - Method in ApplicationAttributes
@return The application context for servlet
getApplicationContext() - Method in ApplicationCommand
getApplicationContext() - Method in ConvertersApi
getApplicationContext() - Method in ConvertersConfigurationInitializer
getApplicationContext() - Method in DefaultGrailsApplicationAttributes
getApplicationContext() - Method in DefaultRuntimeSpringConfiguration
getApplicationContext() - Method in GrailsRequestContext
The ApplicationContext instance.
getApplicationContext() - Method in GrailsUnitTestMixin
getApplicationContext() - Method in GrailsWebRequest
Obtains the ApplicationContext object.
getApplicationContext() - Method in Holders
getApplicationContext() - Method in Plugin
@return The ApplicationContext
getApplicationContext() - Method in RuntimeSpringConfiguration
Retrieves the application context from the current state.
getApplicationContext() - Method in ServletAttributes
Obtains the ApplicationContext instance
getApplicationContext() - Method in WebRequestDelegatingRequestContext
getApplicationDefaultDecorator(HttpServletRequest) - Method in GroovyPageLayoutFinder
getApplicationName() - Method in Metadata
@return The application name
getApplicationName() - Method in MockApplicationContext
getApplicationUri(ServletRequest) - Method in DefaultGrailsApplicationAttributes
@deprecated Use instead
getApplicationUri(ServletRequest) - Method in GrailsApplicationAttributes
@param request
getApplicationVersion() - Method in Metadata
@return The application version
getAppliedConstraint(String) - Method in ConstrainedProperty
Obtains an applied constraint by name.
getAppliedConstraints() - Method in ConstrainedProperty
@return Returns the appliedConstraints.
getArgs() - Method in GroovyScriptCommand
@return The arguments as a list of strings
getArgsMap() - Method in GroovyScriptCommand
@return The undeclared command line arguments
getArgument(String) - Method in CommandDescription
Returns an argument for the given name or null if it doesn't exist
getArgument(String, Class<T>) - Method in TestEvent
getArguments() - Method in CommandDescription
Arguments to the command
getArguments() - Method in RenderContext
@return Arguments passed by the user
getArtefact() - Method in ArtefactAdditionEvent
getArtefact(String, String) - Method in DefaultGrailsApplication
Retrieves an artefact for the given type and name.
getArtefact(String, String) - Method in GrailsApplication
getArtefact(String, String) - Method in LegacyGrailsApplication
getArtefact(String, String) - Method in StandaloneGrailsApplication
getArtefactByLogicalPropertyName(String, String) - Method in DefaultGrailsApplication
getArtefactByLogicalPropertyName(String, String) - Method in GrailsApplication
Retrieves an artefact by its logical property name.
getArtefactByLogicalPropertyName(String, String) - Method in LegacyGrailsApplication
getArtefactByLogicalPropertyName(String, String) - Method in StandaloneGrailsApplication
getArtefactCount(String) - Method in DefaultGrailsApplication
Retrieves the number of artefacts registered for the given artefactType as defined by the ArtefactHandler.
getArtefactDirectory(String) - Method in GrailsResourceUtils
Takes a file path and returns the name of the folder under grails-app i.e:
getArtefactForFeature(Object) - Method in ArtefactHandler
getArtefactForFeature(Object) - Method in ArtefactHandlerAdapter
getArtefactForFeature(String, Object) - Method in DefaultGrailsApplication
getArtefactForFeature(String, Object) - Method in GrailsApplication
getArtefactForFeature(String, Object) - Method in LegacyGrailsApplication
getArtefactForFeature(String, Object) - Method in StandaloneGrailsApplication
getArtefactForFeature(Object) - Method in TagLibArtefactHandler
Looks up a tag library by using either a full qualified tag name such as g:link or via namespace such as "g".
getArtefactHandler(String) - Method in DefaultGrailsApplication
getArtefactHandler(String) - Method in GrailsApplication
Returns the ArtefactHandler for the given type
getArtefactHandler(String) - Method in LegacyGrailsApplication
getArtefactHandler(String) - Method in StandaloneGrailsApplication
getArtefactHandlers() - Method in DefaultGrailsApplication
getArtefactHandlers() - Method in GrailsApplication
getArtefactHandlers() - Method in LegacyGrailsApplication
getArtefactHandlers() - Method in StandaloneGrailsApplication
getArtefactInfo(String) - Method in DefaultGrailsApplication
Get the cache of classes for the specified artefact type.
getArtefactInfo(String) - Method in GrailsApplication
getArtefactInfo(String) - Method in LegacyGrailsApplication
getArtefactInfo(String) - Method in StandaloneGrailsApplication
getArtefacts(String) - Method in DefaultGrailsApplication
Returns all of the GrailsClass instances for the given artefactType as defined by the ArtefactHandler
getArtefacts(String) - Method in GrailsApplication
getArtefacts(String) - Method in LegacyGrailsApplication
getArtefacts(String) - Method in StandaloneGrailsApplication
getArtefactType() - Method in AbstractGrailsArtefactTransformer
getArtefactType() - Method in ControllerDomainTransformer
getArtefactType() - Method in ConvertersDomainTransformer
getArtefactType(Class) - Method in DefaultGrailsApplication
getArtefactType(Class) - Method in GrailsApplication
Returns the ArtefactHandler for the given class or null
getArtefactType(Class) - Method in LegacyGrailsApplication
getArtefactType(Class) - Method in StandaloneGrailsApplication
getArtefactType() - Method in TagLibraryTransformer
getArtefactTypes() - Method in AbstractGrailsArtefactTransformer
getArtefactTypes() - Method in ApplicationClassInjector
getArtefactTypes() - Method in ControllerActionTransformer
getArtefactTypes() - Method in ControllerTraitInjector
getArtefactTypes() - Method in DefaultGrailsDomainClassInjector
getArtefactTypes() - Method in DomainClassTraitInjector
getArtefactTypes() - Method in GrailsArtefactClassInjector
getArtefactTypes() - Method in InterceptorTraitInjector
getArtefactTypes() - Method in ServiceTraitInjector
getArtefactTypes() - Method in TagLibraryTraitInjector
getArtefactTypes() - Method in TagLibraryTransformer
getArtefactTypes() - Method in TraitInjector
getArtefactTypes() - Method in WebDataBindingTraitInjector
getAs() - Method in JspRenderErrorsTag
getAssocationMap(ClassNode, String) - Method in GrailsASTUtils
Returns a map containing the names and types of the given association type. eg.
getAssociatedDomainClassFromApplication(Object) - Method in GrailsDomainClassValidator
getAssociationIdentifier(Object, String, GrailsDomainClass) - Method in GrailsDomainConfigurationUtil
getAssociationMap() - Method in DefaultGrailsDomainClass
Retrieves the association map
getAssociationMap() - Method in GrailsDomainClass
Returns this classes association map
getAssociationMap(Class<?>) - Method in GrailsDomainConfigurationUtil
Returns the association map for the specified domain class
getAssociationMap() - Method in LegacyGrailsDomainClass
getAssociations() - Method in DefaultGrailsDomainClass
getAstAppliedMarkerClass() - Method in ArtefactTypeAstTransformation
getAsText() - Method in ClassEditor
getAsync() - Method in GradleInvoker
getAsynchronous() - Method in JspFormRemoteTag
getAsynchronous() - Method in JspRemoteFunctionTag
getAsynchronous() - Method in JspRemoteLinkTag
getAsynchronous() - Method in JspSubmitToRemoteTag
getAt(ApplicationContext, String) - Method in ApplicationContextExtension
Adds the ability to use the subscript operator to obtain beans
getAt(Object) - Method in CodeGenConfig
getAt(Object) - Method in CompositeConfig
getAt(Object) - Method in ConfigMap
Enables the object[foo] syntax
getAt(String) - Method in DataBindingSource
Convencience operator overloading
getAt(Object) - Method in DeprecatedGrailsConfig
Configuration Value lookup for Groovy's array-like property access GrailsConfig['my.config.key']
getAt(String) - Method in GrailsMockHttpServletRequest
Map-like access to request attributes, e.g. request["count"].
getAt(String) - Method in GrailsMockHttpSession
getAt(HttpServletRequest, String) - Method in HttpServletRequestExtension
getAt(HttpSession, String) - Method in HttpSessionExtension
getAt(Object) - Method in NavigableMap
getAt(Object) - Method in NavigableMap.NullSafeNavigator
getAt(Object) - Method in NavigableMapConfig
getAt(Object) - Method in PrefixedConfig
getAt(K) - Method in PromiseMap
Gets a promise instance for the given key
getAt(String) - Method in SimpleMapDataBindingSource
getAt(String) - Method in ValidationErrors
getAttribute(String) - Method in GrailsHttpSession
getAttribute(String, int) - Method in GroovyPagesPageContext
getAttributeNames() - Method in GrailsHttpSession
getAttributeNamesInScope(int) - Method in GroovyPagesPageContext
getAttributes() - Method in ConstrainedProperty
getAttributes() - Method in GrailsWebRequest
@return The GrailsApplicationAttributes instance
getAttributesScope(String) - Method in GroovyPagesPageContext
getAttributesToRender(def, def) - Method in ApplicationTagLib
getAutowireCapableBeanFactory() - Method in MockApplicationContext
getAvailable() - Method in AbstractInjectableGrailsClass
getAvailable() - Method in InjectableGrailsClass
If class should be configured for dependency injection.
getAvailableNamespaces() - Method in TagLibraryLookup
@return The namespaces available
getAvailableTags(String) - Method in TagLibraryLookup
getaValue() - Method in Pair
getaValue() - Method in Triple
getBaseDir() - Method in GrailsCli.ExecutionContextImpl
getBaseDir() - Method in ProjectContext
@return The base directory of the project
getBaseUrl() - Method in GrailsWebRequest
getBean(String, Class<T>) - Method in GenericBeanFactoryAccessor
@see org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanFactory#getBean(String, Class)
getBean() - Method in JspEachErrorTag
getBean() - Method in JspHasErrorsTag