(Quick Reference)



Inspects a bean which has been the subject of data binding and obtains the value of the field. If the bean had errors during data binding then the originally submitted value is returned from the bean’s errors object else the value from the bean’s property is returned. The value returned will be HTML-encoded.


<g:fieldValue bean="${book}" field="title" />

// or as a method
<input type="text" value="${fieldValue(bean: book, field: 'title')}" />



  • bean (required) - The bean instance to inspect

  • field (required) - The name of the field to obtain the value of

  • valueMessagePrefix (optional) - Setting this allows the value to be resolved from the I18n messages. The valueMessagePrefix will be suffixed with a dot ('.') and then the field attribute to resolve the message. If the message cannot be resolved, the value of the field is presented.