(Quick Reference)



Uses named arguments that match the property names of the domain class to produce a query that returns the first result. This method behaves just like findWhere except that it will never return null. If a matching instance cannot be found then a new instance will be created, populated with values from the query parameters and returned. The difference between this method and findOrSaveWhere is that this method will not save a newly created instance where findOrSaveWhere does.


Given the domain class:

class Book {

   String title
   Date releaseDate
   String author

   static constraints = {
      releaseDate nullable: true

You can query in the form:

def book = Book.findOrCreateWhere(author: "Stephen King", title: "The Stand")



  • queryParams - A Map of key/value pairs to be used in the query. If no matching instance is found then this data is used to initialize a new instance.