(Quick Reference)



The domainClass plugin configures Grails domain classes as prototyped beans in the Spring ApplicationContext


An example domain class:

class Book {
    String title
    Date releaseDate
    Author author


Refer to the section on GORM in the Grails user guide which details how to create Grails domain classes.

Configured Spring Beans given a domain class of Book:

  • BookValidator - A GrailsDomainClassValidator that validates a domain class' defined Constraints.

  • BookPersistentClass - The Class for the domain class Book

  • BookDomainClass - The GrailsDomainClass instance which understands the conventions defined within a domain class and is used by GORM to perform ORM mapping.

  • Book - A prototyped bean that will create a new instance of Book every time requested. This bean is used to perform auto-wiring of domain classes when constructed with the new operator.