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Dynamic method that uses the properties of the domain class to create query method expressions that return the first result of the query. This method behaves like findBy except that it will never return null. If a matching instance cannot be found then a new instance will be created and returned, populated with values represented in the query parameters. The difference between this method and findOrSaveBy is that this method will not save a newly created instance where findOrSaveBy does.


Given the domain class Book:

class Book {
   String title
   String author

The following are all possible:

def b = Book.findOrCreateByTitle("The Shining")
b = Book.findOrCreateByTitleAndAuthor("The Sum of All Fears", "Tom Clancy")
b = Book.findByAuthorInList(["Douglas Adams", "Hunter S. Thompson"])

The following are roughly equivalent:

def b = Book.findOrCreateByTitle("The Shining")
def b = Book.findByTitle("The Shining")
if (!b) {
    b = new Book(title: "The Shining")


GORM supports the notion of Dynamic Finders. The findOrCreateBy* method finds the first result for the given method expression.

Because this method potentially creates a new instance and populates properties on that instance, only exact match criteria are allowed. For example, Book.findOrCreateByDate(dateValue) is valid but Book.findOrCreateByDateGreaterThan(dateValue) is not.