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Generates a user guide and Javadoc + Groovydoc API documentation for the current Grails project.


Add the plugin in your build.gradle:

apply plugin: "org.grails.grails-doc"

Now run the command

gradle docs


Some projects, particular plugins, benefit from documentation explaining how they work. Grails comes with its own documentation engine based on a wiki syntax that can generate both HTML and PDF versions of a user guide, just like the one you are currently reading. If you have the source for a user guide in src/docs, then this command will automatically generate the corresponding HTML and PDF documents.

It’s often useful to have API documentation as well. Since Grails is a mixed source framework, the command also generates both Javadoc (the standard format for Java documentation) and Groovydoc API references in HTML form.

The documentation is generated to the following directories:

  • docs/api - Location of javadoc comments

  • docs/gapi - Location of groovydoc comments

  • docs/guide - Location of the user guide

  • docs/ref - Location of the reference section of the user guide


grails doc


  • \--init - Create a template project documentation project (optional)

  • \--pdf - Create PDF output for project documentation (optional)

Fired Events:

  • DocStart - Before documentation generation begins

  • DocEnd - After documentation generation completes