(Quick Reference)



Output the available features and their descriptions for a given create-<<application-type>> command. Such as: create-app, create-plugin, create-web-plugin, etc.


grails create-app --list-features



grails create-app --list-features
grails create-plugin --list-features

Lists the features that are available. Note: Typical output looks like this:

grails> create-restapi --list-features
Available Features
(+) denotes the feature is included by default
  Name                                Description
  ----------------------------------  ---------------
  github-workflow-java-ci [PREVIEW]   Adds a Github Actions Workflow to Build and Test Grails Application

  cache                               The Grails Cache plugin provides powerful and easy to use caching functionality to Grails applications and plugins.
  cache-ehcache                       The Grails Cache Ehcache plugin extends the Cache plugin and uses Ehcache as the storage provider for cached content.

  micronaut-http-client               Adds support for the Micronaut HTTP client

  properties                          Creates a properties configuration file

  database-migration                  Adds support for Liquibase database migrations. The Database Migration plugin helps you manage database changes while developing Grails applications.
  embedded-mongodb                    Executes an embedded mongo database for integration or functional testing
  gorm-hibernate5 (+)                 Adds support for Hibernate5 using GORM
  gorm-mongodb                        Configures GORM for MongoDB for Groovy applications
  gorm-neo4j                          Configures GORM for Neo4j for Groovy applications
  h2 (+)                              Adds the H2 driver and default config
  mongo-sync                          Adds support for the MongoDB Synchronous Driver
  mysql                               Adds the MySQL driver and default config
  postgres                            Adds the PostgresSQL driver and default config
  sqlserver                           Adds the SQL Server driver and default config
  testcontainers                      Use Testcontainers to run a database or other software in a Docker container for tests

  Development Tools
  assertj                             AssertJ fluent assertions framework
  hamcrest                            Hamcrest matchers for JUnit
  jrebel                              Adds support for class reloading with JRebel (requires separate JRebel installation)
  springloaded                        Adds support for class reloading with Spring Loaded

  asciidoctor                         Adds support for creating Asciidoctor documentation

  logbackGroovy                       Gives you the ability to use groovy to configure logback instead of XML.

  grails-web-console                  A web-based Groovy console for interactive runtime application management and debugging

  grails-console (+)                  Starts the Grails console, which is an extended version of the regular Groovy console.
  micronaut-inject-groovy (+)         micronaut-inject-groovy

  shade                               Adds the ability to build a Fat/Shaded JAR

  spring-boot-starter-jetty           spring-boot-starter-jetty
  spring-boot-starter-tomcat (+)      spring-boot-starter-tomcat
  spring-boot-starter-undertow        spring-boot-starter-undertow

  hibernate-validator                 Adds support for the Hibernate Validator
  mockito                             Mockito test mocking framework for JUnit

  View Rendering
  grails-gsp                          grails-gsp
  views-json (+)                      JSON views are written in Groovy, end with the file extension gson and reside in the grails-app/views directory. They provide a DSL for producing output in the JSON format.
  views-markup                        Markup views are written in Groovy, end with the file extension gml and reside in the grails-app/views directory. They provide a DSL for producing output in the XML.