(Quick Reference)



Runs all Grails unit and integration tests and generates reports. The command returns appropriate response codes for embedding with continuous integration servers.


grails test-app
grails test-app Foo
grails test-app Foo Bar



grails <<environment>>* test-app <<names>>* [-unit|-integration]

Fired Events:

Executes the Grails unit and integration tests located in the src/test/groovy and src/integration-test/groovy directories. By default all tests are executed, but you can specify the names of the tests (without the "Tests" or other test type suffix) as argument to the command:

grails test-app *Foo*
grails test-app *Foo* *Bar*

The first example will execute a test called FooSpec.groovy whilst the second will execute FooSpec.groovy and BarSpec.groovy if they exist.

The task of finding tests that match the pattern you provide is passed to Gradle. Take a look at the section in their docs titled Test filtering for more information.

You can also choose to only run the unit or integration tests:

grails test-app -unit
grails test-app -integration

If you only wish to re-run failed tests use the -rerun flag

grails test-app -rerun

See the Testing section for examples on how to combine the different options to target tests.