(Quick Reference)



Lists instances of the domain class.


// list everything
def results = Book.list()

// list 10 results
def results = Book.list(max: 10)

// list 10 results, offset by 100
def results = Book.list(max: 10, offset: 100)

// list 10 results, offset by 100, orderd by title in descending order
def results = Book.list(max: 10, offset: 100, sort: "title", order: "desc")

// list all books, eagerly fetching the authors association
def results = Book.list(fetch: [authors: "eager"])

When max is specified as a named argument this will return a PagedResultList which has a getTotalCount() method to return the total number of matching records for pagination. Two queries are still run, but they’re run for you and the results and total count are combined in the PagedResultList.



  • max - The maximum number to list

  • offset - The offset from the first result to list from

  • order - How to order the list, either "desc" or "asc"

  • sort - The property name to sort by

  • ignoreCase - Whether to ignore the case when sorting. Default is true.

  • fetch - The fetch policy for the object’s associations as a Map

  • readOnly - true if returned objects should not be automatically dirty-checked (simlar to read())

  • fetchSize - number of rows fetched by the underlying JDBC driver per round trip

  • flushMode - Hibernate FlushMode override, defaults to FlushMode.AUTO

  • timeout - query timeout in seconds